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Ko'Riel Tel'Sei January 22, 2015 01:07 AM


So, uh. Weapons battery. Weren't they supposed to be taking that out? He felt like maybe the room over there might have something to do with it. Considering he'd just used his experimental projectile (dubbed the Titan Energy Conduit Heaving Noise Object) and pretty much exploded their opponent into oblivion, well, he'd probably have to figure something else out, then.

Ah, well, first thing first, he'd just try to find a way in. A doorway? Neat. So he'd walk in and take a look around.

Maddyn January 25, 2015 04:03 PM

With the Xetan creature rather preoccupied with Shiro, it took little effort for Ko’Riel to slip behind the creature as it advanced upon the Kemite. There was a glimpse in the corner of the Elf’s vision of Heldenhammer moving to intercept the Xet and impose himself between Vampire and Bug with an resigned expression of ‘This is why the Imperial Guard has such a high fatality rate”. As if the mass of burn scars the veteran Guardsman bore didn’t already imply an awareness that self preservation should have been much higher on one’s priority scale if one wished to see out retirement.

Lots of slaves, the Nairu humans though were all bound with chains and had ceased conducting the work that the Xet had been working upon. Lots and lots of panels and buttons, a chattering from one of the Nairu in a foreign language that sounded like gargling rocks from beyond the Xet Border. One of the panels was gauge that was at capacity; small amounts of steam beginning to spill from a tiny crack in the glass. Outside, Ko’Riel could see where the weapons battery was aimed – directly at the docks of the Solace Isles.

In the distance below, a glint of light reflecting from the golden arm of a giant.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei January 25, 2015 06:20 PM

Presumably the other two would manage to keep things under control while Ko'Riel worked on demolishing the weapons battery. He didn't want to just randomly start pushing buttons and pulling levers because he didn't know what any of this stuff did. It was probably easier to just try and blow everything up then find the switch that would stop the weapon firing process. Yes. Definitely.

He would begin weaving the massive musical that would be needed to destroy all the pertinent things. But first things first, of course, it'd probably be best to reduce collateral damage. Now, there was no guarantee that these Nairu weren't hostile, but the fact that the Xet had chained them up probably meant that if Ko'Riel freed them they wouldn't be, you know, super mad at him or anything. So the sea elf would see if he couldn't analyze the material that those chains were made out of and, with a sweeping note of the right frequency, shatter them all.

And then... hm. Try and find what looked like the right thing to aim at with his "blow everything up" song.

Maddyn February 14, 2015 07:40 PM

With the sounds of the Kemite Vampire, Xetan Bug-Thing and even a weary, “This will only end poorly…” from a rather resigned Heldenhammer in the background? Ko’Riel was left to his own devices. Much fighting going on behind him; and a glance backwards would show that Shiro at least was fine and the burned Veteran Guardsman was trying to circle the Xetan. All things at least seemed to be under control enough that it was unlikely the Elf would find himself subjected to a flank assault without some warning.

Metal chains? It took a little bit to find the right note for Ko’Riel to play – the alloy was rather impure and seemed to be more along the lines of ‘pig-iron’ than the usual copper that the Xet Alliance had made heavy use of with its slaves. Instead the burnished material only plated the outside as if a touch more strength was what the Xet thought important – but somewhere within the Alliance’s hierarchy? Appearances still held some importance.

Crack the chains did, fragmenting all throughout the room and even doing some collateral damage as a few other devices seemed to have been built from the same pig-iron within the immediate area. The Nairu didn’t seem to much care though, acknowledging the possibility for freedom with the same sad resignation that plagued their lives. They were slaves on an airboat, and it wasn’t as if there was anywhere else for them to go.

None though attacked Ko’Riel, instead watching the fight between the trio outside intently.

Within the room, there was a lot that looked as if it might be of importance. Widgets and gears, commands and boxes; one though stood out prominently. A space that had been designed for a Xet to sit upon even with its strange insectoid manner – a panel set before it with a view outside of the Solace Isles. Levers, a gauge and what appeared to be a wheel-like device that made some cross-hairs move in front of the window.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei February 28, 2015 02:59 AM

This seemed complicated and Ko'Riel felt like it would probably be a good idea not to touch anything. Although to be fair, if anything happened it wasn't like there were really any witnesses that could have pointed the finger at him. Except the slaves, maybe. That might make things a bit messy.

So, uh, hm. Big important looking machine thing. There didn't seem to be anything that blatantly advertised itself as a "shut down" button or anything. There seemed to be some sort of targeting device? But as far as he knew the Xet were the sort of tricky people who turned wheels not to move crosshairs, but to fire weapons. Again, with all the complicated machinery, Ko'Riel was firmly determined to have nothing to do with it.

The only solution therefore seemed to blow everything up. There were all sorts of possible complications that came along with that, though. So it was probably best to be thorough, really. It seemed like a pretty tall order, all things considered, but there was no way to know if it'd work or not if he didn't try. So he'd start listening. To the humming of the machines and the buzzing of electricity. To the sharpness of the metal surrounding him, the arguing of the materials that made up the alloys, the thrumming of the cables that ran everywhere. A massive melody, one which he'd try to wrangle and conduct into a single piece.

Destroying the console was, hopefully, just the beginning. He'd try to listen to and trace the lines that connected the console to the battery, and the intent was to wreak havoc all along the way.

Maddyn March 6, 2015 07:12 PM

With the sounds of fighting going on in the background, it took Ko’Riel a little bit of time to sort out the mêlée from the minute sounds that Katara made as part of it’s operations. Within the span of a few minutes however – and with a few noisy thuds as the three combatants were proving to be rather physical in their confrontation – there appeared to be a pattern that the Elf could follow. As with the sound system, the Xet Alliance’s engineers and builders had a penchant for segregating a lot of their systems so that damage could be contained in such an eventuality.

Katara after all was a warship, and having a fatal weakness such as an inconvenient exhaust port was just asking for trouble.

Fusing the components took less time, mostly due to the Xet Alliance having a severe fondness for bronze and copper that allowed Ko’Riel to do his work with ease. Identification proving far more difficult than breaking apart all the tiny intricate components and then rendering them into a singular solid piece. Which almost immediately once Ko’Riel was finished began to produce a painful screeching sound in the mechanics as pieces that were supposed to move were no longer able to.

In the corridor, the floor began to buckle. The roof panels were falling and bits of fused metal began to shatter from the strain. The damage spreading quickly throughout the room and the adjacent areas as the weapons battery proved to be far more complicated than a mere aim and fire device. Sparks flew through the air and smoke began to boil out of several panels as Ko’Riel was working against the clock to find out just where the energy source of the weapon battery lay within the ship.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei March 7, 2015 04:10 PM

Ko'Riel was by no means any sort of engineer. The complicated systems that the Xet had put into place were far beyond the sea elf's understanding. He had a very rudimentary knowledge of what was supposed to happen - there was a console that led to the weapons battery and they were probably connected somehow. There was probably something powering the two of them, too. And he wanted to blow them up. Well, that was probably all he had to understand, really.

It would have been nice if the weapons battery had simply been an aim and fire sort of thing, though. As it was, all Ko'Riel could do for now was send out pings through the system to try and find something else that connected to the weapons battery. Hopefully he'd be able to find the source of the energy and, if not send feedback back through the system to blow it up, at least sever the connection that was powering the battery.

Maddyn March 14, 2015 01:28 AM

Ping. Ping. Ping!

Energy. Far more than Ko’Riel could possibly handle by himself once the floodgates had been opened. Bereft of the ability to release the energies into the Xetan weapons battery, it did the next best thing – which was to say, Ko’Riel had a very bad time of it as the masses of Song Magiks that the Sea Elf was also holding found themselves unleashed throughout the room in what would prove to be a cacophony of destruction.

For Ko’Riel, there was just sound and a painfully bright while light that seared the eyes and blinded the Sea Elf of his immediate environment.

For Shiro and Heldenhammer, well, there was the light – somewhat less intense as they were on the edge of the explosion. And then, dimming, the pair would be able to see past the Xetan combatant and into the control room of the weapons battery. Broken and torn cables dangling from the ceiling, sparks and small fires. Corpses everywhere, burned out wrecks and hot enough that the metal chains of the Xet Alliance slaves were melted through or red hot.

Mission Complete! A Noble Sacrifice Made, though for Shiro and Heldenhammer, well, there remained the Xet before them…

Ko’Riel, new thread inc.
Final Battle objective completed; thread will remain open for Shiro to do his thing ^^.

Cheers, Maddyn

Shiro Shimizu July 9, 2015 11:20 AM

Fantastic. So maybe that stupid-looking elf wasn’t totally useless after all.

Shiro was breathing heavily, his exertions having taxed him far more than he would have anticipated. A rough hand ran across his greasy, sweat-lined face and tossed back a thick portion of white hair from his eyes. The broken walls gave him some look into the interior rooms of the base which, up until this point, he had ignored as uninteresting. Now, though, he finally had a chance to register what they were.

Slaves—the lot of them, by the look of confusion that was on face after face after face and the lack of chitin or other hardened, insect-like coating on their softer human-like skin. What were they—eastern people? Arakmatian? He couldn’t tell, and really also, didn’t care. If they didn’t pose a threat, then he didn’t care.

There were still some Xet to take care of to be done and get out of the building, after all. And it wasn’t like that stupid elf or the fat loudmouth was exactly helping with that.

Maddyn July 12, 2015 08:54 PM

Smoke billowed around Shiro as the Weapons Control Room was suffering from quite a few spot-fires. Crackles of electricity threaded through the air, and there was a scent that was vaguely reminiscent of pig flesh being cooked. A cursory glance revealed the Slaves within were either dead or incredibly adept at slowing their hearts and going without breathing for lengthy periods of time. The miniature Kemite’s Vampyric nature confirmed the reality, each one was now highly unsuitable for a light snack.

Of the Sea Elf, there was no sign of continued existence, just the handiwork of his tinkering.

The VOIP! was counting down, the first of the three lights chiming to mark off that Shiro soon was going to find himself whisked off to the Imperial Camp. It was a time for ensuring that he did not leave any of his effects behind, like, say, his sword. The Xet could only take so much destruction in a single outing.

Wounded; moving through the smoke, there was the singular Xetan creature that stumbled back towards Shiro. One leg askew, the chitin broken. It’s thorax was leaking black ichor across the ground and one eye was ruptured. The multi-faceted orb that remained focused very much upon the Kemite as he lurched forwards. Lashing out with a bladed limb not unlike a praying mantis’.

Shiro Shimizu July 14, 2015 02:17 PM

Well then. It irritated Shiro Shimizu more than he cared to admit that the slaves around him were, for all appearances, dead. It shouldn’t have mattered, really; they weren’t foes nor friends, and he had no desire to pay them any heed. But still he felt that odd twist in the pit of his stomach, like somehow he was remorseful and disappointed that their hearts no longer beat and their blood was now stick and quickly turning rancid. It didn’t make any sense, and he didn’t like it.

So, instead, he frowned. Slowly he stood upright, surveying the damage that he and the rest had all wreaked. He glanced up at the blinking lights, translating their sight to the reality that this would all soon be gone and their mission, as poorly thought out and enacted as it was, would soon be at an end. He was glad for that. One more glance was cast over his shoulder at the dead slaves, and he found himself even more relieved that it would soon all be over.

But then he picked up the sounds of another Xet, wounded and limping as it was, trying to make its slow way toward him. Idiot. The dead should have learned to stay dead.

The boy started moving, and quickly, his gaze picking up the creature’s wounds and measuring just how deeply they all went. The sword was soon back in his hand as he sprinted forward, moving it up and then slicing it quickly downward to cut away at whatever tendon and flesh remained to hold the creature’s wounded leg to its torso. He flung himself forward behind the swing too, intending to use his momentum to both empower it as well as to push the Xet backward and off-balance so that with one more sword release and another swing, the blade could dig further into the Xet’s wounded eye and draw the wound even deeper into the more sensitive flesh of whatever small brain might exist behind.

Maddyn July 19, 2015 08:10 PM

VOIP! was timing down to the second chime as another light winked on, ensuring that Shiro’s time upon Katara was coming to a close. The damage wrought within the control room seeming to be the objective marker within the Imperial Plan, and whether or not that included ensuring that Noe, Shiro, and Heldenhammer were safe and sound was largely irrelevant. Of the Sea Elf Ko’Riel, there remained no obvious trace amongst the burned and ruined bodies that littered the control room.

Sword in hand as he rushed down the corridor, the metal plates that covered the walls buckled as if struck by something hard on the other side. Sludge was pooling in sections of the floor; some appearing and smelling like oil, others… no, a waste pipe somewhere upon Katara was damaged most severely. Smoke and fire, and the less than kind Xetan creature stumbling towards Shiro. Lighting from above was winking out, flickering lights as power was being lost throughout the ship.


The lights went out as Shiro struck, flickering back onwards as resistance was met. The Vampyre’s shoulder jarring from the impact as a leg was left flopping upon the ground; a few strands of white hair drifting through the air where the Xetan’s strike had come markedly close to scalping the Kemite as he flung himself forwards.


The lights returned as his weight crashed into the Xet, his blade plunging into the monstrosities eye even as pain flared across Shiro’s stomach. A deep wound across his stomach, the beginnings of disembowlment…


The last chime;
There was Shiro; bleeding out… the wound slowly closing over. No smoke, no fires. The smells remained much the same, if only because the Imperial encampment was hardly the cleanest facility in the Kingdom. The VOIP teleporting the Vampyre out to safety. The Xet? Not…. Exactly. It’d been partially caught in the transition, bringing along it’s head and a slice from it’s shoulder blade across at an angle that had been perfectly seared by Sorcery.

2 Experience in Swordsmanship Awarded to Shiro.
Xet Parts – High Quality; only suitable for constructing a helm + pauldron/vambrace combination. Anti-Magic properties retained to an Adept level, unless the crafting is completely botched >_>.

Cheers, Maddyn

Shiro Shimizu July 22, 2015 10:32 PM

OOC: Thanks for the great thread!

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