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The Aelyrian Chronicle: January '12 Edition

January 2012, 13th Edition

It's been a year since we posted the first edition of the newly realized Aelyrian Chronicle. While a bit of steam has been lost over the last few months for many varied reasons, I know I've personally been approached with how others have enjoyed reading or how they can't wait to see the next edition, to read the interviews and start browsing threads. I'm glad so many people have been able to enjoy the hardwork of their community members and get a chance to find out what's gone on behind the scenes or in the minds of the people operating cities, building characters and developing plots. As the year progresses, I hope to continue producing the newsletter. It might not always be "on time" and it might fluctuate with the content, but I've enjoyed reaching out to people and seeing why they've cooked up certain schemes and what they may or may not have planned for the future!

Just remember that the Chronicle hopes to always evolve. If you have any ideas or thoughts about Chronicle content, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and give the idea. I'd love to hear them!

Happy reading!

This Month's Chronicle Contributors: Inoke and Ragman

[top]The Community

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[top]The Game

Imperial Wedding
[Kalendryas, PF XVIII]

Tanzbar Games
[Immanis, PF XVIII]

Vers Imposes Rationing
[Immanis, PF XVIII]

Senate to Reconvene
[Immanis, PF XVIII]

Dracons Welcome In Paxia
[Junctior, PF XVIII]

Snow Fails in Fintagel
[Immanis, PF XVIII]

Aslangrad Banishes Ancients
[Immanis, PF XVIII]

Imperia Abolishes Slavery
[Immanis, PF XVIII]
Featured Plot: The End of the Darkening Age
Threads: [Exposition] Chaos Under a Bleeding Sky; [Exposition] Ascent Into Chaos; [Exposition] Chaos Contained; [Exposition] The Fabric Tears; [Exposition] A New Weaving; Peace & Power; Chaos in the Heart, Honor on the Mind; On a Wing and a Prayer; Rocky Road Nightmares
Moderators: What was your favorite part about plotting out the end of the Age of the Darkening?
Trinity: Well, I love pretty much anything to do with the gods, so I loved actually getting to play them all! Although I have to say that the "Didis is Haya dun dun daaaa" revelation was one of my favorite moments. I love how Amal handled that, and I think it came out pretty well in my expositions too. I also really like how Law, Order and Justice turned out in the Jorel vs Ioannes fight. I don't think many people understood that those are real entities in Aetheria, not just concepts. Now that we've seen them, I think it'd be funny to see churches spring up to those entities!

Maddyn: My favorite part about the End of the Darkening had to be the knowledge that, (finally!), we were wrapping up Diana and Carmelya’s bet and that the potentiality for more Constantine raging against the heavens would at least have a new background ^_~. We’ve set up a lot of resources over the years in an attempt to gain a little consistency as well with Aelyria’s Divinity, the Lore, Goddex, SoF’s and a relaxation of permission standards – but this was also the first real display of how Aelyria’s Pantheons conduct business.

Former GM Darkmavrck: I really enjoyed working with the PCs, Duncan, Pescado, and Fidelis are all long time members of the site and it was enjoyable trying to outwit them with my writing but also give them a fair shake. Often you run into the problem of PCs being too powerful, especially at higher levels to justify what you are doing with lower level NPCS, and throwing numbers at them is lame. Other times their own arrogance gets the better of them. For me, being able to surprise a player is the best part of a plot. Often they have ‘seen it all, done it all’, so yanking the rug from under them is a real shocker.

Amalthea: Getting to Haya to Brand Straylor and Fizden--and also to assume Haya's role as she shouted triumphantly, in not so many words, 'psych your mind!' That was pretty darn fun.
Players: You were involved in one of the biggest plots this past year: the conclusion of the Age of the Darkening. I imagine things for some of you didn't go quite as you had expected, while others were pleasantly surprised. What was your impression of the plotline as it was unveiled to you?
Pescado: I personally didn't even think that i'd be apart of the end of the Age of the Darkening. Jacob did well to keep it a secret that what happened in the Dervish Oasis was to be a major part of the end of the Darkening plotline. So, it was a pleasant surprise if you ask me, that I was even included in the plotline, or that a thread I thought would just be for me and Duncan would be involved in something so major.

Serion: I enjoyed the plot line. The fact that multiple characters were able to be involved in individual ways was entertaining, as large plots like these can sometimes get bogged down when everyone operates in a single thread.
Moderators: Did things go pretty much as you expected or were there some sudden twists and turns to navigate?
Trinity: The only real twist I think I had to deal with was the "oh no the Jorel thread isn't going to finish in time what do we do there without destroying that storyline?" Luckily Jacob and Darkmavrck in their brilliance were able to come up with a viable explanation that didn't alienate Fidelis from his key role.

Maddyn: Not entirely as expected, but more because for some inane reason I kept working on the so very wrong impression that we would have more time to conduct the plotline. Punting Serion through the Imperial Palace was not initially on the cards – and only as a consequence to remembering that he’d long ago claimed the title of (Goblin) King and that the Shield of Diana hadn’t exactly been picky about the Monarch it worked for. When it came to twists however, the Didis reveal was perfect!

Darkmavrck: I never plan out every detail of my threads; often I rarely have a goal until the end. I like to see what happens and what the players do, then react. Nobody likes to be railroaded. With the two threads that I handled it was always a guessing game as to what would come next. I knew vaguely what the outcome would be, but as I have come to learn, the second you know something a PC will show you how wrong you are.

Amalthea: Things went according to plan for the most part, but Fizden's knack for 'stirring the pot' forced me and his co-star Straylor to readjust to the rapidly changing scenario. For better or for worse, what can I say? Fizden's a wildcard.
Players: What was your biggest surprise as a character during this plotline, if anything?
Duncan: As a character? Hmm, difficult one for me as Duncan I suppose; mainly since he's been rather well informed during the whole piece. I suppose the biggest recent surprise would be the return of the Xet, however it remains to be seen whether they will present an immediate threat or merely hover in the backgrounds like the Aelyrians did though... As to the Aelyrians themselves? Their silence is a great surprise (ICly anyhow), so looking at the current state of play: Regency, Arctic, the De Lylles; it remains to be seen what the Aelyrians and the Xet (And the Gods and Planetars) will do to spice it all up.

Straylor: That the "light" gods could be toppled so easily.

Pescado: As a character, Pescado is still reeling from the backlash of Rak losing a better portion of his power, and being sent back to his own plane less than what he once happened to be. Not to mention he's having issues that the fact is Rak turned out to be an entirely different god than Pescado first thought of him as. He went from saving women who were being raped, to a completely power drunk maniac, bent on destroying the entire multiverse. There might come a time when Pescado is going to try and redeem himself from what he had done in the name of Rak, we'll see if it happens though depending on what else happens to him.

Serion: Serion was actually introduced to it by being asked to hunt down an item completely unrelated to the story, stumbling upon the Shield of Diana. That in itself was a surprise to Serion considering that he had no clue what was going on in terms of the Aeternian's plans to assault Aetheria.
Moderators: Plotting aside, what moment in your respective thread(s) really turned your head as a moderator?
Trinity: Well I'm not sure how fair this is because I'm basically bragging about myself here! I interacted with only myself, after all. I really enjoyed the Diana inversion and subsequent fighting with Rak though. I originally had not intended for that to happen but after talking to others involved in the plotting and sitting down to write, it just kind of... came out. The original draft didn't have anything of the sort in it, Rak merely won. He didn't tear her wings off. Who would have known that tearing her wings off would spark up such interest in the community... there's half a dozen folks looking for her feathers now. Also, Jalat's parts turned out better than I had hoped when I reread the thread. I had wanted him to come accross to the audience as completely neutral and more irritated at what everyone was doing rather than taking either side. I tried to get that across by his working with Srennius, tripping Materna, barely setting foot into Aetheria, and scolding Ioannes and Jorel alike for their foolishness. My intent, however, was to turn everyone else's heads: I approached those expositions with the intent of wrecking your current understanding of divine politics and remolding it with the true, possibly horrific, way that godly politics really plays out. If I shocked you, I succeeded!

Maddyn: Didis/Haya and her manipulation of the heroes Straylor and Fizden respectively in retrieving one of the three Divine artifacts of the Imperium. It’s a rare reminder that the Gods and Goddesses of Aelyria pick you, not the other way around. The best of intentions paved the conclusion of the Darkening.

Darkmavrck: For Duncan and Pescado’s threads it was when Duncan chose to activate Pescado’s imbuements. He hadn’t anticipated the outcome but the fact that he rolled with it showed how good a player he was. For Fidelis, our thread was never fully completed, but when working with him one has to anticipate everything. I threw some hooks at him, some that he ignored and others that I wouldn’t have expected him to latch onto that he did. In both threads, as the PCs interacted with the gods, something that has rarely happened up until the present, it was fun bantering with them. Each had their own outlook. Duncan was defiant to the end, Fidelis a loyal servant, and Pescado somewhat confused to his role. Dealing with this kind of thing always makes you go ‘hrm’.
Players: If you weren't surprised (and even if you were), what was your favorite part of your involvement?
Duncan: I know as well as any the reasons for some of the things that happened, but I think my favourite part is how seems finally do seem to be reaching a crux. Where it goes? Well that'll be interesting as a player; as a character the intervention of the Planetars has produced some of Duncan's greatest and darkest moments, so I suppose I'd have to say the opportunities for writing given via the involvement of Srennius and the Aelyrians are something I've enjoyed an awful lot.

Straylor: That it was challenging for me as a writer and character.

Pescado: I was completely surprised when I found out that I was apart of the End of the Darkening plotline. Though, my favorite part had to be the fight between myself and Duncan. And how our character's relationship evolved from a complete friendship, and deteriorated into a rivalry that very few characters can claim to have, other than perhaps the Velerean/Fidelis rivalry.

Serion: I rather enjoyed the few posts involved where Serion actually finds the Shield. Since he wasn't expecting to find it he was shocked, and the fact that the shield allowed him to pick it up was even more entertaining.
Both Players & Moderators: Any hopes, wishes, dreams for this plotline, either in the past, present or future?
Trinity: I had a dream of this plotline being heavily PC-interaction based, bringing people up to Aetheria with the Aeternians and all. I imagined epic battles between Aslan and Meephos with Veleraen alongside, things like that. Then I realized that in order to do that we'd have to drag this plotline out another 3 years to even finish the massive amount of threads that would be required. I think the compromise - PCs assisting in the start of it by gathering the artifacts - was a good solution. I have dreams, too, that this is not over - that's not the last we've ever seen of Jorel trying to take over, that's not the most we'll ever see and/or hear of Ioannes (though I'm sure its close - he's Ioannes!). I'd love to explore, in the future... Is this the end of Materna and Srennius? Were there any lingering effects from Rak's temporary god-status? What will happen if people continue to believe in Diana even though that belief is getting channeled into Aedaan now? Is it really possible that Ioannes is capable of making mistakes? (What does that mean for the rest of us if he can screw up?) There are tons of future plots, and I hope that at least one of them will be utilized. Obviously not soon - we don't want to overplay the gods or shove too much divinity down the community's throat. I'm just a deity fan-girl, if that much wasn't obvious already. My future wishes all boil down to being able to convey the stories of the gods in my head to Aelyria without them ending up in the plane of imagination. That's all!

Duncan: To live? It's going to be very interesting from a personal perspective if Duncan doesn't manage to talk himself -out- of some kind of deal (Always possible) to see in what form he returns. Then from that, firstly what state Telath is in politically and in terms of Gods and Planetars when he gets back to the material plane, then after that how he fits into it (if at all, he might end up curled up on a mountain or something).... In general? I hope that some of the edges are tidied up, it would be nice to see a tighter focus on certain factions rather than the constant introduction of yet one more; Arctic and the De Lylles are interesting but I can't help always wondering about the other factions which have been temporarily put on hold while they are worked through. Though I have to admit it gives the current political squabbles a certain irony to one left stuck in Aeternia as the big boys in the east and west wait like vultures to see what the Regency/De Lylles/Arctic affair leaves behind...

Maddyn: Past: While I’ve never been especially fond of Diana, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a few other Aetherians, Aeternians and Planetars being reduced or changed. To have the conflict between Meephos and Orod in their duel for instance result in their mutual falls – with Meephos suddenly in a tavern near you with a killer hangover, and Orod muttering parts of the Divine Prophecy to people without an understanding that such is a huge-nono.

Present: Those Branded, for better or worse, to begin planting their banners and carving out their own territories in the mess of the Secession Crisis. To see more followers of Materna, Srennius and Rak to strive to find a means of restoring their Deities…

Future: Over the years, Jalat has been very much a bi-polar God in his use when viewed over the last decade. With the exception of poor Kalendryas, I see him as the most warped in game-consistency. His fore position in the End of the Darkening, well, I wouldn’t mind seeing his predecessor rock up from the Pantheon Materna was the last (known) survivor thereof and starting something nasty. For parallel purposes, Discworld’s AZRAEL, but who’s purpose is blurred.

Pescado: I do hope that Pescado and Duncan will meet again, and settle their differences, perhaps this time without the bloodshed that was caused in the name of the Gods. We'll just have to wait and see how that unfolds as time goes on though.

Darkmavrck: Only that players take the opportunities presented and run with them. I hope everyone enjoys the change in game play and look forward to seeing what happens next.

Serion: Well with the way Aedaan was introduced to the world, I'd like to think that this plot sort of leads the way for my own plans with Serion. To some it's no secret, but to others that don't know what I'm talking about, they can wait and see it as it hits the boards one day.

Amalthea: To see what Fizden and Straylor--designated 'good guys' in the Aelyria community (for the most part) do with their icky Haya brands. Honestly I hope they get all moody and turn to the darkside. It'd be a nice change of pace.

Image by Vaurien

2011 Favorites!

Old Acquaintances


Beyond the Maelstrom

Peace and Power

99 Problems, Birch Ain't One

Fate Has Brought Me

Ladies Night Out

Dangerous Intermissions

Union of the Soul

Death of the Act
Featured Plot: Real Emotions
Thread: Real Emotion
Moderator: What was your favorite part about plotting the dragons storyline in Demios?
Bahamut: I'd have to say that my favorite part of plotting the plot was the teamwork that went behind it. To start off, there was quite a bit of discussion as to what exactly to do as a provincial plotline. We had various ideas, and then someone suggested a province-wide cyclone. So we discussed what exactly to make cause the cyclone, and it came up the ideas of dragons. Then somehow we got the idea of making it the champion of Ain'lar causing the dragons to go beserk since they normally wouldn't be attacking each other. So, putting in the HDT, Jacob came in and helped us out by fleshing the idea out, and we went from there!
Players: What drew you to the Real Emotions thread run by GM Bahamut?
Kakita: I was first attracted to the plot where Demios was in need of aid. My PC has always been dedicated to the Aetherian faith, and serving the people of Demios who were in need prompted my PC to make her way there.

Klue: A combination of things really. IC, as a longtime resident of Demios with family, friends and a home to protect, it was only natural that my PC would feel compelled to attend. In an OOC sense, I was curious to see how a trades focused PC would fare in a big adventure type thread. With only adequate weapon skills and as a non arcana user, among some far better mages and swordsmen, I wanted to find out if Klue could make himself genuinely useful. Or if he'd spend much of his time hiding behind the nearest rock. And then there were the dragons! Who can resist a dragon?

Iori: I saw it as a potential Church plot as the Herald did associate the CoF in its related announcements (and it was partially recommended by Trinity too). Naturally it took my interest since my PC is heavily involved with the CoF.
Moderator: Were there any unexpected twists and turns, things you didn't plan to happen, that had to re-examine your idea or did things pretty much run to course?
B: Things preeeeetty much ran the course, with one minor exception. I didn't expect Straylor to come flying in to Demios after having diverted the Cyclone away from Trysvale. So I had to account for another very high level PC in the overall plotline, which made things all the more interesting overall, and made it that much more enjoyable!
Players: What was your favorite part about the thread as it unfolded?
Kakita: I liked the part where our group encountered the ancient dragons and engaged them. The dragons weren't so hard to deal with when we worked as a group. The cooperation between different personalities was most interesting, even when we gathered together for the first time.

Klue: It's difficult to pick a favorite part, I thoroughly enjoyed it beginning to end. I particularly enjoyed though seeing how well so many PCs of different cultures, backgrounds, viewpoints, skills and even religious beliefs were able to band together for a common goal and against a common threat.

Iori: The unveiling of the true villain, that being the Champion of Ainlar. I personally also find the reaction of the other characters throughout the story as very interesting.
Moderator: What was your favorite part about the thread?
B: My favorite part of the thread was when everyone came together and worked together to fend of the Champion of Ain'ar away from the city of Demios. They worked as a team so well, even when I gave them some twist and turns like Faust losing one of his swords, or the champion's blade being made of Amindolite and cancelling out any spell that it touched. It was amazing how a group of PCs when faced with the direst of situations and come together and work as a team when needed, and I very much enjoyed moderating the final confrontation between the team and the Champion of Ain'lar.
Players: What was the greatest surprise you encountered? If you weren't surprised, what moment really sort of turned your head?
Kakita: I thought the dragons were to be blamed, but it appeared that the true culprit was the Champion of Ainlar. I was even more surprised to find that he had more power than a cohesive group which also had an archmage and grand swordsman combined. The roleplay of all members of the group was most inspiring.

Klue: Another difficult one to answer, but one was when it was revealed that it was a servant of Ainlar that was the guilty party, the cause of all the upset on Demios and the coast of Carmelyn, rather than simply dragons squabbling over stolen treasures.

Iori: The true villain exposed was quite a surprise. Though I would say the most surprising thing was Iori's prophecy actually coming true in a very coincidental manner without any OOC tips or hints whatsoever. I was never clear of the prophecy or of what I was supposed to do, and I frankly never realized my PC fulfilled it eventually until after the plot came to its end
Moderator: Any future plots and plans in regards to this storyline that people might be interested to know about, to get in on the action?
B: As for the future of the Dragons of Demios story-arc as i've come to call it, there will be a part two and possibly part three, all in the planning stages right now, either to come later this season or in spring. Let's just say i'm hoping to showcase a few other champions, dragons, as well as distant lands in the upcoming story-arcs that relate to the "Real Emotion" plotline!
Players: Any hopes for something related to the plotline, either past, present or future?
Kakita: I am hopeful that there will be opportunities to be friends with the dragons. Maybe an opportunity to learn some dragon lore. Considering that we just took out a champion of Ainlar, maybe an opportunity to be involved in some divine element in the plot? There are four PCs with affiliations with the Aetherian pantheon. It would be nice to have something that is impactful to our PCs' progress with their faith.

Klue: Since all of the participating PCs were sent away with a Tear of Heronythys, and a grasp of how each could bring them all back together again, I'm personally looking forward to discovering how that future plot will unfold. Also for an opportunity to write with a great bunch of players again, and a GM who's just done a fantastic job of it. Can't say enough great things about Bahamut and his imagination

Iori: Urm more dragons this time! And of course, the hope that it would see to completion too! Big adventure threads like these coming to an end within a 1 year period are rather rare. It was a job well done by the moderator and fellow players alike.

[top]The Worldforge

2011 Favorites!

by Nimh

Feral Shamanism
by S'Lon

by Triel Xythan'tor

Church of Faith
by Trinity

by Noe

by Embel Almstad

Esh'lahier Culture
by Charybdis

Longsword Treatise
by Iori McKenzie

Bardism Treatise
by Indefinite

Ikos Treatise
by Carly Jr'ana
Approved Articles
The following articles have been approved by the Creative Team to be placed in the Lore and/or Wiki sections of our site. Past approvals may be located in previous editions of the Worldforge Newsletter.

Deadly Jorel Minions
By Gir
Section: Factionalism
2011's Featured Write-up: The Arcana Rewrite
A Primer to Arcana, Rewrite
By Nimh (Shout outs to Maddyn & Jacob)

Interview by Ragman
What was the main motivating factor in revamping the old arcana system?
We needed to make it more accessible to low-level players, particularly new players that were coming into the system and really wanting to get into the magic scene. There's nothing like being told "no, you can't do that, you're level 1 and it takes about 10 minutes just to concentrate on casting a spell, let alone doing what you just did!" Arcana was no longer on par with the rest of the skill sets in the game. Both combat and trades PCs had been altered so that level 2 could accomplish things now in a way that they previously were thought not to. Level 2 arcana…? Still struggling with icky time limits. Basically, the time limits were really frustrating and had to go!
How has the revamped arcana system addressed those faults mentioned above?
We've made it more freeform, stripping away a majority of the numbers and allowing moderators and players to experience and determine things on a more personal level. A lot of what we've done here is told people: "A lot of this is situational. A person getting attacked is not going to be able to cast the same way or in the same amount of time as a person that's sitting in a field of clover, not being hampered by allergies of course, on a very calm day." Previously we've had high level mages simply waving their hand and having a city collapsed. It was really sort of backward that a low level PC couldn't cast a light spell under 10 minutes, but a big bad could just alter a city in a matter of moments. There's power and then there's common sense.
Were you surprised at the reaction of the revamp and why?
I was and I wasn't. Part of me really wasn't looking forward (at all) to the unveil because I'm familiar with the way the site tends to greet change. People are argumentative. I stormed in prepared to tell people "I'll rip your eyes out if you try to do that." And in some ways and times, yeah, I've had to say that. While there are elements of the write-up some people aren't happy with (yeah, I can even understand why), for the most part the reaction has been refreshingly positive. We tried to keep it simple, stupid, for lower level characters, while trying to challenge those at higher levels to go out and do rather than simply waving their hands. I think we've accomplished that, whether some people like it or not.
What are the main considerations when implementing the arcana revamp?
As I said, making it more user friendly for lower level players while challenging higher level players to go out and do things rather than rest on their laurels and the expectation that because they're awesome everything goes according to plan without much effort. People seem to think that high level players are sort of end-game, that there's nowhere left to go. We've opened up avenues for those players to explore, to individualize elements while trying to tap bigger spells with additional items.

Personalization was so huge for us and you can see this mostly in the Staff rewrite and the pushed option to now quest to get your arcana powers rather than sitting down in an academy setting. Personal questing and character development, staying away from cookie cutter level ups and staff threads, are things we really wanted to implement and I'd really like to believe that we've managed to accomplish this in several different forms.
What are some of the other possible implementations that could be added on in the future?
I currently have Evolution sitting in my queue, but real life has really sort of spun me around, so that's slow-going! I know Maddyn has a list of reagents he's been working on under his PC persona, but he's put that on hold for one reason or another--mostly because no one's trying to find reagents and experiment with them themselves. I know that's a lot of people's least favorite side of the revamp, but it is what it is. Other than that, I'd like to see arcana documents kept to an absolute minimum in terms of trying to hash things out and develop anything further. We want to keep things simple without adding in a whole lot of rules. We want the personalization and situational elements to continue being used by players and moderators alike. No more boxing things into a specific corner, please!

[top]Past Issues

Here are links to all back issues of the Worldforge Newsletter and the current Aelyrian Chronicle community newsletter.

The Aelyrian Chronicle Archive: With links to all past articles in 2011 and earlier!
Want to be a Chronicle contributor?

Just contact Nimh!
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New newsletter for your perusal!
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Yay Newsletter Team!

Good work Lauren!!

Do let us know what you guys wanna see this year with regards to the Newsletter guys and Lauren and team will do their best to provide!
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Awesome chronicle setup Lauren Love it ^^.

I really liked the Darkening End's plot breakdown with the comments from everyone, sounds great.

OH AND TRINITY if you read this, Aslan + Meephos + Vel alongside = epic fun time. *gives thumbs up*

Aslan's Chosen


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Glad you liked it! Thought it would be a fun change up Look for more of this type of Q&A over the next year! I'm going to try to mix stuff up from issue to issue (depending on how much I can do that...!)

If there are any other types of Q&A people want to read, please let me know!
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Straylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious Superhero

Great work guys
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Fizden is a benevolent AdventurerFizden is a benevolent Adventurer

I love it!
Profile artwork copyright to its respective artist
Thank you Tercet for drawing the avatar
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Wow. So mod. Much nice.
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Krait is a glorious SuperheroKrait is a glorious SuperheroKrait is a glorious SuperheroKrait is a glorious SuperheroKrait is a glorious SuperheroKrait is a glorious Superhero

This is certainly a refreshing start to a new year! Great job as always!
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