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Aelyrian Chronicle: December '11

December 2011, 12th Edition

It's been a very long month for me and others. November is always one of those busy times where people are off taking care of school and work...not to mention Thanksgiving, that darned NaNoWriMo (kudos to Aelyrians for making their own version!) and who can forget Skyrim? Because this past month as been a bit consumed, this month's newsletter is a little on the streamlined side. If you notice a portion of the newsletter missing that you usually enjoy reading, my apologies! We on the newsletter staff took a little break for sanity's sake and have presented you with this smaller version. Don't worry, though. We hope to return to a bit of a bulkier set next month--maybe with a new set-up and features to kick off the new year with!

Happy reading!

This Month's Chronicle Contributors: Ragman, Pierot and Inoke

[top]The Community

Chronosynch Change: Winter Is Here!: The season has changed in Aelyria with three new months for you to play in: Immanis, Ponutis and Melora.
National Aelyria Post Concatenation Month: Players across the game had a blast altering NaNoWriMo into their own Aelyrian twist: Write 50,000 words by the end of November! And some people managed to succeed - congrats! I'd love to see this again next year.
Aelyrian Cookbook: Zim Rage would love to gather a bunch of recipes to make a collaborative Aelyrian cookbook!
Be A Mod: Volunteer contributors who keep our adventures running!
AGM for Aelyria Prime: Help out Tercet and Ladon in AP!
GMs Wanted!: Just about anywhere!
Herald Producer(s) Wanted: We're looking for people interested in tackling the Herald forum in an editorial and reporter capacity.
Join the Player Team!: The Player Team is currently looking to add another member or two.
Join the Creative Team!: Have a talent for creativity and guidance? Help Nimh continue expanding the Aelyrian lore in the Worldforge!
Matchmaker Listings: Thread together with your favorite mods and fellow players by looking at the wanted lists in the matchmaker forum. Are you a match?
Partner in Crime…Fighting: Join up and hang out with Mixie Shadowmuffin
Mod Wanted: Initiation into Jalat's Clergy: Nor Nixcof could use some moderation!
Ancient Seeking Ancients: Want to meet some AAs?
Primus Countryside Has a Fever: Hang with some Birches!

[top]Player Team

Player Aid Tool of the Month:
Account Linking Bar: Found within the main page of the User Control Panel (aka the User CP), just below the Reputation Bar, this tool provides players with a quick and easy way to switch between multiple player characters. A player simply needs to enter the User Name and Password of the account(s) they would like to link to their primary account and then they click on the Link Account button. At this point, the You Are Currently Linked To The Following Users Bar is updated with the name(s) of the secondary, newly linked character(s). Furthermore, a downward pointing arrow will appear next to the player's name inside the Welcome Box, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner, near the top of the board. By clicking on this arrow, a drop-down box will appear with the linked account(s) listed. Once opened, all a player has to do is click on the name(s) listed and - presto, chango - the account is switched. It should be noted here, that this is a very important function that all Companions should utilize so that they do not trip the Multi Account Detector, every...single...time...they log on.

[top]The Game

Empire Day Celebrations
[Kalendryas, Era XVIII]

Role of the Consul
[Kalendryas, Era XVIII]

Paxia: Recruiting
Legionnaires & Constables

[Tempris, Era XVIII]

Assassination in Paxia
[Junctior, Era XVIII]

Magistrates Wanted
in Arium

[Kalendryas, Era XVIII]

Featured City
Portshire, Prime
Moderated by GM AL Charlie Wallace

A strategic and wealthy port-city on the Great Sea.
How would you describe your city?
The city is divided between old nobility and the denizens of the docks. On the surface Old City is pristine and orderly. Underneath the veneer Old City is corrupted by political intrigue, secret societies, and nefarious power structures waiting to be discovered. The Docks are dark and seedy. Beneath the rough exterior, honest hard-working Portshirens eke out a living among the thieves and cutthroats. Pirates, smugglers, and merchants share the dilapidated alleyways trying to earn reputations and fortunes.
What do you think makes your city so successful?
Portshire has plentiful adventures to be discovered. Interaction with the merchants, nobles, and ordinary citizens unveils plots and purposes for adventurers to pursue. The NPCs of Portshire are fully developed. Their goals, desires, faults, and prejudices are established. Dealing with a Portshiren might be lucrative or deadly. Portshire can be labeled newbie friendly. Adventurers can get a "feel" for the city quickly, but it takes many NPC interactions to understand the complex intricacies of port city.
What do you find to be the most enjoyable aspect of your city?
When an adventurer visits Portshire for the first time, I get to describe a view of the city. The descriptions are uncomplicated. But when a player delves into locations and discovers adventure and adversity there is satisfaction of having role played into the depth of the city.

The most fun for me is when a player interacts with an NPC who has been dormant. I get to awaken the NPC and role play anew. It's like finding an old friend.
So far, what are some of your all time favorite plots that you've moderated in your city?
Kavene Darklight's attempt to create a guild on the docks. This curious katta jumped up to the dilapidated roofs of the docks often. His feet landed in hot water every time.
Scars of Ours Scars of ours
Darklight Distressing Darklight Destressing

Eriale has provided daily interaction in Portshire for many years. She has served as a planner to Viscount Luzam Aquinath to coordinate an emergence ball for Lady Cynthia Aquinath resulting in unexpected events. Eriale's past is shady and she is well-known to the Scarlet Otter, leader of the thieve's guild. Her former relationship to the thieve's guild has proved embarrasing and beneficial as she was able to coordinate the cooperation of the thieves with the Sapphire Guard's removal of an infestation of despicable murderers in the Ghetto.
Celebration of the Emergence of Lady Cynthia Aquinath Eriale - Celebration of Emergence of Lady Cynthia Aquinath
The Thanal Mansion Eriale - Roland: The Thanal Mansion
Which NPC (alive or dead) have you enjoyed writing for the most? Provide links for evidence of the fun!
Bryce Dehaven of Court Clothier. His outrageous fashion sense and extravagant manner always make me chuckle.
Razumikhin at Court Clothier Old City: Court Clothier - Razumikhin
Tali'yae at Cout Clothier Court Clothier - Tali
Are there any hints you'd like to drop players about possible future plots?
No hints but I do have advice for prospective visitors. Every NPC in Portshire is delegated to provide an adventure. Simple and complex plots can be discovered by interaction.
What locations do you think best personify your city?
Docks - Spawn Ale House Docks - Spawn Alehouse
Old City - Temple of Aslan http://www.aelyria.com/forums/portsh...ml#post1519228
Featured Character

Image by Vaurien

Stairway to Heaven
Veleraen finds a doorway to Soros?

The Hanged Man
A meeting between de Lylles

A 'Friendly' Conversation
Digging up trouble
Arkahn Th'alashar
Hulk Katta

Interview by Ragman.

One of the most well written, vicious, bloody and yet principled PCs that have ever graced these boards, Arkhan is always able to inspire greatness of writing from the PCs and moderators around him. Playing one of the most difficult races to portray in the game, he truly embodies the ferocious vision of the Tigron and in my opinion is one of the best players Aelyria has to offer -- Sarah
Hey Arkahn, you're one of the oldies that has returned from hiatus
Ok, let's see. Arkahn is an old character that went through a few changes over time. Most of the people past and present know him has the big, one-eyed Tigron. He's pretty much always been a soldier loyal to the Aelyrian Empire, but not necessarily to those on the throne.
What are the few changes you've seen in game that you like, and how is that different from before?
That's actually a pretty difficult question. Some of the stuff may have been changed when I was about to leave and already pretty inactive, some of it might have been done after. I think there's two things that really stand out to me. One being the starting packages for new players. I think it's nice to be able to pick up at least some stuff that reflects your character background when you start playing it. The best change ever though? Arcana, hands down. I never really got it in the Olden Days, which may be a reflection of my intellectual abilities rather than anything else. But yeah, with the new system stuff finally makes sense to me, so that has me pretty excited.
So what is your character currently up to at the moment?
Currently Arkahn is in neck-deep with Threllius' side of the de Lylles, most notably with Roscarnis. While he doesn't really know all the details he's aware of their bid for the throne and supports them. This is getting him pretty busy in Enamoria, where's he's currently torturing some poor sap, taking Roscarnis to a few prostitutes, trying to get his hands on some new armour and training Elantria to be a proper soldier. Slightly before all of that he got turned over eight feet tall and green, so he's looking to stay that way and on top of all that he's making weird faces at Tiyribi Andares.
What's the greatest enjoyment out of writing for Arkahn?
Well, I like writing violent things, and there's no shortage of that when writing of Arkahn. Having such a violent, no-nonsense character around a bunch of politicians, aristocrats and nobles is a recipe for messy, but fun, disaster. I think that all in all I enjoy the threads where Arkahn is working with Roscarnis and loving the job while hating the company are good examples of the things I love to write about.
Who are some of the PCs/Mods/NPCs that have influenced Arkahn's development the most?
I think I would have to divide that up in past and present. Way back when I think the mod that most influenced who Arkahn is today was GD Apophis. He moderated us through the Malice campaign that made Arkahn slightly crazier than he used to be, and a whole lot more bitter. As far as players are concerned, back then Parreyon Syndicus had a lot of influence on him, as well as Malkaer Andares. Parreyon mostly as the friend that was a counter-balance to Arkahn, Malkaer as an example of who he never wanted to be. Right now it's GM Sarah who has the most influence on his personality because she mods most of my threads. Player wise I think it's Roscarnis because he spends so much time with Arkahn and Tiyirbi because she got him all googly-eyed, which is a bit of a new experience to Arkahn.
Let's talk about some of Arkahn's flaws and strengths, what are they?
His flaws are mostly his narrow view on the world. He has a very distinct and personal idea of what is right and wrong and strictly abides by those principles. When those views deviate from most others because they border on fascism, it can bring up quite a few problems. His strength, besides the obvious physical stuff, are his strategic proficiency and fierce loyalty to the empire. The latter doesn't make him stable, or a hero, as he's just as likely to turn on his leaders when he finds them lacking.
*Gulp* Nice, so what are some of your favorite threads that you are currently involving Arkahn in at the moment?
[Unicorn Plaza] Too big for his britches (Private, GM Sarah) -- A thread with GM Sarah where Arkahn is looking for a grandmaster armoursmith in Medonia. Because Arkahn got turned huge and green, he needs to get himself some new equipment. Lots of skullbreaking is the result.

A 'Friendly' Conversation [Arkahn] -- In this thread Arkahn takes cleaver and hammer to a would-be attacker of Roscarnis and finds out something he rather hadn't. I enjoyed the thread a lot because of the eventual plottwist and as an opportunity to portray Arkahn's sense of duty.

[Julianna Palace] Strange Fascination, My Only Placation (Arkahn Th'alashar) -- Arkahn catches up with an old acquintance and spends some time reminiscing. Just the fact that this thread was full of opportunities to describe Arkahn's sometimes twisted way of thinking would have been enough. Getting to play him as dumbstruck by an elf just sweetened the deal.
Who or what are some of your real-life inspirations for Arkahn?
Hm, I would have to say people like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Hannibal. Their focussed effort on the art of war and being balls-out about getting what they thought was just always appealed to me when playing Arkahn. More importantly, I would think the concept of the Roman Legion and the Greek Hoplite phalanxes have been of inspiration to the character. The concept of both military phenomenon are major parts of Arkahn's mentality.
Thank you for doing this interview, Arkahn! Just one final question, what would you do if you meet Arkahn in real life? Would you two get along?
Ha! No. I think I would turn around and get away as quick as I could. I doubt Arkahn would mind very much, art students aren't really his cup of tea.
If you would like to suggest an individual for "Featured Character" or threads for "Featured Threads", please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.

[top]The Worldforge

Approved Articles
The following articles have been approved by the Creative Team to be placed in the Lore and/or Wiki sections of our site. Past approvals may be located in previous editions of the Worldforge Newsletter.

A view on torture in Aelyria
By Kalashnikov
Section: Culture
Featured Write-Up
Treatise on Song Rewrite
By Indefinite
What was your inspiration for this write-up?
Well, with the arcana revisions, Song and Ikos were supposed to be revised as well so that they were no longer tied in with Arcana, instead functioning as separate spheres that didn't follow the same guidelines as the others. Which, really, has always been the case, but it was decided to officialize it. Since my PC is a Bard, this directly related to me. I thought to myself, what the heck, why not try my hand at a writeup? And so I did.
What about it interests you the most?
It's something that relates to my PC because my PC is a Bard. Plus, I've always been into music, and I've got some pretty decent piano-playing skills. Also, Bardism is a very broad sphere with a lot of potential. There's plenty that a person can do with it, because the concept behind it is rather vague. In a beneficial way.
How do you envision it being used in game?
Song has always been one of the spheres that nobody really goes into. Possibly because it's perceived as a support role, and a lot of people like having their own individual strength instead of buffing other people who do their fighting for them. I don't plan on entirely revamping the sphere so that Bards become a 'combat' sphere, because that's entirely against the point. If you want to fling fireballs at people, become an elementalist. A Bard is a 'generalist,' not a 'specialist.' He can do a little of everything but won't be spectacular. It should mainly be used to buff your allies and inhibit your enemies, or other sound-based effects. Some of the songs might have effects that encroach into the other spheres, but those aren't the norm. Does that mean that a Bard can't be self-sufficient? No. A properly trained Bard can hold their own against any other mage. It's just that the methods they use won't be as conventional as people think when they hear the word "mage." No ice spheres, no holy light, no plagues, no freaking fireworks. Maybe you sing at a frequency that shatters their equipment. Maybe you sing a song that turns your opponents against each other. Maybe you sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" and make your opponents surrender in order to make you stop. Stuff that makes sense for a sphere that's based off of music and sound.
What was the trickiest part about this write-up for you?
In order to truly separate Bardism from traditional Arcana, it was essential to start from the ground up. The hardest part, then, was coming up with how exactly Bardism worked. The previous writeup only had the bare bones of what Bardism could do, but didn't really go into the details of why it could do that. In other words, there were no real explanations for many aspects of Bardism, and I had to determine why they did work. Why was it that when Bards played music, stuff happened? What made them different from any normal musician? How did the spellcasting process work for Bards, who had to play their instrument while spellcasting? There was no established procedure for Bards, and I'm pretty sure that most Bards up until this point have just been winging it by doing what sort of makes sense. I really had to build from the ground up because a) there was really nothing established beforehand and b) I was supposed to be creating a system that departed from the traditional Arcana system, since that's the direction that Bardism is supposed to be heading.
On the flip side, what was the easiest thing about putting this write-up together?
Coming up with ideas.

The hard part was tying them together in a coherent manner.
If you would like to suggest Worldforge articles (threads located either in the main Worldforge, Guides or Realmcrafting), please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.

[top]Past Issues

Here are links to all back issues of the Worldforge Newsletter and the current Aelyrian Chronicle community newsletter.

The Aelyrian Chronicle Archive: With links to all past articles in 2011 and earlier!
Want to be a Chronicle contributor?

Just contact Nimh!
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A new newsletter for your viewing pleasure!
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Har. Forgot to unlock this when I moved it out to the forums. Go me..!
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