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Aeredith Verlaine is a famous HeroAeredith Verlaine is a famous Hero

Hydra Buyer. [Private, Jace Please]


"Welcome to the homestead of Sarekka Akhammor. My name is Delefrai Huco, may I offer you some liquid sustenance?"

The Dorin with the elvis quiff looked at her with the mild disdain that every high ranking servant armours themselves with when dealing with anyone above their own station. His passive aggressive tone implied that he would rather cock one leg and urinate on her than spend another moment in her company.

Verlaine, at the end of a long hard brightening herself could only muster a vague shooing with one hand.

Delefrai, utterly horrified, turned and with his upturned snout left her to the company she had arrived with.

An evening off from The Creeping Eel was few and far between. Yet even a free evening nowadays required her to be working in some capacity or another. Tonight, after a chance morning meeting with her friend, Harland, she had decided, after a conversation with him that had managed to ignite the flames of her imagination, to venture here. For the rest of the brightening, as she toiled away through the mountainous paperwork on her desk, her head had begun to fill with the possibilities that an off the cuff remark made by him had sown within her.

The Children of the Hydra's Teeth was up for sale. That the owner, a last surviving member of a family from Arakmat had, by way of the Xet Fog, been left entirely abandoned. Understandably such a happening, that being the wish to get away from the black mire that had killed everyone she knew back home in the desert, had made her want to move East, possibly as far as the Capital City. It had taken her this long to get through the bureaucratic bog and now, with the word only just beginning to eek out of her desire to sell, had Harland, a barman at the establishment, made privy the information he had revealed this very morning.

The Children of the Hydra's Teeth. A place she had been to before and, she would admit, enjoyed. What really peaked her interest however was what Harland revealed during this morning's conversation.

"It's a big place you know. Just as big below ground as it is above."

It was a big place, she recalled. A heavily converted building of former worship. It was hard to find, that she remembered. Hidden among the warren-like alleys of the north west Docklands. It had only one entrance that she knew of, large arched doors of black steel. It was perfect for what she had in mind. An idea that had been brewing for some time could, by chance, now just have fallen into her lap. It had come to her in her times of work, swinging in the suspended Archival chairs in the belly of the Berghe. It was all well and good to let the city know of the Inquisitorial presence but ideals were not enough. Here, she could undertake dealings in a secure environment right in the heart of the most problematic area in Nexus Prime. Here, she could instigate the second phase that was altogether far more active, and all for the good of the decent common citizen. She could also twin this plan with a love of Art. By keeping the Children as a haven for artistic expression she could also build a meeting place for every shop owner, every clerk, every hotelier, every innkeeper, barman, barmaid and lawful common worker in the city. A place to commune, to discuss, a place to divulge.


The eyes of Nexus Prime could have for themselves an establishment to share every nugget of information that passed through their doors and do so in complete safety under the net of security the Imperial Inquisition afforded them. They could speak directly to one another, no bureaucracy, no paperwork, no hand-wringing or political manoeuvring. Just the fluid passing of information from one to another. Names, happenings, rumours, facts. From business dealings overheard while ale was served to illicit affairs in the rooms upstairs.

Knowledge. The currency worth it's weight in diamonds, and all these transactions of information would be happening right under her nose. She would offer them the sanctity of security that her position provided. No more would they have to wait when it was required, for now they would be under the wings of one another and in turn under the great spreadeagled span of the Imperial Inquisition.

Now she would really be upping her game. Now the White Lady could really begin shaping her beloved City to the great cause she had undertaken. Ioannes blessed be thy name.

It was all she could do not to leap up and punch the air, such was her surging excitement at the possibility.

First, though, she would have to meet the owner and attempt to purchase the entire establishment. No small task for a city servant on an Imperial wage.

"It's.. being sold?"

"She's trying to find a buyer.." Harland's face told of something more.

"What is it?"

"Ahh.. I dunno. I think I might be out of work. Either the new owner let's me go or I have to re-apply. Either way, it's touch and go you know? I've got rent to pay and all. Just.. well I'd only just got myself sorted, thing's were going well."

"You never know, they could just keep it the same. It's doing well, right?"

"Yeah.. I mean, yeah, really well. Trade is great but you never know what someplace like that could be turned into."

"Who's the owner?"

"Arakmat woman. Comes and goes. They say she lost her whole family to the Fog, she wants to head east."

"I could buy it."

He glanced at her.

"You earn less than I do, Aiou."

"I may be able to get the coin. How much would a place like that cost?"

"No idea, thousands, easy. It's a big place you know. Just as big below ground as it is above. You could buy it, for real?"

"No way. How often does she come?"

"Oh she lives here, in Nexus."

"What's her name?"

"I dunno, what is this, the Inquisition?"

And that was that. She left soon after with a promise to meet again, as was their way with one another, and headed back to the Berghe. She met Emmerick in the courtyard as he practiced his swordplay and requested that he bring to her all that was known of the Children of the Hydra's Teeth in the north west Docks. That mid-brightening she found on her desk a parchment containing all that was known about it.

Music Venue.
Strong Liquor.
Paperwork all above board.
Sarekka Akhammor.
Jasmine District.

She immediately set about writing a letter to the address detailing a desire to meet and discuss the possibility of purchasing the establishment. The return address she gave as a safehouse several streets east toward the central district of Nexus and had a messenger boy deliver it post-haste. Early afternoon brought with it an immediate response, an invitation to attend the abode of Sarekka Akhammor that evening. Perfect, no work at the Eel, perfect.

The door she knocked on was one of a row of terraced upper middle-class buildings that constituted the majority of this, a more affluent part of the city. She had attired herself in a manner befitting a business woman. An elegant, unrevealing, thickly woven white lace ensemble culminating in a tight snow-white bun. Her face she left with as little make-up as possible. She wanted this woman she was meeting to consider her mind as much as possible, not her appearance. Accompanying her came two of her Justicars, Emmerick and Casimir, pointedly attired in the formal casual of post-work business brightenings commonly seen this side of Nexus. The Dorin that answered was possibly the strangest Dorin she had ever seen.

Credit to the respective Artist

The snooty swine led them all into a stylish hallway and, after an equally snooty conversation, left them to wait there in silence. When Ms Ahkammor entered she did so through a doorway of beads, all swooshing in bold striking silks. She was beautiful in the way women in fairytales of far off lands always seemed to be. Casimir, himself a native of Arakmat, visually perked at her appearance, something Verlaine noted with easy humour. She led them into a chamber heavy with the scents of incense and dominated with a plethora of large, embroidered cushions. Casimir, again, smiled at the sight of the decor.

"Home.." he reasoned aloud.

They were beckoned to seat themselves and seat themselves they did, almost instantly after the introductions were made, this Arakmatan woman in silks fired off an initial salvo.

"And so you want to what? Come in and buy my establishment? Turn it into some kind of.. what exactly?"

"I would like to retain everything, Miss Akhammor."

"Sarekka, please."

"Sarekka, I only seek to keep the artistic endeavours you have started alive and well in this city."

"And how, pray tell, will you do that?"

"By touting and scouting for any band worthy of Hydra residency. I intend to keep as close to your business model as possible."

"Do you now?"

"Yes. With a few additions."

"Oh do tell.."

"Well, I would like to establish it as a place that is open every candlemark of the day. During the Brightening's I would like to hold theatrical presentations, Plays, and a gallery for the art of Arium and beyond to be displayed. Art installations, sculptures, that sort of thing and then, of course, retain the establishment during the darkenings as a live music venue."

"Hmm.. Do you have the coin for all of this?"

"That depends on how much coin you are talking about, Sarekka. I know why it is that you are wishing to sell, please, I do not wish to speak out of term but I, as well as you, lost everything to the Fog. I would like to build something as I'm sure you do. The only difference is that I want to build it here."

It was a risky ploy. Verlaine was nearly always risking something.

"I miss them terribly."


"As do I. I think about the people of my past almost all of the time. I want to make them proud."


"How much would you be willing to sell the Children for, Sarekka?"

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