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Alchemy. Fun times a-coming!

I like to know the basic rules of alchemy in this world.
What I grasp so far from the alchemy page is that we can create things like basic poison and explosive bombs aka Greek fire and even healing balm/relief as an apprentice alchemist.

For potions, we need to find 2 essential items that would somehow relate to the potion, invest a bit of your magic inside and walla! Potion or something.

For starters, all alchemist begin with the formula for potion of strength?
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From my characters point of view, I'm looking for potions that wil debilitate, of poisons, etc. So I think it depends on what you plan to specialise in in the sphere that alchemy covers. A strength potion for my character, not really usable, but a potion to put someone to sleep! There is my starting point.

Hope that sort of helps in way it comes down to your imagination, your level of experience, and how you roll play your potion creation.

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Oh! So very much like my other game, except for putting personal magic into the potion.
Basically with the ingredient, or essential items, we can make almost anything, but up to mods decision on effects.

We should meet one day in character.
My plan is to make perfume like potions. Love, influence, sleep and explosion when contact with Orc.

Imagine you spraying a perfume and went to meet an Orc and boom!

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Okay. So.

The basic rule of thumb is you need two things you collect through adventuring that have some kind of connection to what you want to do.

For a strength potion:
You can get a ogre's bicep and a shaving off a dumbbell that you took from a weightlifter.

Or you can get a rare flower known to enhance strength, and a sliver off an oak plank that holds a great deal of weight.

For a sleep potion:
You can get a trapped snore and goose down from a well used pillow.

Or you can get a hair plucked from a hibernating bear and a boring professor's speech.

The important thing is that they have some kind of common theme and you will need to collect them in character, which means that in order to be a good alchemist you have to be collecting ingredients in threads all the time.

You don't start with any potion recipes, but you are able to make basic alchemical supplies. It's worth noting just because you have the skill alchemy that doesn't necessarily make you alchemist, what your character calls themselves is generally more relevant. If you're a poisoner or a perfumer you'd make very different things starting. A perfumer would be able to make perfumes and perfume related things no problem, a poisoner would be able to make basic poisons, and so on and so forth. But if you want fancy perfumes that do things beyond smell nice, you're going to want to make a potion. Likewise if you want a poison that does something beyond making them feel ill if they drink it, you're going to want to make a potion.

Potions will also generally have side effects based on your level.
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