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[Outside the Walls] The Residence of Eraisuithon Gil'dae

The dirt road came to an abrupt end with a cast-iron gate. Set in a wall of beige stone, it was swung inwards, inviting visitors to make the trek towards the residence of Eraisuithon Gil'dae.

The road, now gravel, continued for some time, towered over by mature trees and flanked by rich vegetation. It twisted through expanses of daffodils and wildflowers, turned through a small orchard smelling deeply of fermented apples, and came finally to a small stone bridge that allowed passage over a stream trickling out from the forest. From the bridge - through a flash of reflected light at the turn of one's head - visitors could spy their first glimpse of the manor house.

Built of the same stone as the outer walls, the house sprawled confidently across green lawns. Elegantly carved, yet robust enough to withstand the eras with only a little weathering, the east and west wings culminated in the centre of the house with a dazzling cupola that glittered brilliantly in the midday light. Dozens of orderly windows peered over the lawns, and small roof-top statues of animals and men peered even further out from their vantages atop gables and ledges in the stonework.

The thick oak doors, poised in the middle of a row of two-story columns, were closed. All seemed quiet - for such a large house no smoke issued from the chimneys, nor clatter from the kitchens.

A knocker, green with time, hung in place for the visitor to announce their presence.
"On what slender threads do life and fortune hang."

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A messenger on horseback came to the residence of Eraisuithon Gil'dae, making his way to the front gate. He passed on his message, which was sealed with the crest of House Gil'dae that only the signet ring of the lord could impress.

Secrets :
To my family,

I hope that this letter finds all of my Gil'dae family well. I know that it has not been a time of prosperity for elvenkind, nor our house. I think it's time that we gathered together to discuss the future of our name in this world. I have news to that end that concerns all of us, so I ask that all bearing the name Gil'dae join me at Alicia Tamaral's manor in Nexus Prime on the first brightening of winter. I ask also that you pass this message on to other Gil'daes that I do not know or could not find.

Tyav'ondo Gil'dae

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