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A Parlor Trick, Nothing More [Ness]

Timestamp: Sometime Autumn of Era XX in the Age of Heroes

A game of chance. Alejandro Rodriguez, a Medonian man in his early thirties was a man who was driven solely by his whims. A highly successful man who was driven by his whims - a most unusual combination of qualities for a single man to possess, but such was the design of the stars and there was no reason the man himself was going to complain about his fortune. He was impeccably dressed in a fine crimson coat that seemed to emphasize the almost golden amber shade of his eyes - a striking quality that only served to enhance his handsome, though severe features.

Hunched over the small round table he stroked the rim of the full bodied goblet filled halfway with red wine in one hand and rubbed his goatee with the other. He was gazing upon at the six cards laid out on the table with eyes that seemed unfocused. They had started with twenty-three and had somehow found their way down to six. Black and Red, the requirements for victory was simple, to acquire more red bordered cards than the other person. They were cards originally used for tarot readings but they had been reduced to mere playing cards by the patrons of this tavern.

"We're still playing for favors, yes?" he picked up a card, turned it over and his smile grew even wider as its red borders were illuminated by the candlelight. "Now we're even, with five cards left. Anyone's game my cherie."
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