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[ZA] The Do Drop Inn (Open, social)

Spring, Era XXV

Tucked away in an out of the way corner down a muddy street in the Malian Kame district of Ziel Aerca was a small open concept wooden hovel that had recently taken on a new tenant. The hovel was not much to look at, plain wood on the outside with a rickety door and a couple cut out windows with dark coverings. Inside was not much better; a dirt floor was swept to make it somewhat presentable. In the back corner, a bed roll was tucked out of the way through the day. What took the main focus was a rather overly large table for such a home and four chairs that sat around it. Center of the table were a couple casks and numerous wooden mugs set upside down to keep the dust out of them. Behind the chair at the head of the table was one other item of note. A rather hefty looking war hammer sat leaning against the wall, the haft easily six feet and the head weighing in at twenty pounds. A deterrent for those who possibly over stayed their welcome.

Recently rumours and gossip had spread through this area of the city. The new tenant was a novice brewer, one who was diligently trying to improve his trade. His hovel was generally open for any to stop in for a friendly drink, so long at those stopping in did not mind sampling his recent concoction. The bear of a bartender was always looking for outside insight on how to improve his trade and work towards bettering the drink he could offer.

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Now this was her kind of place! The Malian Kame District was full of criminals and low-down fools without a place to call her own. With that being the case, she stood out quite a bit for she strolled through clothed in a vivid flame-colored attire that revealed her abdomen and slender, olive-skinned arms. There were makeshift copper coins jingling with each step from her ankles and the ribbon belt wrapped around her waist while other vivid colored ribbons were tied along both wrists to offer up a bit of color there as well. The only area of true 'darkness' was the raven-locks that flowed effortlessly with the breeze as she swayed through the muddy streets. Careful, of course, not to step in any of the puddles. She couldn't afford to look any less than absolute perfection, after all! Rumor had it that a new brewer had taken up residence within the area so she thought it to be a good opportunity for a potential partnership.

The bartender would likely need a bit of entertainment to get business buzzing, after all.

It took a bit due to the delay in dodging obstacles, but soon enough she found herself at the Do Drop Inn. An interesting and clever title, she supposed, for someone that was just starting out and the building itself appeared to be in decent shape. After taking a moment to straighten everything out from the windy journey, she turned the doorknob and stepped in. Her emerald gaze made quick work of the decor as each step was slow and precise - as if lingering toward the entrance should she decide to go elsewhere. Hmm. Cute. Plenty of room. Could do for a bit of decoration, but there was a chance that she could help out. She settled down into one of the chairs, crossing one leg over the other. Any type of host would come and greet their guest, offering up a beverage and perhaps a bite to eat as well.

Time for a bit of a test to ensure that she was making the right kind of partnership.
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Liam Cathar is unknown and forgotten
It certainly was not difficult to find the bartender. While the Do Drop Inn was open to guests, the bear of a man was usually found at the head of his large table. Sampling his own supply and muttering to himself under his breath about how he might improve his wares. This was precisely how Aedaan found the man as she took a seat at the table.

Slightly more delayed than aught be, Liam looked up from the contents of his mug he was swishing around and almost fell out of his chair. Not only had he missed the fact he had a guest, but could a woman of such appearance truly be considered a guest of his humble establishment? Surely she was lost, or perhaps hiding from thugs.

“Apologies milady, I was lost in thought. Welcome to the Do Drop Inn, I am Liam, the new brewer in town. “ At this point, the brewer hesitated. He was about to question her reason for being there, but perhaps he should seize this chance. The lady seemed a much higher class of citizen than those that usually frequented his doorstep. If he were to make a good impression here, perhaps it could open up new opportunities. “Would you care for a drink? I have a couple of my own ales here. An easy drinking barley ale, or a bitter rye ale that has a bit more kick to it.”

Liam had regained his composure somewhat and settled back into his seat. As far as making a good impression as a host, his mannerisms and actions would soon show that guests were typically treated as drinking buddies and not customers. He did however slide a wooden bowl of mixed nuts out from behind the casks on the table to where both he and his lovely guest could reach.
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