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Mimesis May 5, 2015 12:34 PM

[Arkdün] It's Alive?!? [Rhystlin et al.]
Summer Era XXII

It was no secret that Arkdun had an undead problem. It was something that the city, for better or for worse, had learned to live with for the past few eras. Still, just because one had learned to 'live with it' didn't mean that one had learned to like it.

Yet in recent brightenings there were rumours of something more... particular at work as signs asking for adventurers willing to brave the undead quarter started appearing throughout the city. Rumours that the constabulary, already stretched thin, wasn't able to contain the menace anymore. Rumours that undead were being sighted outside the undead quarter. Rumours that the contagion was spreading, brought on by something new - or maybe very old? - stirring deep within.

Rhystlin May 5, 2015 01:29 PM

Rhystlin's favorite jobs as a mercenary were those that would benefit a greater amount of people once they were complete - the ones where her part in them would make a genuine difference to as many people as possible. For this reason, the new issue that had cropped up in Arkdun was one that greatly interested her. She had seen the signs and heard the rumors while merely passing through, but most of all she had noticed the unrest among the locals. Could something far more dangerous than simple undead be brewing within the undead quarter? Wouldn't it do them some good to investigate this menace once and for all? The constabulary was struggling to address the issue, the undead seemed to be reaching further than they had before, and rumors of spreading disease could imply a great danger right around the corner for anyone in Arkdun.

The half elf had offered her services to the city of Arkdun already. There would be others aside from her own companions, to be sure... those who were interested in what may be found within, those seeking treasures abandoned and left behind, perhaps even those truly looking to assist out of the goodness of their hearts. She couldn't help but wonder. What types of adventurers might she be thrown together with this time?

Patiently the mercenary awaited further instructions at the designated meetup locationbecause it makes sense, right?, her eyes scanning the surrounding area for any more arrivals. She was equipped with her typical arms and armor, feeling far more secure in her leathers and light steel, knowing any of her weapons might come in handy as well. Better safe than sorry.

She looked over at Marty, her arms crossed over her chest as she leaned against the wall, waiting. "Is it anything like you remember?" she asked with mild amusement, if only to pass the time.

Martellus May 5, 2015 02:17 PM

This Arkdun affair was a matter of significant interest to Martellus, too. Once upon a time he had lived in Arkdun. He had a lot of memories here, some bad, but most good. It was his favourite city of the empire though, an opinion he expected would never change. The simple presence of equality alone made it a place worth defending, among its other positive attributes. It was possibly better living here for Dracons than any other city around. If he could help protect the hardworking people here, he would do so gladly.

After the kinds of things Martellus had fought, he had some experience with the whole 'averting of evil amassing power' deal. He also had some experience with Arkdun itself, even the undead quarter. Perhaps his particular skills with undead would finally come in handy for this task they had drifted to. Hey, he'd even had his short stint as a guard in Arkdun. Well, a really short stint. He'd never actually formally quit the job, come to think of it.

He was outfitted with the usual. Ready to be a warrior or guardian when it may be required... he spent most of his brightenings armoured and ready for battle actually. He was getting a little self-conscious about it, even.

So yeah, he wouldn't want to let this city be threatened by undead. And Rhystlin had been interested in this job as well... so, there was that too. She spoke to him while they waited. "Yes. It seems just as I left it really." Albeit... brightened up a bit by the presence of a particular mercenary captain... mmyeah.

Miyako May 5, 2015 03:29 PM

Miyako came because it was the right thing to do. She was in Arkdun as she was travelling and searching and she had seen the notices and so on. She could not walk past people in need. She had seen it too many times, after all. So she arrived at the designated place, as ready as she could be to take on this situation. The woman who joined Rhystlin and Martellus was of obviously kemite heritage. She wore a lightweight and not high-quality leather armour, twin long knives and she had with her a backpack. Her long brown hair was tied back in a braid and twisted out of the way. When she saw that there were two others already there, Miyako inclined her head. "Serale" she said, to them both. "I am Miyako"

She had come here because she could not walk past it when she had heard about it and she also had considered that maybe there was some reason for the undead problem being more than it seemed. The locals were uneasy and that was unusual in and of itself if this was, as had been suggested, a common problem. That there might be contamination or some such meant that she wondered if her spellbreaking might be useful. So, since undead seemed to suggest necromancy, Miyako had constructed two traps before she left. They had been of the same design as the one that she had constructed previously for collecting thaumaturgy essence but this time she had made them with black, burned glass which she had cracked. She hoped that worked, and it made sense for her that it did. So she had those in her backpackhope that's ok, Mimesis?.

She looked at the other two and nodded her head in greeting, but said no more than she had already.

Ylva Cherhc May 6, 2015 08:12 AM

Arkdün... Ylva was there for no other reason than because she was curious. And, too, because Rhystlin had tossed the offer out her way. Having some mild interest in the city--for reasons that left her alternatively thoughtful, a little morose and then ultimately agitated--Ylva had decided that she could do with adventure that went beyond stalking through the woods and ferreting out whatever beasts she (or she and Rhystlin) could find. Ylva was no mercenary and likely never would be--the empire's obsession with money continued to baffle her--but she enjoyed surprises, the exertion of muscle and, generally, keeping busy.

The Rhagrhnd woman had come to the city on her own, separate of Rhystlin's company. She had her own way of handling and approaching Imperial cities, of preparing herself to be submersed in the noise and the stink and the maze of streets. And she had wanted to look around, to poke about in places that she had been told of, as if some rhyme or reason could further expand on the past.

Ultimately she had decided that had been a bad idea. The past was just that--the past--and Ylva knew better than to allow herself to wallow in it.

Thus Ylva smelled a little of drink and tavern smoke when she arrived at the 'designated meeting spot', Cherhcsa trotting at her heels with his tongue lolling and his head lowered as he shuffled a look between the others gathered there. His tail wagged as he spotted Rhystlin and he started towards her to greet her with puppy-like enthusiasm...only to slow at the sight of the scaled individual with her and he shuffled back to press himself against Ylva's legs. Nope, he was fine right where he was.

"Dragon! You see, I am not lost, yes?" Her grin was broad and she gestured her arms wide as she presented herself so easily. Loud, boisterous. It would have been easy to assume she was tipsy and out-going because of it...if this simply wasn't her nature to be so forward with her presence.

The Rhagrhnd woman was generally as she always was, barring a few exceptions. Instead of the white furs, hides and leathers, Ylva's attire was better suited to the city. Brown hide and leather made up pants and vest while a blue shirt protected her skin from the rub of the vest. The sleeves to her shirt had been rolled up past the elbows and her pale white skin bore the evidence of a woman more accustomed to cold climates--the heat of the summer sun had dusted her red in many places. Her sword was belted at her hip, her dagger evident at her thigh. The quiver at her hip (opposite the sword) was white fur spotted black, rattling with arrows she had crafted herself, its paired bow strapped at her back. She felt a little odd without her travel pack but with the prospect of needing her hands available and her movements unhindered, she'd left it in a room above the tavern.

The Rhagrhnd woman eyed the other two already present, her hand pushing back loose white hair from her face. She was not surprised to know neither of them, although the scaled dragon-that-wasn't-a-dragon seemed comfortable and familiar with Rhystlin. A friend, perhaps? "You do these things to get money too, yes? Fight things?" she asked the two not known to her, blunt in her manner and a grin wide to her lips, as if...amused.

Secrets :
Ylva is wearing...

- Light leather and hide armor as a vest
- Leather pants
- Fabric shirt
- Shortsword (waist)
- Dagger (thigh)
- Quiver of arrows (waist) - mix of throwing and shooting arrows, "homemade" and not store bought
- Bow (strapped across her back)

She does not have her climbing equipment or wilderness gear with her.

Cherhcsa, her dog, is with her. He is a big wimpy mush who prefers to stay close to his mistress and is wary of strangers.

Bastion Hill May 7, 2015 08:00 AM

Bastion had been on the proverbial hunt for alchemy supplies as he traveled through Arkdun when he heard about the request for aid by the constabulary. Admittedly Bastion knew very little about the history of the city but the people he had met there seemed genuine enough. The situation also held a spark of interest to him. It was a spark that he should have treated as an inferno and stayed clear of, however since leaving home he found himself taking more and more chances. This was just the latest.

Attending the meetup location Bastion was met by three other females, two of which appeared human while the other was partly elvish. There was also a male Dracon present. Most of them were dressed for battle and carrying a large array of weapons. Bastion for his part was dressed in his customary tunic, trousers and hooded cloak. Bastion had a small backpack with his traveling supplies along with his wooden staff and pocket knife. Neither of those two weapons would do him much good in a fight against the undead that were said to roam the city of Arkdun but it was better than nothing.

Ah, the undead, yeah Bastion knew that that was what this quest was being put together to deal with but had paid that piece of information little heed until he arrived at the meeting point. Now that he arrived he found himself understandably anxious. Unlike those around him he looked like the least capable fighter but maybe he would be able to help on the quest. He just kept thinking that he was doing it to help and for the possibility of interesting alchemy ingredients at the end. That seemed to calm him somewhat.

"Serale, I'm Bastion by the way." He said to the group before addressing a comment made by one of the human female's. "I am definitely not someone that typical goes about fighting the undead but hope to be of use here."

Mimesis May 8, 2015 07:33 AM

They were standing - as those who knew the city pretty well would know - just a few blocks down from the undead quarter. The constabulary had set up a small outpost of sorts here, since guards were posted around the quarter round the clock.

As the adventurers gathered a heavy-set fellow with a frizzy red beard and white scarring across his face - definitely not a good colour combination, and indeed, the constable (for that's what he was, as his clothing and weaponry made clear) was not one for the ladies - stepped forward. "You're here about the undead." He said, but it wasn't a question. Why else would a half-elf that looked like a walking arsenal, a large dracon, a small, forgettable-lookingthe seeds are fine! Kemite woman, a barbari dressed in more fur than her dog, and a whimpy-looking young man congregate here? If they had all gone to a bar.... that would have been some bar!

Anyway. The constable shook his head, banishing such thoughts. If they wanted to brave the undead quarter, he wasn't about to stop them.

"I'm sure you've heard. We've started finding the buggers outside of the quarter, lately - the fethin' buggers seem to have figured out how to climb over the barricade." The constable motioned for the group to follow him, leading them down the street and toward a heavy gate that had been built into the barricade separating the undead quarter from the rest of the city. "Nobody's ventured inside and come out alive in over an era, so there's no real way of knowing what you'll find in there anymore. Used to be it was a residential area, though, with a public bath complex to the east and a small Church to the... er.. Fallen Goddess to the west. If... when you get back, just knock on the gate five times. That'll tell the guards to let you in. Undead may be cunning, but they ain't smart."

By the time the constable had finished and shaken his head, the party had arrived in front of the iron gate which was already being unlocked and opened by another large and fantastically ugly dorin guard.

"If you got any last minute questions, better ask them now," the red-bearded constable warned as the gate groaned open - 'or forever hold your peace' hanging unspoken in the air.

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Rhystlin May 8, 2015 03:22 PM

Rhystlin turned from her brief conversation with Marty when the kemite woman approached, nodding her head in acknowledgment to her.

"Serale, Miyako," she responded, noting with approval that the woman seemed to be geared and ready to go. "My name is Rhystlin. This is Martellus." She gestured to her tall dracon friend and grew silent when she realized Miyako didn't intend to say anymore. It felt strange to hold friendly conversation before entering into a dangerous contract with the city of Arkdun, but the half elf had an urge to get more acquainted with the people who might hold her life in their hands later on. Still, she left the other woman to her peace, pegging her for more of the quiet type.

The mercenary's face grew bright, though, upon realizing that she recognized the woman who had rounded the corner. "Hey!" she said cheerily to Cherhcsa as he seemed to greet her with wagging tail and lolling tongue. He changed his mind shortly upon noticing Martellus, and Rhystlin couldn't help but laugh. "Oh don't worry about him. He's like a big stuffed animal with scales."

She directed her grin to Ylva and took a few steps forward to greet her. "I'm shocked!" she responded to the Rhagrhnd's triumphant declaration of not being lost, "I was sure you'd be halfway to the capital by now." As Ylva addressed the other two who had arrived, the mercenary gestured towards Marty, realizing that he and Ylva were two acquaintainces of hers who had likely not met yet.

"Marty works with me. He's a mercenary like I am." He was free to elaborate on that if he wished, and she wasn't sure what the kemite woman did, so she left them to answer Ylva further if they wished.

She had not immediately noticed the last male's entrance, but looked to him in surprise when he introduced himself and also responded to Ylva's question. "Bastion," she greeted in return. "Rhystlin, Ylva, Miyako, and Martellus." She gestured to each person respectively, then to the dog. "Oh, and Cherhcsa." Good, greetings were out of the way.

She couldn't help but give Bastion a once-over now that she had the opportunity, noting that he seemed to have come in no armor and equipped with a backpack and a wooden staff. She wondered if he was a mage. She knew better than to question appearances, though, and stuffed her curiosity away for now.

After their initial conversation had passed, their attention was drawn to the arrival of the constable, who didn't seem too confident about their chances for survival upon entering the undead quarter. The half elf couldn't help but frown at this, but remained quiet as he explained the situation. She pondered what their goals might be upon being left to their own devices.

"You see anything ...not typical about the ones that have managed to climb over?" she asked as the gate began to open. "Anything different from the ones you might have been dealing with before the problem got worse?"

Hopefully it was something the constable would have mentioned if he had, but it didn't hurt to ask.

Ylva Cherhc May 10, 2015 09:21 AM

"Stuffed animal?" Ylva tilted her cheek as she slanted Martellus a glance. She didn't quite make the connection on what Rhystlin meant by stuffed animal but her former statement more or less sufficed to carry the meaning. Truthfully, she had met others like him before and had gotten on well with one of them. She wasn't in the least bit worried about him...although his name was more than certain to give her a little trouble. "You maybe I call Scales then, yes? Much easier on the tongue than Martealis." Her mouth was better at forming harder syllables.

The introduction between the others was met with a wide grin towards both Miyako and Bastion. "I am Ylva, Cherhc of the Rhagrhnd. It is good to meet you, yes?" Even, confident, forward.

She settled easily among the lot of them, watching as the man who was clearly in charge stepped forward to get things started. She was a quiet listener, focused--she had to be, not being native to the tongue spoken. When he was done speaking, the mountain woman cocked her head to the side, thought over what she had been told. "Bugs?" Ylva's voice was inquisitive, uncertain. Rhystlin had briefly explained to her, prior to them arriving, what awaited them in Arkdun. Ylva had not first understood what it meant to be undead but after hearing the explanation of the dead fallen only to rise again, the Rhagrhnd woman had finally come to some sort of an understanding. They had myths, stories, told around campfires of loved ones lost to the whims of the mountain that came home again, changed and not for the better.

Rhystlin had said nothing about undead bugs.

"These bugs they are...Xet?" she pressed, knowing of only one type of large bug that attacked people and made a menace of itself. She'd fought against the Xet in Arium, large bee-like creatures bursting out of hives. She tilted her head slightly. In truth, she'd understood most of the words quickly uttered by the man in charge but some had eluded her. She had no idea what a rezedental was or com...what had that word been? And she didn't understand why the man thought it was weird that they weren't smart even though the Xet were coming... "They are Xet that have been killed? And live again, yes? Undead bugs."

And because she thought Rhystlin's questions reasonable, Ylva was not entirely sure she had more questions of her own. Except maybe, "The Xet, they do not go away, hm?" A matter-of-fact sort of observation as she lowered her hand to brush her fingers over Cherhcsa's soft head in an idle swirl.

Martellus May 10, 2015 09:46 AM

The rest of their team showed up soon enough. Joining them for the job were three Humans; a sober-looking taciturn Kemite lady, a short woman with a dog and a slightly strange way of speaking, and a thin cloaked man who did not look prepared for combat. Rhystlin greeted each of them.

The dog was afraid of him, which wasn't especially surprising considering his appearance. "It's okay fluffy one, I don't bite," he quietly assured the dog. "Big stuffed animal with scales?" Martellus chuckled at that. "Sure." The simile indicated his softness maybe, but it wasn't the most accurate possible analogy; stuffed animals were generally meant to be hugged, and nobody wanted to hug Marty unfortunately. He gazed at Ylva when Rhys introduced him. "Uh, sure... you can call me Scales if you want." She wouldn't be the first softskin to give him such a nickname.

"Serale everyone. It's good to have you all along." When Marty saw the red-bearded constable he thought of a red-haired Arkdun guard he had met in the previous era, and wondered if there was some relation.

"Gods... they're climbing over the barricade now?" Marty considered what had changed. "It sounds like the undead are getting smarter... or perhaps someone's organising them. Maybe a Necromancer is behind this." Martellus might not be able to use his sphere in public, but it did give him a good insight into how undead worked.

Ylva had mistaken the guard's information apparently. "Ylva, the undead in Arkdun are actually humanoid... of the empire's races of people. 'Bugger' is just a pejorative." She... probably wouldn't get pejorative.

"Bastion, we need to get you a spear or something." Looking around, he added "Maybe everyone should have a spear. You don't need long weaponry to keep the undead at bay if you're decent with your own weapon, but it can be nice to have the option to keep them at a distance." He waited to hear their opinion on that.

Miyako May 10, 2015 09:47 AM

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Rhystlin, Martellus" she said and said no more until Ylva and her dog came and Miyako inclined her head towards the woman "I am Miyako" she said and then she shook her head "No. I do not do this to get money" she said quietly in response. She said no more than that, though, for no more than that had been asked. She did not respond in any way to Ylva smelling of the tavern; she knew well enough that how someone smelled was no indication at all. But when she said that it was good to meet them, Miyako nodded her head and spoke most seriously but very genuinely "Yes. It is good to meet you too. All of you".

To Bastion, when he arrived, she nodded also. "Serale, Bastion. I am Miyako" she said and then the man came and stepped forward and Miyako listened carefully to what he said. She did not speak to him and yet she turned to Ylva and listened to what she had to say. Miyako frowned and shook her head, thinking for a moment. Had the woman in front of her misunderstood or had she herself? He had not said bugs, she was sure and she replayed the conversation in her head. Then, her expression cleared as she recognised, or thought she did, what Ylva was saying. "Not bugs. Buggers" she said to Ylva. There was no amusement at the misunderstanding, she spoke as calmly as if she was giving directions "It is a word meant as an insult. They are undead people, I assume. Human and elf, dorin and orc". As for Bastion having a spear, she did not comment, but she looked at Martellus and nodded "That makes sense. I have never used a spear, but I have had a little practiceMim, level 1 thread is just started! with a bow". She looked to the constable to see if such was available. If not, that was no bother.

Looking at the constable she said, completely deadpan "If there are Xet in there, we are somewhat under prepared" And never was there a truer word spoken, she considered.

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Bastion Hill May 11, 2015 08:56 AM

Bastion nodded and gave polite smiles as he was introduced to the other members of the party. His first impressions of them all, even before any of them had spoken to Bastion, was that they all seemed quite capable. Their given introductions didn't convey anything that would make Bastion think differently.

Next came the Constable's briefing. He seemed just as genuine as the other townsfolk that Bastion had met. Maybe a little desperate or perhaps tired of the threat but that was to be expected. The Constable gave a fairly decent accounting of what was to be found inside the barricaded area. The bath house might have been one of the most prominent building in the area but it wasn't what drew Bastion's attention rather it was the church.

After Martellus and Miyako explained to the other human woman what the Constable meant by the term "bugger", Bastion decided it was his time to speak. The Constable might have mentioned everything of interest above ground but if he recalled the nightmarish stories that Bastion's older brother use to tell him, then there might be one other place the undead might be coming from.

"Excuse me Constable, do you know if there is anything of note underneath the area? Sewers, Crypts and the like." Bastion asked politely.

Once the Constable had answered him Bastion nodded gratefully. Any information would be of use. Soon thereafter the conversation turned to one of weapons particularly on the subject of Bastion taking a spear on the journey. Martellus might have been a little forward in his suggestion but it was a good thought. Bastion would have to pull his own weight while with the group and certainly be able to defend himself if he ever wanted to leave there alive.

Speaking to Martellus.

"That is precisely why I brought my staff. To defend myself from a distance. Though if you believe I am better off with something more pointy I will defer to your expertise." Bastion offered.

Looking around Bastion saw a small weapons rack near a guards post that appeared to contain weaponry more to Martellus's liking. Turning back to the Constable, Bastion spoke again.

"Constable would you mind if I took one of your spears from that rack over there in exchange for my staff? For the duration of our mission at the very least. Bastion asked.

Secrets :
Wearing: Trousers, Tunic and hooded robe.
Items of interest: Backpack with rations and water, pocket knife and wooden staff

Mimesis May 11, 2015 08:51 PM

"Atypical?" The guard responded to Rhystlin's question, scratching the side of his nose. "Beyond the fact that they're climbin' walls?.. Not really." He shrugged. "They're more aggressive, I suppose, but it's not like we can question 'em to find out. " He snorted in disgust. Dealing with undead certainly presented its own unique can of worms. "Some desperate characters - thieves and scum and the like - used to hole up in there too, thinkin' they'd be safe from the law, but most of 'em left when the undead got more aggressive... or didn't leave, if you know what I mean. As for the rest - well, that's what you're gonna be paid to find out, isn't it?"

With that he turned to Ylva, who'd jumped in to ask about the 'bugs' and then proceeded to give her opinion about them - at some length. The constable just gaped at her, not quite comprehending what was going on the barbari woman's mind. It took the words of the other adventurers to clue him in, and even then, he continued to stare at the Rhagrhnd as if she'd come down from another plane. Which, in some ways, was not a bad metaphor for her experience. "Sacred Three, I hope there's no Xet there." the constable shuddered slightly, clearly horrified at the new thought. "No... they came here with the lich - at least the first time." he turned to look at both Ylva and Martellus, who voiced that possibility. "But then they disappeared after a few eras, only to return later." The guard sighed and added, turning more specifically to Ylva: "Guess they're like bugs that way, after all. Think you got rid of 'em, and then..." His voice trailed off and he snapped his fingers, to show the suddenness of the returning infestation.

"The old lich lived in the crypts," he nodded to Bastion. "But now?.. Nobody's been able to find out where the undead are coming from," he shook his head.

Finally, the red-bearded constable turned a critical eye on Bastion. "Guess you could have a spear, sure," he said a bit dubiously, more because the human had evidently arrived unprepared than because he begrudged him the spear. That was easily enough procuredBastion, you have yourself a spear! in the guardhouse.

By the point the iron gate leading into the undead quarter had been opened. The constable offered a last piece of advice before the adventurers entered: "Oh, and they seem to get more rabid at night. Ye'd best make it back before the sun goes down, or else find a place to hide out and keep watch. Good luck to ye." The guard nodded solemnly, waiting until all the adventurers had passed before shutting the gate behind them.

Through the deep iron-reinforced wood they could hear the bar on the gate groan back into place and the lock snick closed. They were inside. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that looking about them was like looking at a post-apocalyptic Arkdun. The buildings had fallen into abject disrepair, windows smashed and doors broken open. Many looked as if they'd suffered extensive fire damage - if a fire broke out in here, of course, there would be nobody to put it out. A smoky scent clung to the air, smelling vaguely like charred flesh.

Everything was still. Unnaturally so. Cherhcsa, of course, would pick up on it first - the lack of any living beings. There were no birds here, no living trees or weeds, not even a scavenging rat. It was as if the whole place had been stripped of all living creatures, leaving a perfectly barren world. There were no undead in sight at least, either, and there was some room between the gate and the streets leading deeper into the quarter, so at least the adventurers knew they weren't in immediate danger for the moment.

Two major roads forked off from where they stood, one heading generally eastward and the other generally westward, but if there had ever been street signs attached to them those were long since gone.

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Rhystlin May 12, 2015 02:29 PM

Rhystlin offered a crooked smile when everyone began to correct Ylva on her misunderstanding of the dwarf's words. They'd likely soon learn how conversation worked with Ylva. The barbari woman was not unintelligent by any means - on the contrary, she was one of the most clever people Rhystlin knew. However, there was a language barrier that meant certain terms or analogies might go over the Raghrhnd's head. Rhys had gotten so used to it by now that at this point she thought little of it, but she realized what new interesting developments might occur now that the two were in a larger party.

The half elf shook her head at Marty's own explanation, quirking a brow at him in disbelief. A pejorative, huh? Might as well tell the poor woman that contempt was the act of feeling contemptuous.

She then turned her attention to the conversation with the constable. Bastion's questions were good ones. Rhys didn't like the thought of them having to deal with a lich, but the possibility was certainly there. She was a little concerned, as well, that the constable felt the undead were getting more agressive. She already didn't like what she was hearing, but the more the constable spoke, the more Rhystlin realized she didn't like what she was hearing.

The 'more rabid at night' bit was just icing on the cake. Nice thing to remember last minute, just before closing the gate. She wondered if he would have even remembered to say anything had the group not paused to ask their questions. The half elf shuddered a bit at the thought.

Within, the stillness and the stench of the air made the mercenary even more uneasy. She glanced between the two directions the main road forked off towards, and then turned to the rest of the group.

"So... just in case we don't make it back to the gate before dark, I think the first thing we should do is find a reasonable place to retreat to for shelter. Unless you guys have any other suggestions?" Such a thing would take some time as well, so perhaps the others had better ideas.

Ylva Cherhc May 14, 2015 03:15 PM

Her nose wrinkled as several leapt to correct her. Humanoids. Pe-orts. Ylva had long since determined that the lowlanders had too many words to describe one thing and this, she decided, was a common case of it. She tapped her fingers on the hilt of her blade as she absorbed the information imparted to her first by Scales--nope, didn't understand what he was trying to tell her at all!--and then the other one. Meeko? The name she couldn't recall, only that it had sounded somewhat difficult in nature for her tongue to wrap itself around. She'd have to ask the girl again later. Or come up with a new one--that seemed more likely. Nonetheless, she offered the woman a flash of a wide, appreciative smile but said nothing--others were already speaking.

She gave a small snort over the suggestion to use a spear, that all of them use one, and rattled her bow, her easy grin relocating itself to Scales without a word to explain her gesture and what it indicated. She thought it said enough: I have a bow, what do I need a spear for? Just another thing to carry, to big and clunky and awkward for one as small as herself.

When they were shown to the gate, set loose into the questionable area, Ylva unhooked her bow from its constriction at her back and loosely toyed an arrow from her quiver. She didn't really nock it into place but she held it against the bow's belly as she walked, the string slack between her fingers. "Shelter is most important," Ylva offered with a nod. "A good place with sturdy walls, good roof, a thing to be defended, yes? A place to run if we are not one. A place to...come back together. A place close to..." She gestured at the gate through which they had come.

Beside her, Cherhcsa was whining intermittently. He was close beside her to the point that he bumped her leg frequently, making her shift and move in a way that was not exactly a straight line. She smelled like a drunken sailor and now, occasionally, she walked like one. "Quiet, yes? Good, maybe. We hear them come."

Which would be good...if they were all quiet. But Ylva opted for chatter. Chatter, she thought, that was useful. "Dragon, what is leech? Creept? The guard had many words and not all I know. These dead who are not dead, they are smart but not so smart. They are buggers" she glanced briefly to Miyako, as if for confirmation of her pronunciation, "But not bugs. They climb. But they came with a leech? From the creept?" Big words, odd words, the words not often found in day to day conversation were the most challenging. And, too, she slipped back into the mountains for months on end, reverting back to her birth speech. It was hard, sometimes, to keep the more complicated lowlander words locked away in her memory.

Some, she was realizing, were more understanding than others.

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