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Maddyn October 25, 2014 08:02 PM


Shiro, rising to his feet – tracking blood across the ground; the sweeping movement, shifted the layer of earth beneath him. A smear of steel plating ran beneath the ground in sections of the Greenhouse belying its’ possibly man-made (but only kudos of slave labour from the Xet Alliance)’s state of being. A jarring sensation in the shoulders as the Raptorian sliced at the Vampire – it’s blade impacting against Shiro’s hastily raised own in what would have otherwise been a most inconvenient assault.

Vampire or Human, both tended to object to the notion of personal decapitation.

Ice formed, crystalline patterns flowed across the ground as the Raptorian pushed to assault anew – a flurry of sword strikes aimed at Shiro as there was much musical tooting going on in the background from Ko’Riel. And then there it was, a misplaced step upon the ice that caused the Raptorian’s right left to be swept out underneath it and left the side of its’ neck dangerously exposed in it’s collapse to the ground.


Ko'Riel Tel'Sei October 26, 2014 11:41 PM


Toot toot!

Toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot!


Shiro Shimizu October 31, 2014 10:03 PM

The fortunate timing of his block wasn't lost on Shiro, but he also didn't spend more than half a second dwelling on it. The hard thudding reverberated the length of his arms and into his deep flesh and very bone, and he grimaced in pain. The raptorian had the advantages of size and weight on the diminutive Kemite, and the frontal-style of defense that Shiro had chosen to adopt had, in hindsight, been a very poor choice.

But it was too late now.

The boy's turquoise eyes flashed a harder green then, and he pushed with both hands against the hilt of his sword to send his foe off balance and skittering backward on the sheen of ice he had just created. Shiro's arms fell slightly limp, feeling the ill-effects of the creature's previous strike and the energy he had been forced to exert to move the much larger object by what weight he could swing.

But it didn't stay that way for long.

His gaze intent and never wavering, not even when a bead of sweat formed and began to drip down the side of his face, Shiro waited until he finally saw what he wanted—a misstep. In a flash he was a blur of movement, jumping forward as far as he could toward the Raptorian to avoid the possibility of losing his balance in much the same way, too. Both hands curled around the hilt of his sword and pulled it high above his head, pointing it tip-down so that it would slice vertically into the flesh between the creature's jowls and his lower neck.

And that stupid elf kept playing some stupid, useless music. What was his problem, anyway?

Maddyn November 1, 2014 07:27 PM

Shiro’s movements were speeding up as Ko’Riel’s manic tooting continued in the backdrop, sending the magical tempo into overdrive that when combined with the Vampires speed? Shiros movements were almost impossible to track as his diminutive frame blurred and whisked around the Raptorian with a terrifying ease. Blade connecting neatly without the Raptorian having time to do more than blink as Shiro sliced through the slave’s throat without the opponent’s blade being raised anew.

“So. When I said hold up, what you heard was ‘advance’. Fantastic.” Heldenhammer eventually stated with sarcasm laced tones as the Raptorian – eyes widening in surprise, simply slumped over and collapsed onto its side as the whole, ‘Oh, I’m Dead’ realization kicked in.

One exasperated soldier, a musician, and an apparently suicidal midget. That Noe hadn’t landed, well, after having been severely burned by the Flameflower Draconis MKVI in her presence – Vincent Heldenhammer was severely beginning to rethink his career decisions.

“The weapons battery should be nearby to the Greenhouse and one of the slave quarters. So, shall we be off, or did you two need a breather?”

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei November 5, 2014 10:51 PM

"I'm fine." It'd be a shame if such a small amount of tooting would be enough to wear the sea elf out. So, heading out, then?

Shiro Shimizu November 8, 2014 10:22 PM

Blood. It spurted in the boy's face and splashed heavily into his senses, filling every inch of sight and smell and nerve in his entire body. He gasped, loudly, and then jerked back hard on the hilt of his weapon, pulling it out once more from the wound left on the raptorian's neck and sending another shower of crimson rain falling all over the half-Kemite boy again.

It was the dwarf's comment that brought Shiro's attention back around again. The sword flicked again in his hand, sending a few more droplets of viscous liquid all over the room, and then fell down, tense but otherwise unthreatening, back at his side.

Turquoise eyes flicked once back at Heldenhammer, then returned to the doorway leading out of the glass room, now ruined by his rather vigorous endeavors. He still felt the prickling, sharp sensations of the shards stuck all along the length of his legs, but most of the blood had already dried and left only marks and scars behind. He frowned, expression flat, then made quickly for the door leading further into the building, probably proving more of the tub of lard's sentiments correct in the process.

Maddyn November 11, 2014 06:00 PM

Klaxon alarms sounded the instant that Shiro’s foot touched the metallic floor of the Sunbase Katara as the Kemite left the greenhouse. Drifting around the itty-bitty Vampire’s ankles was a line of red flickering light that had traversed the doorway that led further into the building. The noise was unpleasant, loud, and was interfering with the lingering perks of Ko’Riel’s music as the Bard would be forced to deal with the obnoxious wailing sound and dull or incorporate that into anything further. Superior Elfin hearing? Not helping matters.

Dull blue lights were set in the roof, flickering continually as another section of Sunbase Katara’s power seemed to have taken a knock.

A lengthy corridor, the sound of a fan whirring somewhere in the distance that would only be heard between each wailing shriek of the alarms.

Heldenhammer was trying to say something, only, his voice had the unfortunate side effect of being perfectly adept for shouting over a military training field while being low enough to be obliterated by the alarm’s sound. Ko’Riel wouldn’t have any such issues; and if Shiro could talk, well, such was lost in the annals of time. Possibly not relevant really, when it came down to it.

Relevant though was the way a head like a gigantic praying mantis poked out of the corridor to see what all the fuss was about. Raptorian Slaves didn’t leave their quarters after all when in transit; and so, Shiro and Ko’Riel got to see a rather confused looking bug-eyed bug being at a loss for what a foreign lifeform was doing in this section of the ship. If it’s whirring, cicada-like pulse of sound said anything, ‘What the…’ was at least in the top ten for linguistic possibilities.

Shiro Shimizu November 16, 2014 02:31 PM

That wasn't intentional.

The moment Shiro's foot touched the floor, his ears were throbbing with pain. His eyes spun fast and around to all sides as the sirens blared, trying to search out the source of the aggravating sound. What was that? He glanced back at the dwarf and the strange girly elf still lolling in the background, but found no answers there--just some more muffled yelling and complaining from the beer barrel and that elf on his stupid air-tube again.

Pitiful and useless.

The boy bit down hard and clenched his teeth as he braced again, pulling his weight downward in preparation to launch himself forward and down the hall in the fast sprint that his training and his vampire-tainted blood could manage. Just as he made his first step forward, though, he was surprised by the appearance of another weird-looking head peering around the corner of a nearby doorway. Were all these Xet so ugly?

He kept moving, fast, finding no ability nor inclination to slow his sprint as he tore down the blaring alarm-ridden hallway toward the head peering at him. His hand snuck beneath his belt and withdrew a rusted dagger, some old artifact that he never really remembered where it had come from, and tossed it, hard, at the Xet's face. He wasn't an artist like that starving white girl, but at least it'd serve as something of a distraction as Shiro finished rounding the corner and sliced down hard with his sword, pulling it vertically toward the floor with intent to separate the creature's head from the rest of its neck.

Hopefully, anyway. As if the elf and the dwarf were helping anything.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei November 16, 2014 07:55 PM

How quickly they seemed to always be getting into trouble. That being said, the Kemite had proven himself capable in regards to combat, so Ko'Riel felt like the situation was probably rather under control. The wailing alarms were still quite annoying, however, perhaps the sea elf could do something about them. What was the consistency of these sirons? Were they all homogeneous and uniform?

Well, perhaps it might be more prudent to utilize the sound that was being created. Waste not, want not. So, for now Ko'Riel would see whether it was possible to siphon away the sound, channeling it all together into what could be considered an 'orb' of space - a ticking time bomb of sound to be localized within the area, to presumably devastating effect should it be released. Oooh, needed to be careful with this one.

Maddyn November 23, 2014 06:26 PM

Sharp and pointy teeth resulted in Shiro getting a mouthful of blood for his troubles as the itty-bitty vampire broke through the fragile skin of his lip.

The wailing, obnoxious sounds being drained away by Ko’Riel so that now the trio could hear the thudding of a great many footsteps (clawsteps?) headed from the far end of the hall and further along the Sunbase Katara now that the alarm had been sounded. Ko’Riel was to find that the ship’s sound system was only uniform up to a point – Katara being large enough that he was able to tap into approximately a fifth of the speakers before his song spells hit something of a barrier/filtering system.

If there was a way to tap into every speaker on Katara, the alarm bells weren’t the means. It was no good having the far side of the ship being accosted with such noise when they were also unable to do anything about it by sheer lack of proximity.

Not-quite silence, a return to normalcy as Ko’Riel was able to siphon away the noise into a manageable, highly concentrated orb that was only getting stronger by the second as the alarms did their work.

Flying dagger through the air!
And a glancing blow for Shiro as the didn’t hit; but rather the hilt of the knife struck the Xet right in one of it’s multi-facetted eyes. Shiro, Ko’Riel and Heldenhammer all simultaneously learning a new word in the Xetan language that approximated as ‘Feth’ as it’s head snapped backwards in pain. Only for Shiro to round the corner and find himself standing before the praying mantis-like creature that was more than a little peeved at having been hit in the eye.

Shiro’s sword slicing through one of the Xet’s arms as another punched the Kemite in the chest – sending him flying through the air and into the opposite wall.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei November 26, 2014 10:21 PM

Hm, well. Was the final battle with the Xet aboard their magnificent floating death station really the place to be experimenting with Song? Well, the answer was undeniably yes - it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to experiment, wasn't it? Really, any encounter with the Xet was a good time to be collecting data. Didn't come across the Xet every day now, really.

So he had all this sound just bunched up together into a little orb. That was dangerous enough as it was. Now the question became whether it was necessary to let it go all at once, or whether it was possible to draw smaller portions from the collective pool and use those individually. Utility over power, as it were.

It would be an interesting experiment. The sea elf would attempt to separate from the orb he had a smaller portion, fashioning it into a spell-song that would have a very limited range upon impact/detonation. The idea here would be that the sounds concentrated within would be localized to the area around the Xet, so that any sonic damage would be contained to it and not spread to them as well. After that, well, it was just a matter of firing it at the Xet and seeing what happened.

Shiro Shimizu December 5, 2014 11:39 PM

Hell. He glanced down at his lower lip and touched it gingerly. He still didn't really understand what had happened to him in that ziggurat with the fat girl and the whiny little priest, but the side-effects were definitely starting to annoy him. His eyes narrowed, and Shiro wiped a fist hard against the line of his lower lip, smearing blood across his skin in the process in an odd sort of pattern across his chin.

It was then that he realized that the sirens' sounds were diminishing, but he didn't pay it much heed beyond that. Already he was hurtling forward toward the next creature that had the misfortune of sticking its head out into the hallway, following quickly behind his thrown projectile on flying feet, utterly heedless of potential consequence. The blade in his hand slid downward, finding a home in the creature's appendage and soon separating it from the joint that held it to the torso. It wasn't where he was aiming, but the boy didn't spend particularly long dwelling on that miss before he gathered his weight and began to spin around and...

...oof. The wind blew out of him in one big gust as something collided with the front of his chest, and Shiro Shimizu was sent flying into the nearby wall. His spine collided hard with the solid wood there and he felt another rush of air gushing past his tongue unbidden and leaving him sputtering and gasping for it back. His eyes were whiting out around the corners, and Shiro felt sparking pain on the corners of his entire senses. He was dazed, but he glanced up anyway, trying to measure where that stupid insect-man-thing was, and whether it was moving, and what was happening.

His hand clenched a little more tightly, eager to feel that security of the sword hilt resting there. Once assured of its safety, Shiro would fly sideways, half-falling and half-jumping in a feeble attempt to dodge anything that the Xetan creature might possibly decide to throw in his direction. At least it'd get him out of the way for now, and if he scurried along the ground, stomach flat and elbows desperately pulling him both forward and upward in one motion, he might even manage to get back on his feet to take the rest of the creature's eyes out.

Maddyn December 8, 2014 02:18 AM

Fashioning the captured Song Essence so that it would form something akin to an Implosion of sound rather than an Explosion took quite a high degree of finesse from Ko’Riel. Working with the sound that continued to replicate as the klaxon sirens produced more and more of the noise for the Elf to make use of was beginning to strain his ability to contain the power. Tiny notes; pings of noise were beginning to sound as they escaped Ko’Riel’s control – not unlike a pressure valve allowing for a controlled release for if things ended up escalating further.

Sword in hand as Shiro threw himself to the side; the startled Xet hadn’t thrown anything in the projectile sense. Rather, the insectoid creature had attempted to charge the itty bitty Kemite and smash him against the bulkhead of the ship until he was nothing more than paste. The swift movement as Shiro dodged; righting himself to his feet once more was accompanied by a massive ‘Bang!’ as the chitin plated creature crashed into the metal wall hard enough to leave a dent.

In the room that the Xet had originated from; there would be a glimpse of several Nairu humans in linen wraps and bronze chains and collars moving around a desk covered in tiny buttons and dials. The entire wall was curved glass; revealing a scene below that appeared to be the docks of Solace Isle.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei December 11, 2014 02:50 PM

Well! There was only so much that Ko'Riel could do to stabilize the spell. Inevitably, with all that he was drawing in, what had been gathered would simply pop. That could be a good thing, sure! As long as it wasn't anywhere near the sea elf when it happened, surely. That was why he would spend a bit more time fine-tuning things to ensure that the range of the explosion was lessened - a very local blast, one that would quickly fade away so there was no massive propagation beyond the point of impact. The utter destruction of the target and nothing more. The extremely high frequencies would allow for devastation within that range but quickly fade away as they moved outwards.

Something something. The point was to reduce collateral damage. "Get away from this!" was all the warning that Ko'Riel could really provide as he launched the concentrated projectile at their Xet enemy. Well, time to put the theory to test.

Maddyn January 3, 2015 07:08 PM

With Shiro having inadvertently removed himself from the given trajectory of Ko’Riel’s spell-song with a timely; knocked through the air by the Xet and into the far wall – there was only the release of the concentrated magics to go. Unstable as the spell-song was, there was more than enough power at hand to exact the Elf’s desire. Miniscule sounds rang through the air as the spell-song was unleashed; little pings, tings, pops and crackles as the excess notes found a release wherever and whenever they could.

Where moments before there had been a Xetan creature advancing upon Shiro to continue it’s assault against the itty-bitty Vampyre; there was soon to be nothing more than a bloody smear upon the ground where it had been standing. The ground? Bent, warped and broken open to reveal the gadgeteering and Xetan sciences that was part of the weapons battery upon the Sunbase Katara. Cogs and springs; heated pipes and containers of bubbling water. A few coils of wire contained the hallmarks too of the klaxxion alarms that Ko’Riel had been ‘horrowing’ power from.

Above the newfound hole in the ground was a burst of static; the white noise drowning out any sound that might originate from the room beyond where the Nairu slaves was watching the conflict in apparent incredulity.

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