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[Medonia] Arrival

Ioannes Era XXII after the rise of the Majistan.

Sylag had journeyed to Medonia in an attempt to see if there is anything he can do to help the city rebuild. The dwarf knew a little about blacksmithing but beyond that he had his strength and a work ethic. Hopefully that would enough.

The dwarf circled the city after approaching trying to get an idea of what state the city was in. The north section of the wall still had sections of walls missing. "Possibly may allow for either expansion with the breaches or may provide building material by resuing what was left of the wall." The dwarf muttered to himself. Howev r there was a list if things the dwarf knew that needed to be done. Having arrived was the first step and may be the easiest step since he needed to find a place to set up a smithy, tools needed to be acquired, and resources secured for building requests to help rebuild and to make more tools that would be needed for speciality requests.

Skipping through one of the gaping sections the dwarf starts making his way through city to get started on his list of things which need to be accomplished before the dwarf even gets to the work of rebuilding.
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