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I am confused about a few things in Hedgemagery, hope I can get some quick answers here.

First, do I need to report I am unbound in another sphere when looking for a new teacher of magic?

Second, if I have 5XP in Sorcery and get 2XP in Necromancy, do I report as 7xp in Hedgemagery or just 2XP?

Third*, I'm looking for my second sphere. My first is Sorcery. Suggestion on second sphere?

Roleplay wise, it would be Mysticism, Necromancy or Elementalism. (I can see how I can merge elementalism and sorcery as a spell... Maybe even mysticism and sorcery - create mental contact with every one and explode their mind with a force spell? Can't think of anything with necromancy)

Personal-wise, Thurma is being considered, though a Dracon would not fit this sphere well. (Force blast a target and that person heals instead of dying)

*Third question only for those who wish to answer, not really that important. Just good to know how different sphere can be combined with sorcery in the future.
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What do you mean by "report" - IC or OOC? The process of unbinding to a second sphere is going to be the same as the process of unbinding for the first sphere. A lot of in-game mages are quite suspicious of hedgemages, though, so if your character advertises the fact that they're looking to hedge, more traditional mages (such as those in schools, for ex.) may not accept you.

Once you're unbound to a second sphere all of your arcana xp gets lumped into hedgemagery xp. You no longer get separate xp in each sphere. You should doubtless assume that your character would be more skilled in one rather than the other depending on how long they'd been practicing, but in terms of level you're only going to be at a single level with ?? xp in hedgemagery.

Third... never been much of a creative arcana player, but why wouldn't thaum fit a dracon? There's no tie between thaum and Diana anymore, nor even between thaum and "good" characters - I'm sure you could do this if you wanted and felt it fit your character.

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