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Maddyn September 6, 2014 04:53 AM

[Group F] We All Die Trying To Get It Right
Timestamp: Final Battle.

Harsh wings battered against the rickety airboat that had been commandeered for the express purposes of the assault team’s entry into Katara as it drew ever closer to the Solace shipyards. It was a tiny, wooden construct little better than a hot air balloon. In fact, the only variation being that instead of a basket it was most definitely a boat hitched up to the inflated fabric. Room for five? Hardly, three was pushing it, and so, the assault team was subjected to some rather confined quarters indeed.

The shadow of Katara in the distance, the Airship Georgia drifted lazily towards the behemoth that was carving a path through the skies.

At the base of the unsound airboat were a number of metal rods with an affixed grappling hook and a canister with a fuse. A number of other small metal orbs with fuses could also be found rolling about as the airboat swayed terribly. ‘Icarus’ suits had been provided – little better than a leather harness that contained a gadgeteer devised spring-loaded set of wings for gliding if everything went pear shaped.

Nestled in, directing the airship airboat was a rather battered, fire scarred man in his mid-fifties or possibly early sixties. He wore an old Imperial Guard uniform that bore the livery of Aelyria Prime and the faded rankings of a Lieutenant General. Surly of face with a broken nose and pug-like jowls, Heldenhammer was balding with closely cropped silver hair and an unlit cigar that was being gnawed upon angrily. One Lieutenant General Lorian Vincent Heldenhammer.

Group F:
* Ko’Riel Tel’Sei
* Dara Hakim
* Noe
* Shiro Shimizu

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei September 17, 2014 05:57 PM


So word of his theories and their practical applications against the Xet had apparently spread around a bit. Fancy bracelets everywhere that fractured the anti-arcana carapace that so vexed other mages. The sea elf was pretty happy about that, seeing his work get some actual use in the fight against the Xet.

Why he was in an airboat, though, that was something he was less happy about. The last time Ko'Riel had been in something like this a bunch of undead had shown up and ruined everybody's day. That jaunt down down Arkdun hadn't been a great one. Not to mention the ship was as old and rickety as their pilot.

He had no idea why they were up here. But they'd put him up here with a bunch of other people and he wasn't one to question the judgement of the people who had directed him to do so. Presumably, they had reasons for it. They were probably good ones.

Ko'Riel had his flute. He'd brought along a drum, too. Good to go.

Shiro Shimizu September 19, 2014 12:28 AM

This was annoying. No, beyond annoying. Shiro was mad.

He sat, or as well as he could, with his legs tucked up next to his chest and his sword pulled out between them. Both hands rested lightly on its hilt as turquoise eyes gleamed at one and then the others of his companions, stuffed like so many fish inside this barrel of a psychotic, suicidal contraption that was now taking them through the air—the air. He never should have come on this fool's errand to begin with, and he was an idiot for assuming that this would have been worth his time at the end anyway.

He snorted, loudly, and shook his head, sending thick strands of pure white hair splashing against the sides of his face. He didn't even know why they were here or what they were doing or any part of their mission, really; someone had explained it to Shiro probably, but he had successfully managed to tune out all of it behind his irritated thoughts and his realization that that sickly girl was around him again. Where had she gone off to, anyway? It had been eras since he'd seen or heard of Noe, and now she happens to show her face here of all places?

Odd. He frowned slightly, moving the motion over from one side of the corners of his lips to the other, as he glanced sidelong at the sea elf who was carrying...instruments. Musical instruments? The hell was he going to do with those? Gods, he was on a ridiculous piece of wood and metal that was flying with total and complete idiots. What was that blue-faced painting mistake planning on doing, singing all the Xet to death?

Shiro snorted again. The edge of his chin rested lightly on the edge of the guard on his sword. There was a small, ill-used dagger kept close to the side of his hip but no other weapon on the diminutive half-Kemite boy. Yet his posture bespoke of one far more accustomed to fighting for his right to live than he was in receiving it. He'd left behind the usual hood and cloak and ignored all the questions about his utter lack of armor or protective gear, having opted instead for a simple tunic and trousers and, of course, his sword.

So he sat, waiting, fuming, annoyed and frustrated, and wondering if that fatty dwarf of a man had ever heard of the idea of a bath in the last century. Wherever they were going had best be worth it, or else that itching feeling in the very flow of his blood mind soon be hard to fully control.

Maddyn September 27, 2014 11:39 PM

“Talkative bunch aren’t you lot?” Heldenhammer gruffed, the words marred by the cigar as it rolled from one side of his mouth to the other as the bulk of Katara loomed alongside the derelict airboat. “Right is right. Let’s get this show on the road. Intelligence, most certainly not Military Intelligence, so rest safe there that our fates aren’t in the hands of those incompetent loons – have identified a weapons battery in the F4 section of the target ‘Sunbase Katara’. We are to take it apart before it gets in range of the evacuations on Solace.”

A gesture at the Icarus harness that Heldenhammer wore that contained a pair of buttons – one on the left, one on the right. “Release wings on your left. Retract on your right. Got that? Nice and simple. Once we’re in range, you’re to jump over the side and hit the left button after the count of three. Too soon and you’ll hit the side of the ship and won’t that be just a laugh. Too late, and you’re no good to us.”

There was a grim smile from the battered Lieutenant Commander as worn teeth were revealed in what might have otherwise been a rictus of terror if not for the look in the man’s eye that was quite possibly suicidal glee. “And just to make things interesting. Airboat we’re on? Loaded with explosives.”

Swinging himself up onto the edge of the airboat, one hand clasping one of the ropes that tethered the barge to the balloon, Heldenhammer gave a curt nod to the small group. “On my mark. And GO!”

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei September 28, 2014 01:38 PM

...welp. Ko'Riel would just nod. Seemed like Heldenhammer knew everything they needed to know, so there wasn't much to say. Get on Katara, blow up the thing, get out. Seemed simple enough.

And go? Go.

Just follow directions, right? Jump over the side... try to get the timing right, hit the left button? Hopefully he wouldn't just smash into the side of the ship. That'd be bad.

Shiro Shimizu October 4, 2014 11:26 PM

He glanced once over at the dwarf, wondering how such a god-awful smelling piece of flesh could put together more than one intelligible word in a row. The boy scowled slightly and turned his head, hands still clasped loosely around the bottom of the hilt of his sword. He sighed, shaking his head slightly before glancing back out to the side of the airship once more. It was hard to imagine that nothing but thinness and gas existed between them and the solid ground below, and that they would soon be hurtling through it, but he shook the thought away almost as quickly as it formed.

He frowned, using his grip again to stabilize himself as Shiro stood up. A few light stretches moved through his cramped legs, and then the boy made his way over toward the harnesses that the dwarf continued to explain in painful detail and length. Right to fly, left to—no, left? Shiro's scowl grew as his hand raised to finger at the buttons, thinking.

But not for long.

In one fluid motion, the boy had his sword strap slung back over across his chest and the scabbard thudding lightly against his back. He glanced once again at the dwarf, then back over at the useless blue-skin, and then placed his finger pointedly on the button on the left.

And then he jumped.

The wind rushed past his ears with frightening fervor, and for a moment he lost his tactile connection with the button on his left. He felt a trickle of fear for a moment as he grabbed for it desperately, and then simply resorted to hitting that particular side of his chest hard with his fist to send the wings spread wide across his back.

Hopefully that was three...or so.

Maddyn October 5, 2014 10:06 PM

Over the airships railing one by one they went; the whoosh of air rushing past the trio as they dove overboard. There was a winding, crackling sound as the mechanism to deploy the wings released – Heldenhammer’s snapping open first to deploy the canvas and steel frame that seemed to sent the veteran soldier suddenly ascending as Ko’Riel and Shiro plummeted a second or so longer. Ko’Riel’s activated with ease. Shiro’s on the other hand… not quite so much as they seemed to lock up at a partial extension that buffered the descent even if not quite slowing it down to quite the speed that was ideal.

Down they went; Shiro moving twice as fast as the other two towards Sunbase Katara in what was proving to be a less than sensible deployment plan as the dingy little airship smashed into the side of Katara. Bombs detonating up above as it tore through the side of the ship…

…and Shiro, slowed, but far from it being at an ideal speed. Below; glass planes that were reinforced by iron struts. The impact; glass breaking around the Vampire as what would have been an otherwise lethal impact was… well, unpleasant, but survivable. Thud.

Shiro on the ground, surrounded by broken glass and bleeding out from a half dozen cuts. The thirst for blood intensifying as his body began to automatically heal the numerous broken bones and injuries. An opening into Katara that Heldenhammer and Ko’Riel could make their way towards – something Vincent Heldenhammer was certainly doing at any rate.

The room Shiro had landed in was positively brimming with plantlife. He’d fallen into what looked like a greenhouse.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei October 6, 2014 12:57 PM

Interesting contraption. But it seemed like one of them hadn't quite gotten it to work. One could hope that it'd turn out fine. Oh. Well. That was a lot of glass. Ko'Riel wasn't entirely sure how well that might work out for the lad, but nothing much they could do about it now. Had a job to do, after all. Casualties were a part of war, weren't they? Still, maybe he was all right.

Nothing much they could do now. He'd follow after Heldenhammer.

Shiro Shimizu October 11, 2014 12:45 AM

That...was probably not the brightest moment of Shiro Shimizu's life.

He realized that all far, far too late as his initial pressing of the button—left or right again?—on the mechanical wings began to grow more and more panicked and frantic as he saw the land come rushing up fast upon his senses. It...wasn't...working...His palm hit hard on the band across his chest, caring little about the bruises he was surely creating underneath its constant pounding as he tried to force the contraption open by sheer angry will.

"OPEN!" he screamed, a word loud and yet thoroughly lost in the sound of the air moving so furiously around them, and then he felt that satisfying and comforting thud. His body pulled back, beginning to slow underneath the flux of the breeze, and the boy's fear began to slowly settle appropriately. At least it worked. Whether or not that was a credit to that ugly beard-man remained to be seen.

That sense of peace was dangerously short-lived however as he began to realize that while slowed, it wasn't really slow at all. He recoiled, trying to move his shoulder in the way of the inevitable impact with the ground, but it was all too late. He felt it, or more accurately him, collide with the hard and unforgiving ground below in one terrible blow. The world shattered into a thousand pieces and he felt each of the cuts grate and scratch against his skin as it did. What did he hit? It didn't feel like ground or rock or tree or any of the things that the Kemite boy had been expected, but...

...he didn't have much time to think about that either as he skidded hard against a smooth—smooth?—floor, still dragging along the little shades of glass like a shower as he did. Experience then took over as he tucked his appendages into himself and barreled into a roll, trying to gain control of his momentum and direction enough to slow it down and move it somewhere away from obstacles and that painfully sharp scattered glass. He skidded and then took one more long, deliberate thought before he dug his heels in and thrust himself upward, trying to burst into a standing position against the push and force.

Instantly upon regaining his feet his hand was over his shoulder and the sword was out of scabbard and now extended in hand, sharpened, cutting edge away and at whatever threat or enemy or something that had the misfortune to be the first thing that moved and thus garnered his attention. That scowl, deep and terrible as it was, formed again on the boy's face as his abrasive wounds slowly began to heal courtesy of the supernatural "gift" granted by that trip in the ziggurat, and then took off in the nearest direction that had any semblance of appearance of leading onward into the structure, and ran.

Maddyn October 11, 2014 11:03 PM

Into the jungle Ko’Riel and Heldenhammer went; landing more or less in the same area as where Shiro had advanced upon the target at a more extreme pace. Such as it was that the pair could see where a bone in his shoulderblade had punctured the flesh only to slowly restore itself before their very eyes. The blades of grass were bent flat and littered with broken glass shards from Shiro’s fall; each step creating a crunching sound that prevented any further chance of espionage in the attack (if ever there had been such an opportunity).

But Shiro was already drawing his sword and advancing even as the other two were only just now landing. Lush green foliage, a shout behind Shiro of “Hold up!” from Heldenhammer that was accompanied by a curse that in some areas of Arium would have been a grave insult in regards to the Kemite’s parentage. The air was hot and heavy, the air ‘greenhouse’ proving to be difficult to breathe in.

Shiro made first contact, the thirst rising steadily within as he countered a pair of Raptorians. All tan with dark brown stripes, the duo wore a large number of leather bandoliers containing various blades and a bronze collar around their neck. There was a fleeting moment of recognition, the understanding that Shiro wasn’t supposed to be in this area, and a hissed warcry in a language that the Kemite didn’t understand. Two Raptorians, both reaching for the short bronze blades they wore and moving to assault the diminutive Vampyre.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei October 14, 2014 12:34 PM

Oh. Was the swordsman a thaumaturge? That was pretty neat.

So he was going to be fighting the Xet then, maybe. Perhaps Heldenhammer too. Ko'Riel didn't really plan on getting into the thick of it, no. Support role. In the back! Let the people who knew how to fight do the fighting.

The sea elf would start off simple with an Anthem of Aelyria for the other two. Help them fight and all.


Shiro Shimizu October 18, 2014 05:33 PM

There was a sound coming from somewhere behind him, he heard, but none of it registered. The boy's turquoise eyes narrowed as he sprinted toward the nearest open hallway, sword in hand and stance taut from feet to head as he spun wary glances in all directions. He had a need now, and a drive--things that the young half-Kemite had thought were left behind in Narim after the last shovel of dirt fell over that plain wooden coffin.

But the thing that hadn't changed in the boy's soul was that anger, and that most terrible rage, that both fed and deprived him as he saw these creatures, whatever they were and whoever they served, as no more than collateral damage and casualties. Pity for them that they had gotten in his way.

His pace turned into a slide and a skid as his ears picked up some shuffling noise from around the corner, followed by the sight of glinting scales. Well, then: first things first. His hand tightened around the guard of his sword as he brought it up high now over his right shoulder as his feet started instantly speeding up again to turn his sprint into a flat-out attack toward the raptorian on the left.

The blade flashed, coming downward in a diagonal direction just before Shiro bent down over knees that he used to slide over the floor again, getting a shower of glass shards in his pants and skin for his efforts. But that half-moment of surprise, and the advantage it offered, couldn't be squandered, and the boy dragged the tip of his sword down hard, intending for it to travel with him as he bent down low and backward between the raptorian' legs and underneath its underbelly.

One thing at a time.

Maddyn October 18, 2014 09:12 PM

Anthem of Aelyria took effect, and with that Shiro and Heldenhammer were provided with some mild perks in speed and endurance. The sound travelled reasonably well within the greenhouse, though it also seemed to have drawn the attention of others within the lush alien jungle as Ko’Riel could hear the sounds of branches being cracked and leaves being pushed through in response.

Shiro’s slide wrecked havoc upon his skin as the broken shards of glass tore into his flesh. Sword drawn, the movement resulted in the Kemite’s blade flashing through meat and bone as ribs were shattered and the underbelly of the first Raptorian was sliced open. Disemboweled; the entrails slid out with a meaty smack – Shiro’s slide proving to be fast enough that he was able to avoid the worst of the blood and gore.

It was then that Heldenhammer and Ko’Riel finally caught up to the Vampyre; the old soldier looking at the scene with a measured manner as he didn’t so much advance as move into a solid guard position. Keeping himself between the remaining Raptorian that was moving to pursue Shiro and stab down at the Kemite with its blade, and the tooting Ko’Riel.

Ko'Riel Tel'Sei October 19, 2014 01:26 PM



Toot toot!

Shiro Shimizu October 25, 2014 05:53 PM

One down, an eternity to go.

He felt the searing pain cut through his legs, but he paid it and the now-glittering state of his pants and skin no mind as Shiro completed the rest of his strike. Blood spurted. Small splashes of skin and flesh stuck far too eagerly onto his skin as he finished his slide, running out of momentum somewhere behind the creature's tail and then springing himself upward onto his feet.

The sword was tightened in his hands then, pulled horizontally to guard across the level of his face as he widened his stance ever so slightly in preparation for the oncoming raptorian. The sight of the dwarf and the elf behind him didn't even register in the boy's senses as his lips tightened into a single, straight line, finding determination again.

And then, just as the Saurid sprung, the boy dodged. He bent low, pushing the palm of one hand flat down on the ground with fingers spread in all directions. The element of ice began coating through the surface of his skin and spread outward, intending to create a sheen of slippery ice that would stretch along the floor until it coated just underneath the raptorian's feet. With any luck, he'd fall, and Shiro would be quick to follow after him, sword pulled high and swinging hastily downward to slice hard at the creature's neck.

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