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My name is Milynn and I live near the west coast of the United States. I am a father, a student and full time pipe-fitter. I like to hunt, hike, camp and do anything outdoorsy. I love art and spent three years studying graphic design at the local community college.


I've been playing tabletop RPG's for over twenty years and enjoy D&D, Warhammer and many others including a game my friend is developing called Legends. I love Aelyria and hope to stick around for years to come. I started here in an attempt to have a fun affordable way to develop creative writing skills, grammar, punctuation and spelling My time here has turned into so much more and I know play a few different characters! Thank you all for this wonderful experience…


Moding is hard for me but I'll do my best. I'm not sure as to what sort of threads I'm good at quite yet but I will give it a go! If you have a request please PM me and I will review it, Thank you.


Current Threads

- [Maevewood Forest] Salt, Sweat, Sugar (private)
- [Arkdün Asylum] I'm OK, You're OK
- [Medonia] Rumours? That's wrecked it then! Daffydd/Barthelme/Alphonsus
- The Elf the Spirit and the Fire Damon (Alphonsus)
- [ZA] Drain the whole sea, get something shiny [Maahes]
- [Jaedaxia] Under Another Guise (Crimson)

Inactive Threads

- [Libertas Bay] Sink or Swim, Or Fly! (Zel'thró)
- [Prime] Under a Shady Tree (Lucrezia)
- [Great Mountains] A Winter Elk
- [Aelyria Prime] The Graveyard Shift (open)
- [Nodmar] A Deathly Clowder at the Crown [Tyr]
- Dark Pact & The River Carmelya. [Lewis]

Completed Threads

- [Arkdün] The Monster Within (Shalafi)
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