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Amulet New Friends (Rhiann)

Summer XXIII Dolwoods

Willow was walking though the woods. It wasn't really a surprise that she was doing this. It was what she had been doing since she had left her mother's house. It was fun being alone, but she often enjoyed the company of a friend. However, it seemed this part of her journey she would be taking alone. Or not? So far, she had met all her companions while wondering through the woods.

She wasn't all alone. After all, her faithful sparrow was still perched eagerly on her shoulder. "What do you think? Are there other people around here?" she asked it. It chirped, but she understood it saying: "Not alone." "What! I'm not alone! Why can't you be less vague?" Willow said teasingly, but in a friendly way. The aspen trees gave Willow shade from the bright sun, and it made everything dark. She had been calm, but here in the dark and not alone, could mean danger...

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OOCI'm so sorry! I've been sick/busy.

Other than Willow's own talking and her bird's chirping, the woods seemed to be quiet enough... for now. It'd be some time, another 5 minutes or so, before she'd hear evidence of someone else in the woods. There would be the sound of crunching leaves and a broken twig or two...

Until the woman heard the sound of a surprised scream that faded off suddenly and came back into earshot just as quickly

With some searching, Willow would find what looked to be a rather large hole in the ground. It looked as if it were set for hunting, as there was many leaves and such around it and what looked to be a rope hanging from a tree...

With its catch.

It was an Elven woman trying her best to hold up her very long and heavy looking layered skirt to make sure no one would see what was underneath. She was so captivated by that task she didn't look like she would notice anyone that would approach her.
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