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[New Coldmoon] The Al'lende Memorial Archives

The Al'lende Memorial Archives

Nestled on the edge of Mystildyn Square was a relatively new building, even by Coldmoon's standards. Originally home to the Mages that had supported the Rakrya half a decade ago, the building had once supported what had passed for as the city's Academy of Arcana. Since their defeat during the Centripax War however; the College had fallen into disrepair until the City Council had taken it upon themselves to turn the empty building into something actually useful.

Built from sandstone, the walls were plated in an almost pure white marble sheathing. The styling of the architecture was more notably Elven in design. Three stories in height, the building was set into two separate entities with an arching bridge spanning between the two on the second floor. The rooftop of the building upon the right was carefully tiled, whereas the other building was covered in a large glass ceiling. The white walls of the building were briefly obscured by rosevines set still upon their latticework. The fledging flowers still only just being cultivated.

The only entrance into the building was from the right; a large open space with the double doors thrown wide open. An open, spacious area that had once been the foyer to the Coldmoon Rakrya. There wasn't much ornament or decor left from the original owners of the building, not anything obvious at any rate. Instead, the room held a simple ash wood desk where a librarian sat along with a monument towards whom the building had been dedicated to.

To the left of the room near a staircase that led towards the second floor was a marble figure of a rather plain looking Elven woman in her middle years. Artistic licence it seemed had been denied given the memorial was really quite plain. A simple gold plaque at the base of the state stated: "In memory of Govenor Elanara Al'lende."

Seated at the desk was an Elf in what was probably middling Ordinances. Having hit the 'ageless' mark of his lifetime, the Librarian was half hidden behind a mass of books as if trying to create a wind break from the door. Pale complexion from one who didn't go out doors much if such could be helped, with long braided hair of golden yellow more suitable for a sunflower than hair. Resting upon a slightly too long nose was a pair of half-moon spectacles.
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Credits: Maddyn
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