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Sliucha Sindosa September 6, 2019 08:43 PM

[ZA] Touch Fluffy Tail [Argon]
Summer, Era XXVI Post Fractum

For all that had been done, there was always something more to be done.

Such was the truth regardless of what the circumstance might be. Typically, those who reached an 'end' and believed there was nowhere else to go were simply unimaginative. There was always something more to reach for.

Becoming an archmage hadn't been the end for Sliucha as a thaumaturge. She had found something further to strive for, and even now was building a cadre of spellbreakers in order to achieve what lay beyond mere mastery of the sphere. Having a slew of successful businesses hadn't been enough for her either, as she always sought to expand their operations, to increase the profit margins, to seek further opportunities. She hadn't sat on her hands merely because she now sat at the highest provincial office available, watching over Moonstone as its governor. There was always something to do, some initiative to pursue, something that could be improved, or started, or surveyed.

Serving as a champion of Alithea wasn't the end. Gathering like-minded individuals wasn't the end. Corrupting others to her side wasn't the end. Creating the Temple of Sinful Delights wasn't the end. There was always another brick that could be laid down upon the foundation.

And so Sliucha had founded her Court.

Just as the Temple of Sinful Delights could be considered the successor to the Temple of Carnal Love, so too could Sliucha's Court replace the old Ves'Alithean way of thinking. When it came to Alitheanism, moral authority now belonged to Sliucha. She was the champion. She held her Temple. Right by might - she was orthodoxy. And so the Vulpine Court, the Court of the Kitsune, the Court of the Fox, came to exist. Draped in secrecy, custom, and ritual. Status in the Court was denoted by the number of 'tails' one 'wore' to the meeting. The newest of initiates had but the one, and the further up the hierarchy one went, the more tails sprouted behind them. The base of the Court would remain the Temple itself, of course. The Swirling Lotus Gardens had served as an effective cover for the clandestine, Aeternian activities. But it was time to expand beyond the confines of the Temple site.

The Court's influence would spread. And for now, the province of Moonstone would be brought underneath its dominion. The High Priestess of Alithea envisioned a place where every whorehouse was a place of worship, every brothel a recruiting ground of the faithful. Every proprietor was one who would wear a tail.

All in due time.

This would not need to be rushed. Sliucha had plenty of time, after all. It had taken time to build up the Temple of Sinful Delights from scratch, and so too would it take time to expand the Court outwards. For now, she would start simply. There was a reason why the Alitheans were oft the most acceptable of the Aeternians. Sex was simply so appealing, and so ubiquitous.

For now, she utilized her standing in the civil sector to her advantage. There was already one brothel whom she worked with run by an omnicat named Miss Sapphire - already under the Alithean sphere of influence. She would start by skimming off of the top. The lawful brothels. The prestigious escorts and courtesans. She would use the city's financial records and bookkeeping, and see about compiling a list.

She needed to know who to go after, of course. This would be the start.

Argon Shatterskin September 9, 2019 04:51 AM

Book-keeping. It wasn't the most fun way to learn about who might be running an establishment but it was a very effective way to root out the more official and 'law abiding' establishments. That didn't prevent there being a certain tedium to this task. A menial nature of work that could not be ignored no matter the promised reward for the effort when all was said and done.

Candles marks burned through as numbers lined across multiple Ledger's slowly and painfully spilled their secrets to the champion of Alithea.

But all things must have a start and in the paper trail our adventure begins.

Exactly how long it took for the list to be compiled between the governor and the masses of clerks she could utilise for the task entirely depended on how much of this task Sliucha wanted to bear alone and whomever else in the civil service she trusted to get this job done. As there was no immediate pressing need to get it done before yesterday the utilisation of her position was entirely up to the governor with merely the question of whether or not her mind could withstand the tedium.

Either way the search progressed and establishments fitting the criteria were found even if there was no certain way through bookwork alone to determine if these were the only ones.

Three establishments were revealed as were there owners on paper.

Club Rendezvous - a tavern located in the Central district with irregularities regarding the amount of income earned and the median income of other taverns and prospective growth of earnings over the last few eras. This had already been flagged by a previous Clerk for follow up for a potential 'change of use' violation under the zoning laws. Some vary minor and frivolous minor law that was very much beneath the governor's attention generally and came more under the aedile's responsibilities. The information had originated from that office but had been cross referenced with the accounting work compiled for the city. The investigation the clerk had intended never progressed after contact was made with the business.

The owners of the business were listed as one Henry Hillcrest and Lilly Lamprey

Club Velvet Cabaret located in the Malian Kame district very openly provided courtesan services and had a reasonable gross income made humble by high output expenditures on the staff. The owner on paper, Willow Treme had been noted as on a leave of absence by a clerk. For current managerial queries another name was listed: Sharlyn De Foe

The last but not least was another brothels by the name of The flowering bouquet". On paper it was a tavern. It had reasonable reported earnings and a ledger book that really was not suspicious. On paper it looked very much like a reputable tavern and inn house in the Maliam Kane district but for whatever reason did not classify itself as a brothel. The only reason why Sliucha knew from the paperwork that this place was special was that a clerk in particularly pointed cursive had written not a tavern - flagged for audit. This one also appeared like the first not to have been followed up but Sliucha knew how busy the administrative staff were. There was a backlog and this was only an era old. Things which were not high priority could be held in waiting list many eras long. Unimportant tasks could be written off entirely if they weren't important enough.

This establishment was owned on paper by the "Rosen Family trust".

3 establishments with three different owners. Three different circumstances. Which was the most interesting? Sliucha would have to decide.

Courtesans were harder to capture in ink and quill. Where scribes had not found them in accounting perhaps they could be found in other ways?

Sliucha Sindosa September 10, 2019 04:16 PM

Sliucha was no stranger to book-keeping, even if she really wasn't any good at it. It was something that had been picked up out of necessity, and while these days she could get away with pushing most of that work onto the army of clerks that kept the province running, it hadn't always been that easy. There had been a time when she had been but a humble owner of a single business - and before being the governor, she had been but the Aedile. None of that necessarily made any of this easier, of course, Sliucha just didn't have the sort of temperament where she might have found this fun at all.

Maybe if she were still a Zyrgran, she could count it as self-inflicted torture and find some solace in that. But she was an Alithean now, and this was definitely not fun at all. Boring! Tedious! But luckily for her, something that had picked up in those years were ways to make things easier on herself.

For instance, her dracon provided an excellent stress reliever, although they did have to make sure to try not to get any of the pages sticky. And there were a few clerks who could be trusted to be discreet in the matter, administrative assistants and the like who had been inducted into the same dark fold, who were keenly aware that despite the corruption present in the highest provincial office? That the mark of Alitheanism was not meant to be a public one, and could be trusted not to discuss the matter. What happened at the workplace was meant to stay in the workplace, you know?

Not to mention, they could also serve as wonderful distractions, too. It was any wonder that they got the work done at all, with all of the giggling and smooching and other such degeneracy that occurred in the governor's office. Somehow they managed, although Sliucha hadn't exactly been in any rush, either.

In any case, she sifted through the results obtained. Why not start with Club Velvet? Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, choose one at random. She didn't think it particularly mattered all that much which one she started with.

Sliucha did want the investigation to continue onward, however. Official documents, records, and paperwork only went so far. She'd see about starting inquests into the less "official" businesses that populated Ziel Aerca. She had her contacts and allies in the criminal world - she'd send some inquiries their way. The Miu Street Boys, for instance, had been longtime business partners in the narcotics trade. They might have word from the streets on some places that were a little more dubious, perhaps advertised through word of mouth.

All of that could run in the background for now. In the meantime, Sliucha had some places to visit. And by 'Sliucha,' of course, one meant one of her various guises. The governor was beginning to learn to distance her public 'governor' persona from the hedonistic Aeternian activities she had on the side. Phoebe was already one persona she had created in that regard to play the role of the Alithean High Priestess, Sinope the new general manager of the Swirling Lotus Gardens. These were individuals who were definitely not Sliucha, the governor of Moonstone, because 'Sliucha' was definitely a hedonist but not in the illegal Aeternian sort of way, and these people who were doing these things were completely different and not at all the same person.

Shapeshifting. Useful power.

So it would be that Priene got herself all dressed up for a visit to Club Velvet. She was an Esh'lahier woman, possessing a taller than usual build for an elf, although retaining the usual willowy grace. The finery of her clothing suggested some amount of wealth behind her, although not to an eye-popping extent. A successful merchant, a minor noble - or perhaps the partner of one. Enough to get a bit of attention, but not too much.

And, so, time to go! Arrival by carriage, and soon enough, Priene was pushing open the doors to the club. How was business today?

Argon Shatterskin September 13, 2019 05:35 AM

From Sliucha's bag of tricks out came the persona Priene out to play. Esh'lahier were broadly far more welcome out in Ziel Arca than many other places in the empire. They were completely welcome at the White Fire Club which made welcome anyone that played by the fairly small portion of rules and decorum.

How was business today? Well Prienne didn't"t even have to make it to the door to know that today's business was doing mighty fine.

Approaching the front door it was clear that the interim management had kept the place up to speed. As Priene approached she could see the building had upon it fresh coats of paint with the restaurant's name clearly emblazoned upon a polished sign above the door sheltered by red awnings.

The empire may overall be suffering economic woes and enemies hammering away at the edges but with all that misfortune there grew increasing demand for distraction..

This presented the first obstacle. The two guards, large and indomitable with an impressive muscle sheen, stood by the doorway keeping the members of the public at bay. The establishment was, of course, at least partly a restaurant and some of the appetites of the clients lay with the stomach as much as the loin. Impressively being seen at this establishment was not causing those seen waiting any consternation. Indeed from the banter of the customers waiting they openly expressed excitement to see the various acts and stageshows that had apparently been organised. From a bill upon the post, well written in flowing eloquent calligraphy and expensive inks, there was even a stageshows tonight. The main name? It was the illustrious and brutal beauty Angelica. Indeed priene overheard a gentlan of sorts utter her name. He was sporting a scar upon his face that spoke perhaps of a very personal experience with a sharp blade in the past. At the same time, unlike a brute who may normally have been expected to be sporting scars, the man was dressed in finery which implied he belonged to a wealthy family. Sliucha beneath the guise of Priene could not place this man among the important families of note so whoever he was he either was a new player on the scene or kept so far away from the main family so as not to attract the stink of impurity.

With a head completely shaved and sparkly eyes of adventure the daring man appeared to have gained muscle and a belly in equal measure but who could he be? The silk clothing and style suggested he were a client of one of Sliucha's many holdings about the city but none had reported anything of note. A mystery.

With swords and truncheons ready at the hip none of those in the queue had convinced the guards to let them through. Only when others left the building did they let the same amount enter, keeping track of the larger groups and making sure all in all that the flow of customers were steady but not enough to ruin the experience therein.

How much Sliucha's efforts in Ziel Arca had altered the population's whims towards hedonism and how much were merely their own whims was hard to say. In the moment it didn't matter as right now Priene the Esh'lahier, ready willing and able, needed a way past the guard.

Appearances were always half the battle. Many in the queue were sharply dressed and wealthy in their own right. Some did not. Prienne was among those who showed money enough to party and Prienne had been given a surreptitious look over by the guard upon her arrival...

Sliucha Sindosa September 14, 2019 12:31 AM

Club Velvet really was doing quite well for itself, it seemed. This Sharlyn de Foe woman, she seemed like a good person to know. It was always wise to have competent individuals in one's list of contacts.

Anyway! The club really did seem to be a little too popular for it's own good, and Priene couldn't just waltz in, alas. Perhaps it would be one thing if Sliucha were here, because who was going to be silly enough to turn away the governor? That was just a recipe for disaster. Poor little Priene wasn't nearly as prestigious and reputable, however. There wasn't necessarily a problem with waiting, of course, there was nothing wrong with being polite! But at the same time, just standing in line was sort of boring.

In any case, there were all sorts of people gathered here. Might any of them be able to help her in? Wandering eyes suggested... no, probably not. The guards had been rather diligent in their duties of maintaining the queue, and Priene didn't see anybody who seemed like they were quite important enough to be able to push their way through. Oh, sure, there were some rather interesting looking people gathered, some she didn't recognize, but if none of them seemed to be able to help her, she wouldn't pay them any heed.

Priene was here to party, after all, and her priority was getting into the club. Now, then, let's see. One of the guards was eyeing her up. Hello~! She offered him a bit of a coy wink in return, and a brief wave of the fingers. Perhaps the guard would be open to be a bit of persuasion...? Tactical folding of arms beneath the bosom, push them up a little, smile a pretty smile, and approach the man.

"Excuse me, sir, is this the line for Club Velvet?" she asked, slightly cocking her head to the side. Lean in, ever so slightly, really show off those assets. Not that an elf necessarily had all that much, but at the end of the day, bare flesh was bare flesh. "I've never seen it so busy before! How long do you think the wait will be?"

Argon Shatterskin September 16, 2019 04:52 AM

Prienne, or Sliucha under any guise, was a difficult person to ignore and having met the guard's gaze with a wink she could see the guard hurriedly avert the gaze while pretending to be solely and exclusively looking out for would be intruders or pushers in.

That Prienne fully intended to leverage her assets to accomplish this task was beside the point.

And then it begun. Sliucha entreated the guard in an attempt of innocent banter wrapped up with suggestive undertones. To his credit the guard, muscle and sheen, wore a mask of professionalism that looked as impervious as a steal shield but the response seed a little slow. Either the guard was dense or something else..

"Aye this is the Club Velvet" the guard said in a voice entirely polite and courteous "Big show on tonight. Wait time will depend on whether or not you have a VIP ticket"

The guard indicated a table set just inside where, behind a corner, a clerk was visible only now that Prienne had made her way forwards to accost the guard.

Several others in the queue begun to eye Prienne and she started her innocent little game at the front. The other guard, mindful that a scene could easily develop, chimed in with a voice that was firm, like the chiselled biceps on display.

"Present your ticket for inspection or had to the end of the queue Ma'am" the guard said if only to appease an impatient crowd.

So what was this VIP ticket? The ticket price listed on the door was certainly a high figure. It implied a very special clientele and a high price. Standard entry was a mere 20 crowns. Hard working middle class people could easily afford the standard ticket but the VIP at 500 crowns? It was out of reach of most but either the most keen or the well to do.

Of course the guard had not said mentioned the purchase of a ticket. They had referenced only that Prienne should present a ticket implying this had all been organised in advance. Yet surely such a thing would not have escaped Sliucha's or any other alias's attention if it had been advertised beforehand. A mystery, surely, but the White Fire Club had presented itself in the moment as being a very successful club with people, despite any reputation for lewdness, willing to be seen waiting in public.

It was then that the man that caught Prienne's eye piped up again, scar and all, "oi mates!" the man said with the look and gleam of someone believing themselves to have swagger "Surely you can't be thinking of letting this little Eshi through?*

It could have been racism against dark elves yet the lack of any unpleasant aggression in the tone indicate something else. The guards did not bother with a response to the jibe.

"and, excuse me miss, did I hear you don't know this club?" the man said apparently bored enough to poke fun "Excuse my saying so but you look rather too beautiful to not be accompanied by a person your equal"

A smile that could be considered charming pressed against his face. While he wasn't the look of perfect muscle tone that the guards had and his face bore a scar it wasn't precisely ugly. It just was, frankly, just another human face in a crowd albeit one that looked more pleasant now it spotted a smile.

Sliucha Sindosa September 23, 2019 07:10 PM

On the one hand, perhaps the scarred man really could be Priene's ticket inside the club. On the other hand, that'd just make it extremely obvious that the Esh'lahier had been engaging the guard solely for the purpose of seeking entry - and isn't that what everybody wanted to think? Alas, the shadow elf was one for defying expectations.

"If you were just a little earlier I might have taken you up on that offer," Priene noted, smiling back at the man, but fully focusing her attention on the guard from before. Could she wrap her arms against one of those nice chiseled biceps, hm? "I came to the club to have some ~fun~, though, and I've already found it."

That was Priene, then. The persona that had been crafted was the wife whose husband didn't pay her enough attention, and so she went a-wandering to have fun on her own. The club was merely a means to an end, and if she could snag somebody without going inside, then all's well that ends well!

On a higher level? Getting 'friendly' with the guard could help her gather information on the club.

So, it wasn't as if she were full-on rejecting the scarred man, either. It was just that the guard had already grabbed her attention, and Priene wasn't one to flit about. She was committed to getting her fun, one way or another!

"When's your shift over?" she asked of the guard, cuddling up against him, giggling like the vapid little woman she was. "They're not going to make you stand out here all night, are they?"

Argon Shatterskin September 26, 2019 07:45 PM

Was the man dejected by the rejection? Well apparently not

"Well far enough then beautiful lady" the man said offering a small bowl "but you are passing up a great deal of fun"

The man backed back into the line more fully for now and instead seemed to watch exactly what Priene did with the guard with a glint of amusement in his eye. Amusement or something else? His cologne was mixed with the scent of someone that had front-loaded their night with something to drink at a previous locale

The guard remained a tough audience. Were Priene the first to try and flirt their way through the front door? No. No she wasn't. However the exact mix of professionalism and courtesy required for this unique role warranted the guard still respond.

"My lady, night's young and shift began just a candlemarks ago" the man said with a voice mixed between a military man's stiffness and a businessman's charm [color]"you are here to gain entry? If you have the VIP ticket you need only show it."[/color]

The guard gave the woman another once over trying to look professional as he did so. Prienne was close enough to smell the cologne of the guard, a sort of mint and leathery undertone which mixed with the light scent underneath of the man himself. The guard was also, of course, close enough to smell Prienne and all she had worn as well. Notably the guard didn't immediately push Prienne away but after a moment gently placed her down next to her and offered a small smile

"Care to show me that VIP ticket?" the guard said still a mix of professionalism as mentioned previously.

But of course as Prienne had advised she had already found her fun it was also true that the show had already begun as well. The establishment whose reputation had preceded it did not rely upon any old muscle to do the job. These door monkeys were trained.

Sliucha Sindosa September 26, 2019 10:43 PM


"I'm not interested in the show," she noted with a wave of her hand. VIP ticket, whatever! And he hadn't even answered her question about when his shift was over or anything! So rude.

Perhaps she should have gone with some perfume, something a little charming - one of her alchemical concoctions that made it difficult to focus on anything that wasn't her, or perhaps one of the ones that made these kinds of conversations a little easier to go her way. She hadn't been sure if that would be a little too heavy-handed, though, whether or not she wanted to attract too much attention. This was fun in its own way, after all.

As it was, she simply smelled delightfully of apples.

"I'll be back for you then~," she chirped, not at all letting the matter of the show or the VIP ticket or anything dissuade her. For Priene, she'd found her mark, and that mark hadn't rejected her. Good enough for her! And there was no rush when it came to this club or anything.

When might the guard's shift end? It might be a while. And so the man was blown a kiss as Priene went off to kill some time. A bit of a stroll through the nearby neighborhood, just having herself a nice walk. Perhaps a bit of window shopping if the nearby area allowed for it. Every so often she'd circle back and observe the club from afar, to gauge how things were going - and keep an eye on the guards, of course. Couldn't let her prize get away!

Argon Shatterskin October 2, 2019 05:01 AM

The bouncer wasn't so disciplined as not to be completely immune to Prienne's pout but afterwards did not react overtly toward Prienne's promises of her eventual return.

The area surrounding the club itself was not dead. Other venues offering a decent steak to other enticements of the flesh abounded here and the odd person flaunting their wares on the street with many leaving little for the imagination. If corruption were something the champion of Sliucha were looking to increase then this street were not necessarily the best place given the saturation of guilty pleasures already on display. The only really question that mattered was to which Gods did these ladies and gents of the might serve?

Most people kept to themselves on the walk save those who were working. Prienne was made many offers along the way despite being a woman. She was alone and had the appears of a paying customer. Whether earned or not Esh'lahier elves were also known for their proclivities and this made Prienne a mark as much as any man that may prowl these streets looking for fun

"hey there stranger, looking for some puddin'"" said a street Walker, made up with a pretty face, a healthy overhang of bust over clothing a size too small and low cut, smelling strongly of peaches[color]"Taste my fresh delights and I know you'll keep coming back"[/color]

The lady of the night leant down low to demonstrate the. Goods for sale and blew Prienne a kiss looking to get her attention.

Throughout her stroll it was much the same. Working women, men, and otherwise mainly types of human, dwarf or elf (but the odd minority did still represent!) tried their luck. None mentioned prices in their advertising pickup lines.

Checking back on the venue as the night progressed the queue shrank gradually and disappeared. New faces were in the queue every time and Prienne had the luck to be present just as a large crowd came out of the venue.

The clientele were very much alike to Prienne herself. Most were wealthy, but not appearing to be excessively so. She would notice among them sons and daughters of prominent people that had come out to play.

Among them was the bald man that had attempted to grab Sliucha's attention before sporting a huge grin and lipstick kisses planted all over the face and another was clearly a member of the Giordano family with prominent features that immistakably marked them as such. Perhaps a fashion Faux pas, the man was wearing oils to speak back the hair and a heavy black eyed leather jacket it was not like anyone else in the locale and yet he seemed entirely confident in this getup as he picked his teeth with a wooden toothpick and surveyed the crowd with the confidence that usually bespoke of hubris among young men.

He had with him several friends with one of which talking and laughing with the bald man from before. Prienne had not come in time to catch the conversation but it mattered not for her mark was still guarding the door as the venue was vacated by many of those which had been inside. Perhaps closing time was soon?

Sliucha Sindosa October 6, 2019 11:39 AM

Prienne paid scant attention to the people in the area. A full-fledged brothel was one thing, but trying to track down each and every streetwalker and their pimp in an attempt to proselytize was just a little too tedious. Perhaps there would be time for such minnows once all of the bigger fish had already been gobbled up.

It was tempting to buy herself some peaches while she was here. Prienne was just a little too infatuated with her handsome little door guard, though, and so she brushed the woman off for now, although not without the promise that "some other time" might be doable. Prienne was as much a fan of peaches and honey as she was sausages, after all. But tonight she had a craving for meat, alas.

And so she bought herself a steak, and it was pretty decent. In general, spending a bit of time wandering was more than entertaining enough to pass the time. Even if she didn't partake, there was plenty of eyecandy all around.

She continued to swing by the club every now and again. It seemed to have a rather prestigious set of clientele - something to certainly take note of. Beyond that? A criminal element to it as well, potentially. Maybe that wasn't necessarily the case, and the location simply grandiose enough to be able to attract all sorts. Still, if a Giordano could feel so comfortable in the midst of all that, one could be forgiven for assuming that the club was affiliated in some way.

Anyway! Prienne hung back for a while to allow the crowds to disperse, before happily bounding back up again, waving ever so fondly at her guard "friend." "Long night?" she asked, ever sweet and saccharine. "Nobody's given you any trouble, have they?"

Argon Shatterskin October 15, 2019 07:56 PM

As the night spot quieted down there was still the odd person gaining entry. The guard gave each person only a cursory glance. It appeared that the centre would function all night but less effort was being made to stop clients from going in. The guard seemed almost redundant in the moment as it seemed the crowd at this night self-selected whether they should go in.

This gave the guard far less reason to ignore Prienne as she started hew next Avenue of attack.

"No trouble" the guard said finally giving Prienne more attention. "Just a persistent Esh'lahier"

Was the guard flirting? He spoke with such a flat neutral tone it was hard to discern the meaning of the words between interest or statement of fact. Was it deliberate or just the way the human of middle-aelyria spoke?

"the shift is almost over." the man said with a simple smile and softer brown eyes that regarded the faintesly apple scented woman before him now with more kindness "almost time to go home to the wife and the reason why long nights are all worthwhile"there it was. That dopey unmistakeable look of someone speaking of love. That emotion, considered insipid by some and a higher ideal by others, that remained the sphere of Alithia's despised twin sister.

Here it presented an obstacle to Prienne's machinations. Could she overcome the power of love?

Sliucha Sindosa October 18, 2019 01:29 AM

Well, at least Prienne wasn't being regarded as trouble.

That being said, it did seem like she was being rejected. Alas! But of all the reasons to be rejected, this was probably one of the better ones. And Prienne, at least, was one to take it in stride, to understand and not take any particular offense. Perhaps it would have been better to have been informed beforehand - but then again, perhaps the guard didn't want to miss out on the experience of being wanted, even if he wasn't available. Who knew?

"Ahhhh, and I'm sure she's missed you all the same," Prienne noted, taking her defeat gracefully, flashing the guard a knowing smile all the same. "I will admit my envy!"

No need to defeat the power of love. That wasn't what Prienne was here for, anyway.

"Is there anything still interesting left in there for tonight, then?" Prienne asked, glancing over towards the club itself. "Or, perhaps, I really will have to look into this VIP ticket for next time. With so many people wanting to get in, surely it must be worth it?"

Argon Shatterskin October 22, 2019 04:44 AM

The guard blushed at the blantant compliments showered upon him by Prienne. Her charm offensive had had a casualty even if the result was not necessarily fully intended.

"oh yes," the guard said using the direct question as a way to claw back from being made red "The lovely piratess courtesan is still inside ready to make friendly with the patrons willing to pay to play"

The guard had not forgotten himself but the hesitation in the wording was followed up with a hint of new information

"and for those who may sway her senses for the night there be a chance to win the night with her." the guard said "she only shares her bounty with the right patron whom she is due is worthy of her prize... Or so she says"

The man's voice was clear and while respectful betrayed a further affection. In love or not, the guilded tone of affection could not be mistaken.

"it's not too late to play" the guard mentioned gesturing toward the ticket booth "if you ant a VIP ticket it can be arranged for 150, crowns."

Behind the guard the poster clearly remarked a price of 220 crowns for a VIP ticket.

Sliucha Sindosa October 25, 2019 01:04 AM

A piratess courtesan, was it? That certainly sounded unique - not to mention exciting! And of course, the guard provided even more of a hook for dear Prienne, who would otherwise have been a castaway, aimlessly searching. Now, it seemed, she had something of a target. But first, of course, she needed to actually get into the club.

"I assume only those with the VIP ticket actually get to meet with her?" Prienne asked, inclining her head towards the club once more. There was still the standard entry, after all. Initially it had seemed as if the VIP ticket was for fast-tracking one into the club, but it wasn't too surprising that it might be more than that.

In any case, what point was there in being stingy? Prienne had the means. It was important to make a good first impression. She flashed the guard a smile, giving him a wink. "I'll pay the proper price. Don't want you getting in trouble." Who knew how tight-assed the club accountant might be, wondering why there was a discrepancy in the funds? Prienne couldn't nab the guard for herself, but as far as she was concerned, they were both friends now, and friends didn't get friends in trouble. No, the elf would dole out the full 220 crowns for the VIP ticket as necessary.

With this, then, was she free to proceed?

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