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[ToSD] Tossing, turning, I run through your mind [Links]

Winter, Era XXVI Post Fractum

Faelaoilin had been among the first dark elves that Sliucha had liberated and recruited to the cause of the Temple of Sinful Delights. She had been a member of the first batch - the survivors of the Temple of Carnal Love who had been sold off as slaves - and while she hadn't been a member of the clergy like Dynne had been, she was still a devout Alithean. One that had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. She'd been far more lucky when Sliucha had shown up at the right place at the right time before Faelaoilin had been sold off to parts and owners unknown. In the midst of the restructuring of the Temple hierarchy, once things had gotten a little more official, the dark elf had wound up in the position of Keeper of the Beasts, responsible for watching over, maintaining, and expanding the various bestial cadres under the Temple's authority.

Faelaoilin collaborated with the feral shaman, Amber, and the pack that the feral shaman ran with. She also worked with the Carmelyans on the herd of horses that was being prepared for Moonstone's fledgling courier service - at least, that was the stated reason for them being kept around. When it came to what she directly worked with, however, Faelaoilin was responsible for the group of Arium Crawlers that inhabited the woods to the north, as well as the warhound watchdogs that the Temple employed. It would be in regards to the latter two that Faelaoilin would be checking up with the dark elf today about.

Except it wasn't technically 'Sliucha' doing the checking up. With the Temple having reached a certain level of maturity, Sliucha had decided that it probably wasn't too wise to continue being 'herself.' The fact that she could now shift her form certainly made this easier. And so, the policy had come down from on high, and all the important people now knew about it.

Their boss was Matriarch Phoebe now. She was a tall, slender, curvaceous Vysstichi, of mysterious past and origins unknown. The purple eyes had changed to red, the fox ears had reverted to their original elven form, and the tails were hidden away - but Phoebe did have tails. These ones were artificial, however, plugged in. There were still three of them, and if anybody asked, it symbolized their relationship with their specific patron under Alithea. Did that make the hole inaccessible? Yes, at times. But one could say they were merely... making room for Alithea.

So it was that Phoebe strutted down a hallway of the Temple towards the kennels where the warhounds were kept, allowed to rest and relax when they weren't out on the job. She had arranged to meet with Faelaoilin there, for an update on how the various bestial programs were doing. Among other things.
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