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Links Kha'Serith June 9, 2018 08:10 PM

[ZA] Resumes are Overrated (Sliucha)
Mid Summer Era XXV

Links Kha'Serith entered the building. He was looking for the governor. She was looking for able bodied people to help run and maintain the province. He was able bodied. He had worked with her before. It seemed like the perfect fit. First, the dracon just needed to meet with the fox elf and talk it over with her.

Links asked the receptionist. Could he see the governor? Was she available?

Sliucha Sindosa June 9, 2018 08:50 PM


And then he was meeting with the governor.

"Hey! Haven't seen you in a while. How can I help you?" The two of them sat on opposite sides of a mostly empty table, as it seemed for once either the governor had already finished most of her work, or simply didn't have any.

Links Kha'Serith June 14, 2018 10:28 PM

"I went back home to Trysvale for a bit." Links offered as an explanation. "Kind of a long way to travel, even while flying."

The dracon sat across the table from the elf. He wasn't quite sure how to start. He knew what he was here for. He knew what he wanted. He had rehearsed this meeting multiple times in his head. So why now, in the moment of truth, was he speechless? His talons tapped across the tabletop as he sorted out the words. He swallowed. Might was well just dive right into it. What was the worst she would do? Say no?

"I need a favor. No that's not exactly right. I mean, I do need a favor, but I'm willing to pay it off. Like last time. You know. I'm babbling." Links held up a finger as he took a deep breath and started over. "I want to leave Trysvale and move someplace else. I want some land, a place to raise my family. And I want a slightly more notable position within the city besides gate guard. I've heard rumors, notable rumors, around town that you're looking for people to help govern the province. I'm certainly not any kind of politician, but I think I can do some good if given the right task. I don't know the ins and outs of the city and all its issues. But I'm sure you do. I'll let you decide where I'm best needed."

Links shrugged then held out a hand as if offering a deal as piece of cake "So what do you say? Do you think we could work something out? I get a place to live and you get to use me as a pawn?" It seemed like a very one sided offer, because it probably was. But if you wanted to get something in the city of benevolence, you had to be willing to give too.

Sliucha Sindosa June 15, 2018 02:43 AM


Well, sure! It was just a bit of a surprise considering what the dracon had come to her for last time, but Sliucha figured it made sense. After all, beyond that, Links had done quite an admirable job in gallivanting around the countryside, assisting the province. She'd gotten the reports back in regards to the bandits in the south, as well as escorting supplies to the highway construction project to the north. Truth be told, though, it was his attitude that was really in the right place: whatever he might do, whatever he might be able to do, whatever he had done, he had ambition.

There had been a time when Sliucha had been quite critical of the hiring policies that Shei'yein had, in regards to more or less hiring anybody who had come along. For goodness sake, he'd hired her, after all. Now that she was in a similar position, though, she much better understood where he was coming from. If they ever met again, she'd have to apologize.

"I'd be more interested in using you as a sex toy." Crass, but Sliucha offered a smile in hopes of lightening the mood a little. The dracon seemed so serious about this! She leaned forward, clasping the offered hand and shaking it. It wasn't exactly what Links had been going for, but that was how Sliucha was going to interpret things.

"You're right. I'm looking for people to help administrate the land. One person can only do it so efficiently, after all. Eventually, you need to delegate." There was just so much land! By this point she had released his hand. "That being said, I think I might have something else in mind for you, given your pedigree." She could have thrown Links at the issue to see how he might tackle it, but she had another project in mind that she felt his experience was better tailored for.

"I'll get to the point: I'd like you to head an order of knights here." Or something along that nature, anyway. "I talk a lot about how we're very tolerant of things here, but with more and more people coming in, it gets harder to maintain that. So I need people in high-visibility positions. I need dracons and dark elves and orcs who can be good people, do good things." The more good deeds Links and his knights did, well, hopefully the better dracons might be looked upon, for instance? Not to mention, it might even improve the morale of the local dracon communities?

"What do you think? Some funding to get you started, maybe a bit of land to start housing your order, some sort of title? I'm willing to invest in you - it's up to you to figure out where it goes from there."

Links Kha'Serith June 16, 2018 12:51 AM

Sliucha needed to be there to see the dracon's face. Oh, she was. Perfect. It was the perfect incarnation of complete shock and bewilderment. He stared at her with mouth agape for a moment, until he saw the smile and realized that it was a joke... probably. But the intended message was understood. Links chuckled as he visibly relaxed. There was no need to be overly serious, especially with Sliucha. He didn't need to worry about impressing her. She had seen him at his lowest point already, and had graciously fixed that. He didn't have anything to hide from her. Not really.

Although, Links would be lying if he didn't admit to himself that the thought of being the governor's sex toy didn't hold a certain appeal, under the right circumstances. But he didn't mention that. "A sex toy huh? Well... not quite what I had in mind, but if that's what you think is best..." He offered her a simple shrug. Obviously she was joking about that. Obviously.

The dracon listened to her actual proposal with interest. He? The head of an order of knights? With the main purpose of improving relations between dracons, and the other dark races, with the rest of the population? It seemed like a tall order. Especially since it was so sudden. Could he really handle something like that? Would he be successful?

Links shook his head and his doubts before looking Sliucha in the eyes. A smile crossed his face as he gave her a curt nod. "Yes. I'll do it. It's a little sudden. A little fast. I'm not sure what I would do with something like that, but yes. I'll need some time to focus my ideas and such, obviously, but I'll do it."

It all seemed so easy. But then again, the fox elf seemed like a very easy going person. AS long as she saw something she liked, and could get what she wanted, she would be your friend. Links could also be considered easy going. It was part of the reason why he ended up with so many mistresses. But that was for another issue.

Sliucha Sindosa June 16, 2018 03:25 AM

Ha! That had been fast. But then again, it was debatable as to whether or not the dracon really had much choice in the matter, if this was the assignment that Sliucha had decided to give him.

"Well, there's no rush or anything. If you need some time to mull things over and process, feel free," Sliucha noted. "This is just an offer after all. There's no need to accept right away."

Better to let him think things through if he needed rather than have him rush headlong in and then regret it later.

Links Kha'Serith June 18, 2018 10:33 PM

The dracon shook his head. No, this sounded just like the thing he was perfect for. He would certainly need some time to come up with all the details and such. Name. Crest. Creed. Organization. That kind of thing. But he loved the idea. It was perfect for him.

"No. I accept it. I can't think of a better position for me. Being a public figure, especially like that, will certainly be new, but I'm sure I can handle it. Anything to help dracons. And if it helps you and the city, so much the better." It was a win win for everybody involved. At least at the moment it did. Problems and troubles would crop up later, of course they would. He and Sliucha could solve them when they arose.

There were a few questions Links wanted to ask. Some concerning the job and others of a more personal matter. He's start with the job relevant stuff first.

"So when you say investment, what level of investment are you talking about? Is that purely financial? Do you have any personnel to help me get started or am I starting with nothing? And what other specific goals did you have in mind for this order? Besides those you mentioned earlier. Special task forces?" The scope of the project was fairly vast. Links was searching for the boundary of what Sliucha expected. Then he could form some ideas.

Then on to the more personal questions. The dracon stood up and lifted up his shirt, revealing the black tattoo under his navel. "Do you have any idea what this might be? It just appeared one day after I finished a task for my mother-in-law. I'm not sure why, or how, but I think it is affecting my sex life, and not in a good way. At first I didn't think anything about it. I was just so excited to have some junk again. But then I noticed that whomever I slept with wasn't really satisfied in the end. I wasn't sure but I thought maybe you might have some insight into this?"

Sliucha Sindosa June 18, 2018 11:44 PM

Links was asking all the right questions. How did Sliucha know? Because they were mostly what she was about to explain to him anyway!

"Financial, yes. I'm afraid you'll need to look into personnel on your own." If Sliucha had people in mind, surely she'd have gone to them first in regards to founding this whole thing? "I was just about to mention what exactly the operating parameters for this organization would be, so to speak. Naturally, we need to try and ensure that there's no conflict with local authorities. There are some areas where there might be some overlap in operation, though - I'd prefer you use common sense then, but when in doubt, I'd say defer to the guard where appropriate." Nothing worse than friction among people who really were supposed to be on the same side.

"That being said," Sliucha continued, "the idea for the knights is to help plug the gaps where the official authorities might not have the manpower or the expertise. Special task forces on occasion, where necessary... but not just that. It's like what you did out in the countryside, helping out where needed." It was kind of hard to explain. Being helpful adventurers with a slice of special task forces here and there? Well, the stated goal had been to let Links and his crew be helpful and increase their reputation among the populace, for the most part. It was kind of vague.

"Do we need to hash it out more?" Or did Links have a decent idea of what Sliucha was getting at? More questions from the dracon wouldn't be a problem.

Oh! Tattoo. Kinky. "So... what exactly was this task?" Because there could be a lot of reasons for that thing.

Links Kha'Serith June 19, 2018 06:40 PM

She'd take care of the set up finances. Recruitment was up to him. Sustainment was up to him. And it wouldn't be replacing the local guard, move act as a supplemental group. A group of adventurers out to do good, but contracted and united under a single banner. The concept was vague, but that gave the new order the flexibility to fit into whatever role it needed to be. The main goal was be helpful, boost morale, and gain a good reputation.

Did they need to hash it out more? Links shook his head. He had a decent grasp on the idea. As things came together he would certainly have more specific questions for Sliucha; goals, quotas, stats, reports, but for now he understood what she had in mind.

Now for the origin of the tattoo. "Well... you know how I didn't have anything down there when I first met you? It kind of has to do with that." Links explained that his ex-mother-in-law was some type of minor goddess and had taken his package. Somehow a necromancer cult dedicated to Alithea had entered her realm and stole his junk from her. She then asked him to get it back. He tracked them down and fought them, killing them all and foiling their plan to use his prize in a ritual to attack and violate Olsyrea. After he begrudgingly handed his junk back over to Bellum, the tattoo appeared. And that was about it. "So... any ideas?"

Sliucha Sindosa June 19, 2018 10:19 PM

Sliucha was pretty sure that she knew what was going on here. Still, the truth could be rather awkward. From this close, it was pretty obvious that Alithea had cursed Links - and no wonder, considering he'd apparently broken up one of her cults and such. Boo. It'd likely make things a little weird if Links wound up at odds with her patron deity, though, wouldn't it? Sliucha thought so.

Besides, it sounded like it had only been something he'd done for his mother-in-law, and it didn't seem like Links was too fond of this Bellum person. So chances seemed good that the dracon didn't necessarily have any problems with Alithea herself. Just the wrong person at the wrong time doing the wrong thing. Something like that. So it wasn't too much of a logical leap to figure he probably didn't want to keep the curse and antagonize Alithea further, right?

It made sense that he might want to try and make things up to Alithea, in order to get the curse removed?

"I imagine the goddess whose plans you foiled wasn't very happy about that and cursed you," Sliucha noted rather matter-of-factly. "It's not surprising, based on what it sounds like you did. You must have busted up something special - well, there's your penalty." And it wasn't as if the dracon had even gotten anything out of it, had he? Gosh, this Bellum sure sounded like a bitch.

"I imagine you'd be interested in seeing about getting this curse removed?" Because, you know, curses are bad. "Given a man of your appetites, Alithea really isn't somebody you want mad at you." Maybe Links really might wind up a pawn after all.

Links Kha'Serith June 20, 2018 10:40 PM

Links glanced down at the tattoo, studying it once again. A curse from a goddess? A curse from Alithea? Had his actions really catch her attention? He usually considered himself rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Why would a goddess take notice of him? He really must have ruined something important.

The dracon didn't know much about the Aeternian, besides that her worship seemed centered around the lewd. His only interaction with Alitheans, as far as he knew, had been the cult. And they had been horrible. Had they truly represented the core of Alithea? He didn't know. But if they had, he didn't want that mad at him.

Links only had limited interaction with deities. More so than most people, actually. But if Bellum was any indication, he knew that it was usually a bad thing to be noticed by one. Even worse if it was for something negative. If a goddess was going to be aware of him and his actions, he wanted to be on the "non hostile" list, at least.

The dracon nodded his head at the obvious question. "Of course I would want the curse removed. That's obvious. But what can I do? It's not like we can just talk to her. And even if we could, what good would it do? Bellum was my mother-in-law for eras. I talked with her all the time. Yet that didn't help my case any with her. I still don't have my original junk back. Unless you're some miracle worker, I guess I'm just stuck with this curse."

Links sat down with a sigh, his eyes glued to the broken heart on his stomach. There was nothing he could do. If there was, he would do it, almost without question. His sex life was ruined, once again, by a vengeful goddess. What were the odds.

Sliucha Sindosa June 20, 2018 11:29 PM

Yes, indeed. Good question.

"No, I doubt you could just try and strike up a conversation." If only it could be that easy! "But the gods and goddesses are always watching, always paying attention, in one way or another. Maybe not directly watching over you at all times, but they'll know if you're doing something - either in support of them, or not." Granted, it tended to need to be something a bit beyond the norm to really get any sort of attention. Being pious, praying every day, attending church, a person could do that every day of their life and not get an iota of care from the gods.

"I can... look into it for you," Sliucha noted, steepling her fingers. "I don't like getting too involved in religious affairs, especially ones involving Aeternians," bald-faced lie, "but you're a friend and now a knight of the province, so I feel obligated to try and help. The premise itself is going to be simple enough: you'll need to do something to put you back into her good graces. Or at least, not have her dislike you anymore. Understand what that might entail."

Links Kha'Serith June 21, 2018 12:44 AM

Links nodded. He would be overly grateful to her if she could. "You don't have to. But if it isn't too much to ask, I would appreciate it. I might even take you up on that sex toy option." He gave a small nervous laugh. That was kind of a weird thing to say. Just keeping the mood light.

"So... since I ruined a major ritual for Alithea, I need to do something of equal or greater importance for her in order for her to forget the curse? That makes sense. But I'm still not sure what I could do? I don't know a lot about her, or what she would want." he shrugged again. "I guess the point is moot until we have a better idea of what I might be able to do, whatever that it. But I understand the premise. Whatever the task might be, I'll do it. I can handle it." He set his jaw in a determined face and planted a fist on the table. His confidence and conviction was apparent. "The sooner this curse it gone, the sooner I can thank you properly for all you've done and are doing for me."

Sliucha Sindosa June 21, 2018 12:47 AM

"Mmm." Yes, it would likely need to be something along those lines. Either forming up another ritual for Alithea, or disrupting something similar for a rival. "Either you do something for Her, or you do the same to one of her rivals. Have you ever heard of Olsyrea, the Planetar of Love? Although..."

She stuck her tongue out at him, teasingly. "Maybe pissing off yet another goddess just to try and make up with another one isn't the smartest idea." It sounded like quite the endless loop, honestly.

"Let's table that discussion for now until I can properly look into it, and circle back to the talk about the organization of knights," Sliucha noted. "So, we have our accord, we have our basic understanding of what's going to happen with it? Is there anything else you believe we need to discuss?"

Links Kha'Serith June 21, 2018 07:50 PM

Links laughed and nodded in agreement. Yes. Pissing off one deity to appease another sounded like a horrible idea. He wanted as few goddesses mad at him as possible. He already had a slew of mistresses to deal with. He didn't want to replicate that with goddesses.

That discussion set aside, Links thought about the new order hew as going to head. What did he need from Sliucha? Lots of things, but until they popped up they were hard to predict. What else did he need to get started? Time, and a couple of ideas.

"Perhaps a name. Officially or not, we both know this order of knights is really yours. I'll just be the front man running the thing. Did you have a name in mind? Some symbol or message? If not, I'll think of something. Probably something local and related to Moonstone. Perhaps some kind of legend. Or even a flower. The "Order of the Rose" is common enough. What's a common flower here?"

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