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A Letter from the Baron of Vortex (Verlaine)

A letter sealed with the undead dragon insignia of House Kitrye’veresi was delivered as follows.


Aeredith Verlaine
Thane of Nexus Prime
United Directorate of Arium

To Her Grace and the People of Nexus Prime:

For years our beloved Arium has been fiercely divided by race, religion, and political ideology. Instead of rising above our differences to set an example for the rest of the world to follow, we have allowed ourselves to become our own worst enemy. We have replaced trust with suspicion, camaraderie with segregation, and communication with isolation. As surely as the suns rise, those brightenings must come to an end if we are to survive the perils of the present age and restore the glory to our ancient land.

It is time to set aside our quarrels and remind the world that we are Arium.

Less than an era ago, the Xet Alliance sought to deny us our legacy and marched their merciless armies upon our province and our people. Dasmia. Mileswick. Paxia. Aslangrad. Estelgorod. We have known terror and devastation on every front. Countless brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers have been stolen from us. Many of our children, too, continue to be held in captivity. Even now, the city of Estelgorod remains under the tyranny of the Xet Alliance.

My fellow countrymen, we, the people of Arium, must make our stand. I have recently returned from Aelyria Prime, where I was summoned to the presence of none other than Her Most Imperial Majesty Rhysatra I, Empress of Aelyria and Sovereign Monarch of the Empire. It is she who tasked me, among many others throughout our sister provinces, with the reclamation of our lands and the expulsion of those who have threatened our very existence.

However, I do not come at her bidding alone. No, I come to you as a proven comrade, a faithful ally, and a loyal friend. When the Xet invaded the northern coasts of Arium with forces as vast as the ocean, I was there, fighting beside you. When the Xet marched upon the walls of Aslangrad with their menacing war machines, I was there, bleeding beside you. On each of those occasions, we prevailed. We have shown the Xet Alliance time and time again that our true strength is in our unity, and that the soul of the Arium people cannot be intimidated, crushed, or defeated. Shall that ever be so.

I ask you to join with me now as we bring the fight back to our would-be tyrants, and to end their reign of evil once and for all.


Faust Kitrye’veresi

Baron of Vortex
High Lord of Har’oloth
Commander of the Black Legion

Additional instructions were delivered under seal to the respective leaders in the city.

Grandmaster Swordsman"Throughout Aelyria's history, there have been tales and stories of mythological warriors sometimes mistaken for blessed or divine entities. Godlike fighters, the Grandmasters are forever remembered for their valor and are known to break the physical limitations seemingly at will, capable of Masteries that lesser fighters can scarcely comprehend, let alone attempt. Often called one-man armies, Grandmasters are able to defeat countless lower-proficient fighters without much difficulty. Their physique is a testament to their life-long struggle to achieve this near-perfection; through enough conditioning and practice, a Grandmaster can withstand amazing amounts of physical pain and anguish. Incredibly fast and strong, their courage and valor enable them to seemingly perform miracles." - Arms Primer | Correspondence | Glory of the Conqueror"The Aspect of Constantine infuses your words and actions; when you are engaged in armed or magical combat, commanding armies on the tactical battlefield, or planning a military stratagem for warfare, you will have a decisive advantage against a character of the same relative skill, all other influences being equal, and will be able to out-maneuver them." - Kaelon
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