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[Medonia] Onward In the Wilderness

There was silence.

It was not an eerie, chilling silence; but a peaceful silence, an ever so tempting coax to fall asleep. The only sound that could be heard was the soft rustling of the leaves amidst the trees as the wind blew. The smell of nature was strong. This was the environment that Alexandria loved, and it was in the wilderness she found her time spent more often than in the comforts of own little home. It was strange, she thought, but she could not deny it neither. She loved the wilderness and it was under the trees and walking on the soft grass where she felt at home. But no matter how much love she bore for the wild, or how much she savored her time simply sitting against a tree and listening to the chirping of birds, the wilderness could not easily shelter her against the cold nights as she sat by a roaring fire pit underneath a roof, a warm bowl of stew in her hands, and her cloaked draped around her body for added warmth. It was true; Alexandria was not fond of the cold nights, and when it came to choosing between her cozy little home and the wilderness, her desire for sleep without freezing to death won her over. But to say she was foreign to cold nights would be false. She knew well of those particular nights, more than she would like, and she was grateful she no longer had to endure those nights.

But it did not quell the loud roaring of her stomach. That was something no warm fire could fix -- not without the proper necessities for it, at least. And so, Alexandria fond herself venturing into the wilderness for the second time that day, her bow tight in her grasp and an arrow in between her eager fingertips in the other. She had been searching for game well past an hour to no avail. She was hungry and tired, and quite frankly, her patience was thinning by the minute. Patience was certainly not a virtue of Alexandria Hart.

Just as she was about to give up, Alexandria's stubborn pursuit prevailed. In the distance she spotted a lone deer. Carefully, and quietly, she notched her arrow to her bowstring and slowly pulled it back. She took a moment to adjust her focus on the animal --

The wind blew again, rustling the trees. This startled the deer. He saw her. She quickly fired her arrow but it missed him, and he scampered off and was soon gone from her sight.

"Great. Sticky fingers does it again." Alexandria sighed. Looking up, she saw that the sun was beginning to set. It would not be long before night would come."Maybe I should do this earlier in the day. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea, Alex. Good thinking..."

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The Pixie had been watching. These were Mudblossom woods. These were her woods. ”’Allo, ay!” She bellowed it from her perch high above in the trees, although it would be fair to say even the Pixie’s largest voice could be easily mistaken as a small squeak by the larger races. She had found residence on a particularly weathered looking oak, leaning her back against the base of it carelessly.

The woman below clearly did not hear her, as she still continued to pull her bow string even after the Pixie had beckoned her attention. It turned out to be unnecessary, the wind picking up the forest sounds and startling the creature, sending it back into the forest. ”Ay! Utae there!” And she removed herself from her leisurely position against the bark, stepping off the branch and catching flight. If there was one thing she learned from big nobs in her woods, it was that they needed to be faced head on to catch their attention. It had not crossed the Pixie’s mind that this was probably because she was too small to be noticed, chalking it up instead to an inability to pay proper attention to their surroundings.

Her wings buzzed past the woman’s ear, the mystic Pixie finally finding herself in a hover just a few inches from her face. ”Allae said ay! You’re in Mudblossom woods Missy! City’s back that way!” The woman would find a very spunky, very nude Pixie in her face.


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