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Gloan, of course, was not one to leave things to others. He approached the child, still tearful and scared. "Can you tell me anything at all about what happened here? I assure you that no one will harm you."

His words felt funny as they left his mouth. There was something odd here, though he had no idea of what it was.
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The smiles of the vestment clad pair that faced the Oath-Bound Sisters was frozen to their faces as they listened to Jade's response. One pushed his robes just a bit so Jade would be able to see the bright flash of steel while the other one just shook her head.

Then the tension disappeared and the priests bowed again. "Very well, that is entirely your decision. Your brother will be very displeased he missed seeing you again. He misses you so much, poor boy. Who knows what he will do in grief? He's already... Oh, but you won't want to hear about that." The two shared a smirk and walked past Jade.

[Jade has suffered from Old Memories, her sanity suffers minor damage.]

The man was laughing so hard he was crying.

No, on further inspection by the Uncloaked Dragon, the man was laughing and crying simultaneously, the laughter being forced from his lips and the tears streaming in painful agony. It was a horrible tableau, a frightening contrast. And if that weren't bad enough, he was trying to kill her.

The water was like a living thing around her. It was a stagnant pool, without current or life, but it still managed to tear into her as though it possessed a will all its own, leaping down her lungs with abandon. The fear and the pain gave her a fight, and her body pushed itself beyond its natural limits. She gored and gored, and the man's grip loosened as he pushed away from her, slumped against the wall.

He was dying. He laughed. "The Court of Laughter. I'm so sorry. Please smile. They're after you now, the Memetics. Watch out for their smiles." He died then, his face frozen in that terrified grin.

[Primith has suffered from Materialized Fears and Failed Savior, her sanity is quite damaged!]

The child stopped crying and looked up at the Power-Addled Dwarf. "You're funny lookin', master!" He said, smiling all of a sudden (for some reason)

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen. Blyx'tepm made me do it, well, he wanted me to do it. He's my friend. Nobody else can see him except me, mom and dad thought he was imaginary, but that can't be true. He keeps going even when I'm not looking." The Tearful Arsonist motioned for Gloan to come in closer than whispered in his ear:

"He's watching me now. He's sitting right behind me."

[Gloan has suffered from Unnerving Watcher, his sanity's normal!]

[Redwulf has suffered from Apathy and Absentia, his sanity is dangerously low!]
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Panic filled the draconess. She couldn't breathe, noxious water slithering into her mouth, her nose, her lungs. Which was worse? The lack of air or the searing pain of water invading her body? Primith had an unnervingly long time to consider it as seconds stretched out to minutes, minutes to hours. She couldn't say with any certainly how long she'd been deprived of air, how long she'd been struggling and goring her insane attacker, but it had been too long even before it started. She needed to get him off of her before she lost consciousness and never came to again....

Finally Prim felt the man's grip go slack. She surged for the surface, coughing and retching in between gasping for air. The Moraden trembled, stumbling against the opposite wall and leaning her back against it, staring fixedly at the dying man ahead of her. He was spouting more gibberish about smiling and Memetics...the dying ravings of a lunatic, no doubt. When he finally grew still, that macabre grin splitting his face even in death, a wave of nausea enveloped the draconess. Losing control of her stomach, Prim vomited, panting and gasping as she stared at the water through teary eyes.

She needed to get out of here...! Her muscles were weak and trembling after the ordeal, but she needed it get out of this sewer. Reaching up overhead, Prim struggled to pull herself up and out of the sewer through the open grate, intent on escaping the darkness, the water, and the grinning corpse leering at her. She needed to get away, back to the safety of the catacombs and her comrades. Because she couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something sinister at work in the streets of Nexus Prime tonight, and she wanted no part of it.

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There may be some that would have followed the pair out of blind faith or some misguided decision that it was fate calling to them but Jade was not that sort of person. When people randomly turned up to ‘guide’ her somewhere she would normally question it, usually in a rude and sarcastic way if she could. Jade followed nothing based on faith mainly because she had no faith.

The frozen smiles on the pairs faces was somewhat unsettling but Jade refused to budge from where she stood, brow arched and arms crossed as she waited for some reasoning to be offered that she’d most likely shun anyway. Did she want to know what was doing any of this? Did she even care? No and no. Yet here she was. The flash of steal caught her eye and caused her to tense somewhat as the sight of a weapon did but this was not out of fear but anticipation on what could happen.

Would they seek to force her to follow them? They would have an interesting time of that if this was the case but it seemed not to be. The pair bowed again as though losing interest in Jade which was both a relief and an insult at the same time. Had they gone off without a word Jade would have simply been on her way regardless of Nymira’s curiosity at the happenings going on but they hadn’t and curse them for what they chose to reveal. Had Jade been a child she might have thrown a tantrum that yet again she was being bothered by the abomination that had the audacity to share her bloodline. Jerack was showing up a lot more lately than he had before, should she be worried?

Gods damn it. She so badly wanted to just let them walk away but they had gotten to her and they damn well knew it. Did she wear a sign on her that said ‘I have a fethed up half-brother who torments me, please bring it up…often’ or was this the Gods sense of humour showing? Regardless, she sighed in frustration before taking a step forward. “Wait…” She looked down at Nymira, not to speak with her but rather because she didn’t want to see the smug looks on their face. “Jerack is here?”
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