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He moved, with an alacrity that belied the bemusement and concern that had consumed him just a moment before. He knew when the gods smiled in his favour and he wasn't about to give the guards the smallest moment longer to reconsider.

Thank you I'm going and thank you for your kind advice his words trailed behind him, and he hoped that it was enough. It remained to be seen which guard would prove to be correct in his assessment. Up till now Lysst hadn't given much thought to the visa. Now it seemed that he should have one. The question was whether or not he climbed through legal loopholes and chanced on the Aedile allowing him one, or whether he chose a different route.

For now though, he breathed a sigh of relief and started looking for somewhere he could hole up away from the sun which was starting to dazzle him and give him a headache.
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Eyvind Redbeard is a glorious SuperheroEyvind Redbeard is a glorious SuperheroEyvind Redbeard is a glorious Superhero

Fourth Cycle of the Month of Optia in the season of Spring; Era I of the Celestine Mandate, Era XV Post Fractum.

In the distance they appeared, mounting warsteeds and clad in black scale armor. On their backs long black cloaks, on their heads corynthian style helmets with black crests hiding their all but their eyes and mouths. On their right hands they carried their spears and on their left arms they carried the origin of their names, Black Shields. These were the cream of the Imperial Legions, the very best among their pairs, handpicked by one and one only. Eyvind Redbeard Avornmagor Björnsson. Son of a war veteran murdered during a retreat in some Imperial struggle, descedant of a great house and now leader of his Clan, owner of many titles. Redbeard of the blood of his enemies, Scourge of Sheria for his ruthless decision to scorch half the peninsula to avoid Orcish incursions from the stronghold of Ire and Savior of Narim for reclaiming the city from the claws of darkness. Imperatis was his rank and his name danced from mouth to ear in the four corners of the Empire. Vers had acclaimed him as a liberator, Port Alexandrya as a traitor and Archadoon as a friend. Hated and loved he was with his icy blue eyes and his flaming red hair and finally he had traveled far and wide to the northern reaches of Arium to the city of Paxia.

The city's past was full of blood and smoke and pain and hate. Orcs weren't welcome here after their attack on the city and Eyvind was known to have ordered the death of many Orcs. Perhaps rumors of his deeds had already reached this cold and wind part of the realm.

Eleven men followed behind him, one Shield Daekin and ten Senior Legionnaires. His personal retinue, his personal guard, his best soldiers and his closest companions at arms. In their eyes the Falcon Legion was the first non-Imperial Legion group of soldiers who should receive some respect aside of the Provincial Army of Sherian who had bleed and fought alongside them in the Sherian War.

"Serale, Officer. I am Eyvind Redbeard Avornmagor Björnsson, Imperatis of the Sherian Provincial Imperial Command and I am here to speak with the Lord Thane and offer my services to this city who suffered so much at the hands of the vile Orcs."
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Zokia Zora is an upstanding Citizen
Still Searching

Season of Spring
Era I of the Celestine Mandate
Era XV Post Fractum
Month of: Cyxatum
Sometime in the First Cycle

Zo and her daughter didn't stay for to long in the city of Nexus Prime. She found that the area held very little luster for her anymore. Her heart had left the place a very long time ago and since returning it just didn't seem the same. Perhaps she'd visit it again in the future in order to test her desire once more.

For now though she sauntered toward the city of Paxia. The Esh has heard many fine things about the city. Of course she knew that there were always pros and cons any place that a person went but Zo would choose to peer into the brighter side of things.

The wait at the gates didn't take to long and the guards were friendly enough. Just maybe she found her new home. Only time would tell but in her heart she still held hope that she could secure a future for her and her daughter. It hasn't been easy raising a child alone.

Zo stated her reason for being here. It was simple and yet truthful. "Searching for a new home," softly the Esh'lahier spoke, as if her reason for being here was a secret. At any rate she was granted entrance. Happily she picked up her stride. The first thing that she'd need to do would be to find a place to stay. She had all brightening to do this.

~/~Water Testing In Paxia~/~

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Glancing at the small spectacle the guards knew Eyvind to be someone of note. The two Legion soldiers at the gates stood tall, saluting to the red-bearded man. "Welcome to the city gates of Paxia. Your visa and that of your men, please. It is an honor to have you in the city. On this good brightening you may find the Thane either in the main governmental building in that there government district all the way to the northern tip of the city. Alternately, he can be found on his estate on Solace Isle. A free ferry ride goes there and back every few candlemarks if you so wish to request a more private meeting with him. Truly, it's good to have you here, sir!"

After reviewing all the visas all of the men were allowed to pass and enter the glorious city of Paxia, traces of that humid air clinging to their faces.
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Eyvind Redbeard is a glorious SuperheroEyvind Redbeard is a glorious SuperheroEyvind Redbeard is a glorious Superhero

Scratching his chin while listening to the guard's words the one handed Vagaran noticed he needed to shave, the long journey from Sheria to Arium had made him completely forget about his always growing beard and now it was more than mere facial hair, it was a true and strong beard. Still to him it was nothing but an unshaved face in need of more care to present a good view to all those of great power. Waving to Eirik Elebsson, the young Warrior-Poet, Eyvind kept still in his saddle. The blonde and blue eyed Vagaran removed a pack of documents from a bag and handed them to the Falcon Legion officer, there he could see all their visas.

With a respectful nod the Black Shields and their leader moved on once the visas were checked. They were now in Paxia and a bright future expect them!
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Optia 39

The wooden coach was rattled and jockeyed around incessantly as it was pulled across the rough roads of Arium, to the dissatisfaction of the elf who sat within often rubbing his temples. He had decided on a trip, a few cycles in the province neighboring his own to see what others were up to in the shattered collection of city states that claimed allegiance to some far off central government; which to his liking had not trifled in his affairs as of yet.

The Lord Protector of Imperia half hung out his coach window to see the sight of the Paxian Gates first hand, open mouthed, before slithering back inside the cushioned interior of his wagon to ponder the exorbitance of a city which had been destroyed and could seemingly afford to build such architectural beauties. His eyes narrowed, and his forehead creased. He was jealous, but he would never admit it. "Waste of money, that is. Pure waste of funds." His comments were for the only other person within the coach, his guard and aide Alwyn Bristow.
The coach's speed began to steadily decline, eventually rolling to a stop as the driver pulled back on the reigns of the team. The elf sat unmoving for a few moments before he reached out for the door handle and forced it open, stepping out elegantly from inside to greet the guards of Paxia face to face. His finely tailored clothes of silk and linen were slightly wrinkled from the ride, but otherwise he was dressed in a fashion that was clearly not common. The Syl'rosian's countenance spread into an amiable expression.

"Eraisuithon Nan'tathren is the name. Here to see the sights and what not. We all have our papers, although Imperial visas aren't worth the parchment they're scribed on anymore given there is no empire to recognize them, eh?"
He spun on his heel and took in the sights around him, grinning all the more as if he were pleased with something. "The luggage hasn't fallen off I see.. marvelous. Do you happen to know an establishment suitable for a few darkenings lodging in this city?" He inquired, as if addressing a tour guide.
"On what slender threads do life and fortune hang."

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TS: Cryaxtum, 10th; Spring

Impressive and braced for the worst, these Falcon legionnaires stood a vigilant guard, giving the Matron pause. She regarded her entourage, assessing the eight vysstichi guards in her company, and the recent affairs having swirled about those rueful ocean eires, and all the wrong messages that might be sent. In a sleek flash of clever hand signals, messages fled from her digits, drifting to her right flank, mirroring the same message to those behind her, and row by row, each dark elven rider broke vanguard, following their orders to infiltrate the rubble regions, scouring the rocky outcrop for orcish elements, and leaving reports at their secondary encampment for Zy'noir to review. The groundwork was set to be laid. This whirlwind of darkness would not lay low for long, and now that she'd been roused from her hole in Herrozal, driven by the geas of the High Priestess of Haya to bring about the appropriate sacrifice, it now behooved Zy'noir to not disappoint those Matron Mother Superiors of her supreme goddess, and all those ancient and archaic powers of the deep abyss that governed the fragile balance of her fledgling House Vhilraaen.

Led by Jyslinn 'Jewel' Vhilraaen-- her eldest daughter-- Zy'noir watched as Jyslinn and the other militants of Vhilraaen bled into the northeasterly reaches, riding beyond the walls, where shattered remains seemed to stretch back and circle the city's perimeter. Zy'noir couldn't be sure from her lone vantage, but as she approached the gate and guard, her cowl drawn low, she spoke with a melodic elven, and despite a flash of dark beneath her cowl, the cold matron bore eires of a reformed dark elf; a citizen. Her visa proffered, she regarded the sentinel with no more interest than a blade of glass. She seemed distracted, by all outward appearances, but otherwise her documents verified, and she was eager to move along.
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Chuckling at the Lord Protector's joke about the visas the guard inspecting them nodded, not having thought of that before. "Well right you are, sir! Paxia still supports the Imperial visas even if the Kingdom does not. That's not to say we're pickin' sides there, but we got to maintain some order here ain't that right?" And he looked rather more carefully at the visas then, becoming somewhat suspicious of the man hidden well inside the comforts of his coach. Without recognizing the name the guard thought Eraisuithon to be just another over-paid merchants and those there were plenty of in Paxia.

Had the man addressed spoken to the guards about the waste of money the gates were, they would likely agree. Anyone would agree how fanciful the gates of the city looked, and that of course the visual effect had been costly. But also, the citizens of Paxia lived richly even when they did not have the crown to do so. That was the way of life and what defined the city. Everyone was in some shape or form, greedy.

Thinking it over the guard responded, "Well we have several inns and taverns that allow night stays, but I'll be saying you're best off at The Drunken Dwarf in the mercantile district. Despite the name it's a rather respectable tavern. Give it a go!"

And if the man had finished asking questions the guard would pat the horses carrying the coach signifying it could pass through.
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Mid-Spring of Era XV PF

Paxia... for a moment it took Stella's breath away as she looked up at the walls of the city, so different and yet so familiar. She knew Paxia - or rather, had known Paxia. She'd lived here all her life, after all, until her sixteenth ordination, where an unfortunate series of events the young human had done her best to forget in the past eras had sent her away.

But she didn't want to think about that dark, terrible, fearful time.

She was back, and like Paxia itself, she would rise again!

Yes: Stella was back. She'd spent the past several eras in Nexus Prime, wandering about listlessly, moving from job to job and inn to inn. It had been harder on the girl than she'd thought possible to just leave the past behind her and move on. Everytime she'd think that the nightmares were past and that she'd turned over a new leaf they'd come back, and she would be forced to move, unable to look upon her surroundings for one brightening longer.

It had been a shadowy, terrible existence, the effects of which could be seen on Stella's face. The bright golden-haired and green-eyed cherub of old was still there, somewhere, but overlaid by a misty film of worldliness and sorrow. A few unnatural grey hairs had crept among the golden silk of her head.

But all that was past now. In recent months Stella had truly been getting better - truly, and for ever, she thought - and the desire to return to her old home had grown within her. She'd felt a new affinity to her old home when she'd heard of the orc attack and its aftermath. Now, as she stood upon the newly built walls of the old place, she understood why she'd needed to come back - to come home.

This was where her life had started. This was where things would be put right again. She'd start over, and do better. She'd continue learning Thaumaturgy, though she hadn't tried a spell in eras - maybe she'd even be able to find Master Goodhorn again.

And what about Mrs. Stonecrush?...

With a lighter step than had been hers for a long time now, Stella approached the guard and handed him her visa. "Serale sir, good brightening to you! I'm Paxian, returning home." It sounded so good to say it! Stella smiled, brilliantly, cheerfully - the sort of infectuous, almost childish smile that people couldn't help but return.

Jasper smiled back. "Welcome home, then, miss. Your visa looks to be in order," he nodded and handed it back to her. Stella carefully re-hid it back into her bodice. She always kept her visa close now - on her body, generally, all brightening long. She didn't like to think that her freedom hung on the presence of a single piece of paper.

"Thank you," she replied, and was almost about to proceed inside when she paused and turned about, lightly touching the guards arm in query. "Pardon me - but you wouldn't happen to know if the Silken Tabard is still about?"

She could tell the answer just by the look of his face even before Jasper shook his head. "It isn't, miss, and I don't know what happened to Mrs. Stonecrush, either. If you haven't been here for a few eras - well, a lot has changed." He paused, but continued, pitying the nearly-tearful disappointment written on Stella's open features. "But I don't know but that Mrs. Stonecrush is still about.. or got out in time. Many were able to, and that dwarf had a will all of her own, you know." The words were kind, and Stella attempted a tremulous smile. The guard was right: she should be optimistic, and hope for the best. It was the only way into the future.

"Thank you," she said again, and quickly entered the gates of her old city.
She is a little angel! ~ Fanny Burney
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Era I of the Celestine Mandate
Era XV Post Fractum
Month of: Cyxatum
33'rd Brightening
late afternoon
Dartalion walked up to the gates still having some of the tar and feathers on him. He most likely he looked utterly ridiculous. Either way he needed to find a healer and bath. Dartalion showed his visa to the guards one of which gave him a rather funny look. Dartalion considered killing the man but it would bring more trouble than he wanted at the time. "I need a place to stay and get a bath and healer ran into some trouble on the road. Tried to save a merchant didn't quite mange it went to see if there was any thing salvable in his wagon and got tar and feathered for my trouble." Dartalion stated honestly there was no need to tell them he had planed to rob and kill everyone there any way. "Also could use a stiff drink maybe find some training while I'm here any suggestions?" Dartalion asked

OOC problems about in game stuff posting will be nill till i get things fixed sorry to everyone this dosen't involve but i will not be touching anything till I get things fixed sorry
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The guard's just shrugged at the ugly feathered Dracon, Dartalion was in luck. Paxia had a love and respect for Dracon's as there kind had helped the city in the past, if it had been any other race his story would have more then likely put him in some kind of story. Though the guards thought it was highly unlikely, that he would have mentioned anything lest he was pure of heart.

One of the guards stepped forward placing his hand to the Dracon, and instantly he was healed, though still feathered. "I have healed your wounds, its up to you to find your bath though Dracon. Be kind and curtious in Paxia, and she will show you the same respect."
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Dartalion gave a curt nod and began to look for an Inn so he could take that much needed bath. Then he would look about for so place to get some bolts for his new crossbow and maybe find some training the next bighting. This seemed like a good place to sow some discord. They didn't seem to have any prejduce or ill will toward his race that would work to his advantge. He would have to listen for Jorel's voice to learn what his will was.

OOC problems about in game stuff posting will be nill till i get things fixed sorry to everyone this dosen't involve but i will not be touching anything till I get things fixed sorry

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Nessime Silversong is a famous HeroNessime Silversong is a famous Hero
Imperos, Summer, Era XV

It was a hot brightening, and the lines outside Paxia were long and boisterous, pushy and irritable. In front of Ness was a halfling peddler, laden down with a basket of tinkling potion bottles, and damp with the scent of ammonia and sweat. Behind her, even worse still: a bellowing fishwife with a gaggle of screaming kids in tow, and a shrieking baby in her meaty arms.

For Ness, this was Aeternia. Waiting, waiting, waiting, rubbing shoulders with the great unwashed – the stench alone was nigh unbearable. In desperation, she lifted her hazel eyes upwards, squinting a little at the lambency of the blue sky.


One thing she could say for Paxia was that it had fine looking gates. Tall, imperious, and they fairly gleamed in the light of the summer suns. The conceit of the design – suggestive of a raptor looming above its prey – was a clever one too. But ultimately though, it was a conceit, wasn't it? The fortification would not have helped Paxia during its troubles a while back. From what Ness had heard, the orcs had never breached the walls, but laid waste to them from the inside out - much as a disease ravages the body from within, appearing without warning and without pity.

But never mind; the structure was enough to distract her attention for a while, as she wondered at the craft that had fashioned it. Dwarfish work, or the art of gnomes, maybe? In any case, by the time she'd finished ruminating on such things, the halfling peddler in front was at least five yards into the city. Now it was Ness's turn to present herself to the guardsman, which she did with an elegant gait and a sweet – albeit brittle – smile.

“Just stopping by to stock up on provisions and get some rest. Who knows, I may stay a while. Or maybe not. I'll have to see what diversions this good city has to offer,” purred the pretty half elf. It was true enough too, for Paxia was indeed among the number of cities she had never visited. That was a good thing, the girl reckoned.

Well, hopefully. You never really knew.

With a gentle tilt of her raven-tressed head, the girl handed over her visa, surrendering the document with an exquisitely delicate flourish. The other hand remained on the curve of her hip, her slender white fingers tapping against the blue tunic she wore. Behind her, the red-faced baby let out a keening wail. The half-elf closed her eyes for but a flicker, with a sweep of sable lashes.

Gods, Ness wanted this business done, and soon! She was not an orc, nor barbari, nor was she a criminal – not even after that ... unpleasantness in Imperia some months back. No, she was as clean as could be, and more importantly: she needed a drink.

Still, distractions, distractions - there were always distractions to be found. As the guardsman ran a glance across the visa, Ness took a moment to study his face. What was written on his features; what secrets were obscured beneath the lines of his helm? Was this a proud man, full of vigour and duty, more than happy to serve his city? Or was he tired and defeated, and full of other obligations, those born of circumstance rather than choice: a wife perhaps, a house to keep, and hungry little mouths to feed?

Maybe he was just corrupt. She'd heard some things about Paxia's citizens, after all. Not that it bothered her in the slightest, mind.

Anyway, as fascinating as she found this process of observation, it did not last long. With a nod, the guard waved the half-elf into the city, for everything was in order, it seemed. Stowing away her visa with a sweep of her hand, Ness strode gracefully through the gates, promising herself one thing, if nothing else.

She was never going to have children.

Secrets :
OOC: The timestamp might be wrong, but I can edit that. The unpleasantness in Imperia was a barfight that Ness might have started, then snuck out of.

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Niven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious Superhero

Early Brightening, 3rd of Ioannes, Summer, Era XV

The sight of the gates was a welcome one to Niven. Having traveled for many days, she was elated to finally be at her destination. She'd heard much of the port city, and knew that it had suffered greatly during the orc attacks. The rebuilding was going magnificently and the gates were a prime example. As she approached, the look on the faces of the guards were not friendly, but instead of deterring Niven, they gave her a surge of confidence. She was not one to be easily intimidated and it only made sense that they would be hardened after all that they had been through.

Getting out her visa, Niven handed it to one of the guards when she reached them, and stood every inch her entire 5'5", showing her confidence and respect. Who knew if she would decided to take a job at the constabulary and they might one day become her co-workers.
"I am Niven Soleil and I am seeking residence and employment in the city."

The gruff guard glanced at her visa and nodded, waiving her in. Giving him a smile and a wink, Niven took back her visa and picked up her wine-coloured skirts and strode through the gates.

Once inside she stopped to look at the statue and smiled.
'Home sweet home,' she thought.


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