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Indefinite December 27, 2017 02:16 PM

Aelyrian Awards 2017: The Winners!
The Winners!

Another year, another set of awards. Thank you once again to everybody who nominated, voted, and otherwise participated this year. There were quite a few ties this time around which, as Niven put it, is good because that means there's been some great RPing going on - it's hard to choose! Let's see if we can't keep on going strong into the new year.

Congratulations to the winners, enjoy the shiny new badges when they're handed out, and here's to another year of Aelyria! Happy holidays, everybody!

The Categories

Character Awards

Best Male PC
First: Calanon
Second: Adynirach
Third: Lyr Tlansson

Best Female PC
First: Kailin Alyxanda
Second: Sliucha Sindosa
Third: Liahal

Best Portrayal of their Race
Second: Niven

Greatest Grasp of Trades
First: Iseult Fluersdotter
Second: Sliucha Sindosa
Third: Maximus Navire

Greatest Grasp of Arms
First: Faust Kitre'veresi
Second: Dante Asunder
Third: Adynirach

Greatest Grasp of Arcana
First: Éclair Mainesthai
Second: Barthelme
Third: Octavia

Most Interesting PC
First: Éclair Mainesthai
Second: Theodallion
Third: Rafael LeBeau

Most Unusual PC
First: Sliucha Sindosa
Second: Éclair Mainesthai
Third: Jen Neo

Best New PC (2017 - new or alternate)
First: Moss Oktra'rek
Second: Icefyre
Third: Clifton Compton

Best Religious PC
First: Sliucha Sindosa
Second: Éclair Mainesthai
Third: Jen Neo

Best Good PC
First: Kailin Alyxanda
Second: Clifton Compton
Third: Maahes

Best Evil PC
First: Theodallion
Second: Sliucha Sindosa
Third: Barthelme

Best Neutral PC
First: Liahal
Second: Adynirach
Third: Shei'yein Neydremi

Best PC Duo (Not strictly couples)
First: Kailin x Calanon
Second: Adynirach x Calanon
Third: Theodallion x Liahal

Moderator Awards

Most Dangerous Staff Member
First: Grim
Second: Serendipity
Third: Indefinite

Most Inspiring Staff Member
First: Indefinite
Second: Maddyn
Third: Nimh

Favorite Peer Moderator
First: Icefyre
Second: TIE - Calanon, Kailin Alyxanda

Favorite Plotline of the Year
First: The Snakes at our Bosom
Second: Delicate
Third: Orodisa Oddities

Thread Awards

Best Non-Player Character
First: Asim the Jorelite Baker
Second: Silevon the Trelorean
Third: Ella Alyxanda

Best Location (Province, City or Place)
First: Ziel Aerca/Moonstone
Second: Port Alyxandrya
Third: District of Maeve

Best Thread Title
First: And Zero Fox Were Given
Second: Sometimes I Aim to Please, but Mostly I Shoot to Kill
Third: I'm buying what you're selling, if she asks then I'm not telling

Best Death Scene (PC or NPC)
First: Ministra's "Death"
Second: Sun and Moon

Best Fight Scene
First: Adyn & Mini
Second: TIE - Rosie & Lia, Adynirach & Calanon

Best Love Scene
First: TIE - Elanara and Moranor, Niven and Calanon
Second (TIE): Proposal!

Best Humorous Scene
First: Rex Wagner
Second: Rosie, Adyn, Niven, and Dante naked in an inn

Best Dramatic Scene
Calanon is such a drama queen.

Most Inventive Solution to a Problem
First: Darian
Second: Dante's lucetura

Other Awards

Best Character Information Sheet
First: Rhystlin
Second: Ylva Cherhc
Third: Moss Oktra'rek

Best Profile
First: Iseult Fluersdotter
Second: Niven
Third: Sliucha Sindosa

Most Aelyria Addicted
First: Indefinite
Second: Icefyre
Third: Calanon

Most Helpful Member
First: Indefinite
Second: Grim
Third: Icefyre

Honorable Mentions

Diamea, for breaking four ties with their votes

Wonky Timezones
Maddyn, for being the first person to submit their votes

Ballot Stuffer
Indefinite, for the largest margin of victory in an award (Most Aelyria Addicted)

Demands a Recount
Sliucha Sindosa, for just barely avoiding first place (Best Female PC)

Nemesis System
Grim, for losing Most Helpful two years in a row to the same person

Dictatorial Democracy
Calanon, for being so dramatic as to be the only nomination for a category

Moss Oktra'rek January 1, 2018 04:56 AM

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and thanks to Indefinite for organising it all!

Indefinite January 7, 2018 10:27 PM

Badges have been awarded accordingly :)

Rhystlin January 7, 2018 11:29 PM

Thanks for the votes :D

Icefyre January 12, 2018 08:45 PM

Wow. I return to receiving an award? Thank you for the award. I didn’t expect this and it has been fun. I will try to be as helpful this year. Have fun guys

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