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Major purchases


I was just curious what the protocol was for making a major purchase in-game. My PC has the starting Sterling wealth tier, but I was thinking of writing an exposition post detailing his purchase of a young Juanerro horse, on the grounds that an NPC in Prime was able to obtain one from the military when it was declared too spirited for the rank and file training they sought to instill in their mounts, thus making it somewhat affordable.

My initial impulse was to write the post, then change my profile's wealth tier to Bronze for the in-game equivalent of a month or so. Timestamp wise, the purchase would be made beginning of Summer XXIV, so Bronze tier from that point until mid or late Summer, until wages could be accumulated again in order to return to Sterling tier, that sort of thing. I just wanted to ask before leaping ahead though and verify that I was doing the right thing.

Thanks for your time!
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Major purchases that your character can't actually afford in game is something that you need to adventure for, which would require a thread with a mod of some sort. At sterling you should be able to afford a horse, just not a very good one. If you want a good horse, then you should adventure for it (doesn't have to be a long thread, necessarily)!

Wealth tiers - you can always move your char's wealth level down based on what you think is appropriate, moving up however requires moderator's sign off.

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