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[Ziel Aerca] Interesting New Friends (Lilethys)

Mid-Spring Era XXV

Ziel Aerca was a frequent visit for the Broken King and her crew. Even as they were getting further into the business of battle at sea, and plundering wealthy merchant ships, sometimes the booty wasn't enough to fill their coffers. And so, they would have to resort to smuggling illicit goods across the empire until they could outfit the Broken King better for battle. A couple more cannons would be just lovely.

So for now, Seph found himself in a seedy old tavern waiting for the hookup for this shipment of--what was it?--Seph pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. A couple loads of kero and qaifa. Seph stuffed the paper back into his pocket and looked around the tavern. The semi-familiar contact was nowhere to be found. He sighed, knowing this was par for the course. These drug dealers were never on time. So hard to find punctual criminals.

He would have to find a way to entertain himself while he waited. Another scan of the tavern's population, this time looking for someone--anyone--that could help him pass the time. As always in ZA, the room was full of dark elves and orcs, individuals that a younger Seph would be appalled to ever be seen near. But current Seph, one could say older and wiser Seph, felt right at home with this low-born filth.

One dark elf in particular caught his eye. Before making his way over, the Quel made a pit stop at the bar ordering two large flagons of ale for himself and his soon to be new acquaintance. He quickly made his way over to her, placing the flagons onto the table. "'Ello, there! Name's Seph." Seph brashly gave a half bow to the young elfess and sat on the chair next to her. "Those have got to come with a story, now don't they?" He leaned over and gestured to the elfess's lower half, sporting two furry hooves.
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Leaving home was always hard and a lengthy process. Lots of kissing and assurance followed by her husband ending up having to try and distract their daughter so that the elfess could actually take her leave. After what happened last time, however, they were all having a bit of separation anxiety. Nearly losing one's life in a hunting expedition did that to people.

It took a few candlemarks, but the elfess soon found among the crowded streets of Ziel Aerca. Cloaked and hidden from the gazes that were certainly finding their way around, she shuffled through casually in search of the nearest tavern. Everyone wanted to stare and look at the oddity. Some even had the courage to ask in which she would provide some bull story to quench their curiosity so that they could bugger off. It wasn't that she was ashamed, they were a sign of her survival and strength.

It just annoyed her that people stared at her as if she were any different from the rest. The world in which they lived in were full of fethers, something that she made certain her daughter knew and understood for it didn't mean a thing. Her whole family was 'different' by onlookers, yet they were strong and closely knit. Anyone who tried to bully the horned child, she was told, were just people wanting attention and to ignore them. That was exactly what she did as she entered through the doors of a nearby bar.

It ended up working out great for Joel, the bartender, was one of her main leads when it came to contracts. The two shared in some casual conversation while he poured her the usual. Things had gone well thus far, but alas - the question had to find its way in to try and ruin her brightening.

Vivid white eyes turned to meet the Quel elf who had addressed her, allowing all other features to remain hidden behind her cloak other than a grin. "Lily. A pleasure to meet you, Seph." She returned his attempt at a bow with one of her own before gesturing to her tankard. "If you pay for the next round, I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

Might as well try and make the most out of things.
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