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Sliucha Sindosa September 6, 2015 10:48 PM

[Ziel Aerca] Inimitable Vice [Adynirach]
Losing in the first round of the tournament was not too stinging of a loss. After all, the players had started with nothing, and by being eliminated they had not truly lost anything, either. Victory was as of yet still far away, and they had yet to taste it. But the second round was a bit more of a finicky thing. They had triumphed over those who had been defeated in the first round, and now they truly felt that they had a chance with which to become the final winner of the tournament. Even those at the bottom had a good chance to overcome the disparity in winnings to achieve the ultimate victory. Each round simply brought with it a richer taste of winning, and of course, the winner was the who ultimately got to enjoy that meal in its entirety.

But regardless of what place Adynirach ultimately received within the tournament, he and all others who had proceeded beyond the second round of the tournament would be treated in one way or another by Sliucha. She had been keeping an eye on them while they played from afar, partaking in copious amounts of alcohol, drugs, and particularly prepossessing members of the staff at the establishment where the tournament was taking place. As it was, she'd gotten a bit of an idea as to the sorts of personalities that the various players had. Some of them merely received gift baskets, to help soothe the sting of defeat. Others? Well, others proved to be a bit more interesting.

As it was? Adynirach would be slipped an ornate letter inviting him to an afterparty for the tournament, held at the The Bird's Nest Peninsula Hotel. There'd be plenty of snacks, refreshments... booze. Something to thank him for playing, perhaps.

Adynirach September 7, 2015 09:53 PM

The note had been a curious thing. Had his silent, watchful, somewhat amused manner caught the interest of some hidden party? He held the letter in his hand, skimming the words with a placid but curious expression before deciding that whatever the reasoning, it couldn't exactly be bad. Surely no one here had gotten wind of his debts in Port Alyxandrya (he hoped). Surely a location so celebratory could only be an omen of good things to come.

Regardless of the hesitation, he arrived at the Bird's Nest Peninsula Hotel dressed in plain but neatly tailored clothing. It wouldn't do to look like a ragtag hoodlum if this individual was a potential employer. How they might know the nature of his work was beyond him, but perhaps that didn't matter. He had met people with particularly sharp judgment of character, those with an astute understanding of those they observed. Whether they were interested in his specific skills or something else, he was interested enough to hear this person out.

A dagger in his boot, his lockpicks on the inside of his vest, the rogue approached with an eye out for the booze.

Sliucha Sindosa September 7, 2015 11:10 PM

The party was already a bit in swing by the time that Adynirach had arrived. He hadn't been the only person invited, that probably would have been a bit of a snore, wouldn't it? Socialites, mostly, people who partied as a social activity. Servers. Eyecandy. But he was certainly the guest of honor, that much couldn't be doubted. He probably didn't care too much about the people that were there, though, so much as the booze being offered.

And there was a lot of it.

Right there, off to the side. The booze table, as it was. Gin, scotch, whiskey, vodka, the works. None of it the watered down piss that he might've gotten used to drinking in seedy taverns, nope! If the Aedile was going to have it at a party then it was the proper strong stuff, with a bit of a kick. He was free to help himself if he so desired.

It wasn't all too hard to figure out who the host was. She sat at one end of the room one what could really only be called a throne, an already half-empty bottle of vodka in one hand and a cigarette trailing faint blue smoke on the other. For once she'd forgone her usual plain white dress in favor of a more body-hugging sleek black robe, shimmering in the light even as it went down to only about her thighs - and even then, the back of it was pushed up by that absurdly fluffy tail of hers. A dress and heels and nothing else. That sounded about right.

The moment she noticed he'd walked in, of course, she'd stand up and propose a toast to him. "To the gambler!" she'd call out. "To the lovely entertainer, and the enjoyer of vice. To Adynirach, friends!" Cheers, as Sliucha chugged the rest of her vodka straight, stumbling a bit as she finished it off before making her way over to him, a wide smile on her face.

"Drink!" she slurred. "Be merry and indulge a bit. We're here simply to celebrate. Nothing more, nothing less. So have some fun! Drink a lot! Smoke some drugs! Yes?"

Adynirach September 8, 2015 10:28 PM

He had no idea who these people were, and it was true that he was having a hard time caring when there was so much free alcohol available. And look at this - it was the good stuff, not the junk he could afford at the Crown. He grabbed a glass of whiskey, taking an unabashed shot nearly the moment he stepped through the door.

Of course, only after surveying the alcohol did he notice the throne and its inhabitant. A tail, huh? Now that was something he hadn't seen before. He looked about, appearing slightly lost as the cheer erupted soon after his name was announced. He hadn't done extraordinarily well at the tournament, so he couldn't help but wonder what this was all about.

"Celebrate, is it?" Celebrating the tournament, he assumed? Seemed like a bigger event in this city than he had realized at first. But that didn't explain why he specifically was here, or why he had not seen the other contestants around yet.

He found another glass, took a swig and made a face. Stronger than what he was used to lately.

"Whaddya got there?" He motioned at the cig in her hands, trailing its faint blue tails of smoke.

Sliucha Sindosa September 8, 2015 11:03 PM

Were they really celebrating him? Or did they just want an excuse to throw a party? And to be fair, surrounded with rich booze as he was, did Adynirach honestly care?

"This?" Sliucha asked, tail gently wagging behind her as she took another puff of it, tilting her head back and blowing out a cloud of bright blue smoke into the air above her before turning back to him, simpering. "A little something of my own creation. Would you like some? I call it Sparkle!" She'd hand the cigarette over to Adynirach if he wished it, inviting him to take a drag. It was a strangely sweet smoke, one that left him with a delightful fuzzy feeling all over and made his tongue tingle a little.

"How is it?" she'd ask, a wolfish grin on her face. "You much of a smoker? I've got plenty of things you might like to try out!"

Adynirach September 9, 2015 10:14 AM

Sparkle. He took a puff. Why on Telath would it be called ...

Ah. Well that made sense.

Was he much of a smoker? "I certainly can be." He was feeling mellowed out by now between two shots and a smoke of this stuff. If the quality of her goods was consistent, sure - he might be interested.

"Let's see what you've got."

Sliucha Sindosa September 9, 2015 01:54 PM

The elf's eyes seemed to light up at that, and she rooted about in her dress, somehow finding a number of cigarettes and passing them on to Adynirach. Lots of things you could hide in those. Never let it be said that a lack of pockets held back Sliucha.

"Rapture," she'd introduce almost lovingly, lighting it for Adynirach so he could have a puff, even as she swung over to the booze table and grabbed herself another bottle of vodka, popping it open as he enjoyed the stick. It went down incredibly smooth - but then again, nothing that Sliucha created was as acrid as standard tobacco. It was, he felt, something akin to a shot of caffeine, a sudden burst of energy with a slight feeling of euphoria. And nothing akin to a crash afterwards, either.

When he was done sampling that? There was so much more for him to try! As Sliucha kicked back her drink, she'd introduce him to Felicium (which made him feel lethargic but incredibly jubilant at the same time), Candypop (which made him SUPER HAPPY and caused his vision to swirl and explode with color), and Jubilee (which made him conk out for what felt like hours, everything around him moving in slow motion, the colors around him more saturated). When he finally came back down from Jubilee, just a few minutes had passed, though.

By this time Sliucha was on perhaps her third or fourth bottle of vodka, and seemed a little unsteady and giggly as she handed Adynirach the last one, Pink Lotus, which made him feel hot and... amorous. "And that'sssssh the line of recreational Shindosssha smokes!" she'd slur, tittering as she leaned in towards Adynirach. "And that'ssshh... I got so much mooooore kindsha drugs, you know? Shhhhmoking's just the tip!"

Adynirach September 10, 2015 11:35 AM

If only the thief had the skill to secret things away as well as this one did. Or maybe ... it was better to be careful what one wished for. At any rate, he seemed to have no qualms about trying what the tailed girl had to offer.

A few he enjoyed more than others - Rapture in particular appeared to be a favorite of his, although it was hard to say if it was the drug making him look more pleased than he normally did. He wasn't too keen on the lethargy or the swirly, colorful vision, but the Jubilee - now that was something.

Sure, it had not felt right, exactly, but the sluggish motions of everything around him had allowed him to determine what might be happening, even before they did - completely. The realization of what such a thing could provide for him and his work was most certainly not lost on him. By the time he came down from Jubilee, he had already been long sold.

"That's quite an impressive collection," the rogue admitted, his tone betraying his pleasant surprise. He pulled the pink lotus from between his teeth as the woman leaned in with promises of more, placing an arm casually about her shoulders.

"Let's say I'm very interested. Just how costly are your products, Miss Sindosa?"

Sliucha Sindosa September 10, 2015 06:32 PM

"It depeeeeends!" Sliucha crooned, leaning in as Adynirach's arm was placed around her shoulders, snuggling up to him with an arm around his waist. "Let's say you're buying of the shtreet. Then it might be pretty expensive! But then let's say you're at a party of mine. Then you get samples for free!" She plucked out a stick of Rapture for herself, lighting it as she continued. "And let's say you're a valued employee of mine. Then you could get them whenever you wanted, too. Or maybe I like you a lot, and you come visit? Then we light up without a problem!"

A puff of smoke into the air. She was surprisingly lucid when it came to talking business. "More or less it's a matter of how much I like you. I'm very liberal with handing out my drugs, because they're designed to make people happy. And who doesn't want to make people happy?"

Adynirach September 11, 2015 11:46 AM

"Mhmm." Free samples. Step one. "Employee, eh? And what sorts of employees are you in the market for, then?" Adyn was, after all, a rather unlikable fellow to many - but then again, that was because he was typically drunk ... and he was, unfortunately, a depressed drunk. Not like the business-savvy tail girl who seemed more blissful than anything else. She barely seemed capable of depression.

"On the contrary, I know plenty of people who like to make others feel pretty bad," he said, his tone indicating that he had unpleasant experiences with the type. "Others? They like to make people happy for a price. Those are the particularly dangerous ones - because sometimes they like to make that price ridiculously unclear from the beginning." Rough experiences with that one, too. Plus, it was his experience that no one just dished out favors or drugs for nothing. It was in his nature to be suspicious.

"But you know, I'm thinking that Ziel Aerca is a particularly interesting place. Considering a relocation, in fact. So I might be on the lookout for new employment."

Sliucha Sindosa September 12, 2015 02:15 AM

"Everybody has their uses, don't they?" Sliucha'd ask, tilting her head so that it lay against his arm, tail slowly wagging behind her as she waved her bottle of vodka around with her free arm. "All kinds of people, you know? No matter what sort of talents or skills a person has, I can always find a use for them. Even if it's just eyecandy!" Her eyes wandered around the room as she spoke, dwelling on a few people hanging around for exactly that purpose. Ha! What was wrong with hiring somebody just so that there'd always be somebody around to drag into a supply closet or bend over a desk when she felt like it?

"Sounds like you know a lot of stupid people," Sliucha said quite matter-of-factly, even as she fished out an entire carton of Rapture and pushed it into Adynirach's hands. "Think of this as a gesture of the benevolence of Ziel Aerca. No striiiiiings attached or anything. And if you're looking for new employment, well, we might as well just start off with what sort of skills you've got, so I can figure out what to do with you."

Adynirach September 17, 2015 01:59 PM

"An enterprising individual, I see. What's not to like?"

Adyn couldn't help but laugh at the tailed girl's observation that he knew a lot of stupid people. That much was undeniable, he supposed. He took the Rapture without complaint, taking a drag as he considered their conversation, as well as how to best respond to her question. She seemed like a straightforward enough individual, although he supposed sugar-coating his skills was a matter of habit at this point.

"I have talents in procuring objects and information ... discreetly." He breathed out, his eyes tracing the smoke that resulted. "I have an excellent confidentiality policy."

Sliucha Sindosa September 23, 2015 04:41 PM

Well, wasn't that ever so interesting? For somebody who tended to rely more on brute force and shock tactics, Sliucha didn't really dabble all that much with espionage. But over time she'd come to learn that sometimes a scalpel was more appropriate than a hammer. Sometimes you just needed to be a bit more... furtive. In the face of overwhelming might her enemies turned to more surreptitious matters, so it was only fair that she keep up.

"Ahuh?" She flashed him a grin, hugging him all the closer. "I'd have use for those kinds of talents. And I reward those who work under me very well. Think we can work something out? Do a bit of negotiating?"

Adynirach September 28, 2015 02:53 PM

oocMajor apologies for the delay.

"Is that so?" The human did not deny the woman's advances, his arm still draped over her as he seemed to consider the prospects of their deal.

"I am entirely open to a bit of negotiation. I think you and I could maintain a very lucrative relationship."

Of course, he also considered that he could improve a great deal if he had steady, consistent, challenging work. And the better he got at what he did, the better results he could provide for a prominent employer. So long as he didn't get caught, the only direction he could go was up from here.

Thus, even if he lost the final upcoming round of the tournament, he had not lost completely by coming to Ziel Aerca.

Sliucha Sindosa October 1, 2015 01:30 AM

"Would you like to go somewhere a bit more private, so that we don't bother the others in case our negotiations get... heated?" A gentle tug on his arm and a predatory smile on her face. Depending on how Adynirach saw things, of course, he was either on the precipice of a very fortunate or a very dangerous choice at the moment.

As it was, it was still entirely possible for them to sit down and have an actual negotiation like proper people, if Adynirach so desired. Sliucha wouldn't hold it against him. But proper people probably didn't get plastered on booze and drugs, either, so who knew?

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