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Aelyrian Chronicle: October '11

October 2011, 10th Edition

Welcome to October! It's now been a month since we've released some changes into the game and I must say that I'm rather surprised with the way most people have embraced changed and rolled with it. There will always be the dislikes of a new system or set-up. It happens and I won't pretend that every single one of you loves it, whether in entirety or at all, but as a community you've been fairly wonderful. Some things still need tweaked and we're working on it. Some things still need written...and we're working on that, too. We thank you for your help, patience and (sometimes) your pouting as we continue to shape the direction of the game and its various odds and ends.

(Please note, the newsletter was held back from being posted because I needed a blurb. Unfortunately I've also been very tired and rundown lately, so yes...that's all you're getting. I'll do better next time...I hope! )

Happy reading!

This Month's Chronicle Contributors: Noe, Ragman, Ladon, Tercet and Inoke

[top]The Community

Game Master

Arkdun, Carmelyn
A thriving city on Port Libertas bay.

Sample Locations

Skyrider Academie
Former griffin-riding academy.

Draconi Academy
Specializing in all things dracon

Imperial Collegium
A vast curriculum of classes

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AGM for Aelyria Prime: Help out Tercet and Ladon in AP!
GMs Wanted!: Just about anywhere!
AGM for Port Alyx: GM Maelstrom wants some help in PA
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AGM for Trysvale: GM Tonguez could use some help in Trysvale
AGM for Paxia: GM Steve could use some help in Paxia
Join the Player Team!: The Player Team is currently looking to add another member or two.
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Matchmaker Listings: Thread together with your favorite mods and fellow players by looking at the wanted lists in the matchmaker forum. Are you a match?
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Seeking Arcana/Mysticism Instructor: New player looking for a mentor!
Setting up Shop: Want to get involved with a PC shop?
Come to Fintagel!: Serendipity would love for more PCs to check out Fintagel.

[top]The Game

Dianites Called to Convert;
Dracons Exiled from City

[Tempris, Era XVIII]

Elanara Al'lende Returned
from Dead

[Tempris, Era XVIII]

Goodwill Mission
from Arconis

[Junctior, Era XVIII]

Festival of the Arts
in Arconis

[Junctior, Era XVIII]

Secyclion's Pirate Problem

[Tempris, Era XVIII]

Aeternian Cult Reemerges
in Olympia

[Tempris, Era XVIII]

Featured City
Medonia, Enamoria
Moderated by GM GM Sarah

"Medonia feels less gimmicky than some of the others. For me I like it because it really feels like one of the few places in Aelyria that tie the present of the game to the past in a constant way. Medonia was the capital of large kingdom before the imperials emigrated across the shallow waters and started their expansion. It also surrendered during that time and was treated well with their nobility retaining a lot of land and privilege.

Of course there's the Pox and the Pondertree, the Xet invasion, Malician War and the governor's seat at the Pnyx. There is a lot of history tied to the city and powerful people who either came from Medonia or paid dues in the city of black walls and gargoyles before moving forward. It is by far one of the best places to get your PC involved with trade, politics or organized crime with many factions vying for power, prestige and wealth. It strikes an interesting balance between the gutter rows of Imperia and the austere politics of Prime. For me it is one of the few spots where I can do almost anything I want/need to with my character."
- Rougenoe

Rich capital and metropolis filled with political intrigue.

Interview by Noe.
How would you describe your city?
Medonia is a political melting pot between the old Feudocratic nobility and the Imperial Empire. Great capital, rich in history and culture, with a large divide between the rich and the poor.
What's your favorite location in your city?
[Location] The Gut Bucket
Though there is a rich and opulent side to Medonia, The Gut Bucket epitomizes the dark, seedy and poor side of the city. I have always loved using taverns as starting point for adventures, and they are great places for PCs to interact with each other. The Gut Bucket does all that plus has really bad beer, moldy bread, lots of vomit and pirates. Oh and slutty bar wenches!
Do you have a favorite NPC faction or group? How might an interested PC become involved?
There are a number of different factions in Medonia that a PC could potentially get involved with. These reflect the economic divide with the city.

The first are all the old Noble families of Enamoria that ruled the province before it was taken over by the Aelyrian Empire. The three main duchies around Medonia, and to its west are Kailfreet, Maarkan and Charis as well as a number of Baronys. Any PC interested in becoming a member of these family is welcome to contact me for a potential starting package, or can try approaching the established NPCs IC. Currently we have one Kailfreet PC who is the nephew of the Archduke Malaras.

Secondly there is a large organized crime syndicate within the city know as The Cadre. I have yet to develop this to its full potential, (actually still researching it) and it is something that I would love to do with more PC involvement. We already have some PCs involved, and to find more information about this I would point PCs towards The Gut Bucket location mentioned above.
What little details do you love about your city?
I love my random weird gnomes who wear brightly coloured, mismatched hats and waistcoats.
The evil looking gothic gargoyles that stare down at you from any of the ancient, original buildings of the city.
The magic sniffing relequis that is the graveyard grounds keeper
The hidden nypmhs in Faille Grove Park

Click here for the rest of GM Sarah's interview.
Did You Know...?

The Aethergem is also a mortal prison for the Goddess Carmelya. When it shattered, the Darkening Plotline began with a wager between the Aetherians, Diana and Carmelya, with the rivalry between the Goddess reaching the conclusion this Chronosynch in Darkening's End.

Featured Character

Image by Vaurien

Work is the Curse

Tales of Wandering Mer
Rincewin meets a mer

May He Heal His Soul
Roland gives himself
up for treason

Looking for Treasures
Adventurers at Fort Charisma

Chaos Under Bleeding Sky
The battle of the gods

Rise of the Titans
Dark deeds and heroes
in Olympia

Rhyme or Reason
Iori uncovers his father

Light Amongst Darkness
Elanara returns to the Pynx
Faust Kitrye'veresi
General of Har'oloth

"Listing all the positive attributes, accomplishments, and utterly awe-inspiring talent that Faust Kitrye'veresi displays would easily be a novel by itself. At the pinnacle is that Faust is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling person. The character is deep, multifaceted, and multidimensional. You honestly want to meet and get to know this guy (and preferably make sure he'll side with you during a fight). Reading his posts are like greeting an old friend and that, I think, is the heart of genius writing and role-playing." - Tiyribi Andares

Interview by Noe.
What was your inspiration when you started your character? Is it different now that you've played him for a while?
To be painfully honest, my inspiration behind Faust was less than noble. I created him on the spur of the moment after moderators tempted my first PC, Kelennar, with three enchanted swords and killed him after he took them. Having pumped out over 1,000 posts with Kelennar in less than four months, I was pretty upset when the moderators offed him for what I believed to be an incredibly asinine reason at the time. I was ready to pack my bags and quit the game entirely when GD Ann contacted me on AIM and asked me to stay and consider making another character. I agreed. I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but I created a dark elf because I knew the race was evil, and I planned on using that trait to justify killing the PCs of the moderators responsible for Kelennar’s death. I also made him young and “innocent” so that he wouldn’t be suspicious. Terrible role-playing, I know, but in my defense, I think I was only 16 at the time. I wish I had a more elaborate story to share with you about my inspiration for creating Faust, but unfortunately, that’s it! Sweet, sweet revenge! Fortunately, I’m a changed man now, and needless to say, my inspiration behind Faust has changed dramatically as well.
What was the original concept for your character?
As shamefully indicated above, I originally intended Faust to be an instrument for my OOC revenge – again, I acknowledge how immature that was even though I still laugh when I think about it. However, not even a week after I started Faust without having anything specific in mind for him, GD Kalinda offered to help me develop a neat back story for him, which, ironically, revolved around revenge. A lot of thought and consideration on her part went into it, but the crux of Faust’s original concept was that he was the son of Matron Kal’adriel Kitrye’veresi of the First House of Har’oloth, which was betrayed by Faust’s aunt and completely obliterated (all of this was actually role-played). Back then PCs were not allowed to simply jump into a noble family and have access to a lot of goodies, so Kalinda made darned sure that there was nothing left of House Kitrye’veresi other than a lot of blood, corpses, and destruction. That opened the door to Faust escaping to the surface to find new allies to help him seek revenge against his aunt, Alaret Kitrye’veresi, who had installed herself as the new Matron of the First House during the interim. Once Faust actually fled from Har’oloth, I allowed his interactions with other PCs and moderators to determine his development, mostly because I hadn’t planned anything for him originally.
How has your character changed from how you initially envisioned them?
Drastically. For one, I was forced to increase Faust’s age considerably after I already started playing him because a moderator raised concerns that an elf his age could not wield a sword. More substantively, though, shortly after Faust escaped to the surface while still an “elf boy,” Serion D’Rinishad, Adinirach Dalael, and Trevlyn Darkwind contacted Faust and essentially adopted him into House D’Rinishad. That was probably the most determining event in his life because Serion instilled in Faust the value of uniting the elven races and gaining acceptance from the surface dwellers. What Serion forgot to mention was that House D’Rinishad was really doing those things to dupe the people (that’s a very Serion thing to do), so Faust eventually took Serion’s original instructions to heart and ultimately became a good guy. It was definitely not what I had planned, but I love how it turned out.

Click here for more of Faust's interview.
From the Bestiary: White Death Frog

The White Death Poisonous Frogs are a rare breed living in the high mountainous reaches of Arium, Carmelyn, and Centripax. Due to the fact that they feed on a small selection of bugs that exist for a short period of time in the mountains they grow to only about three centimeters. They have also developed a means of growing that is faster than other frogs so that they grow twice as fast, but, compared with other species, that means that they win the race towards their demise.

Image by Tercet

If you would like to suggest an individual for "Featured Character" or threads for "Featured Threads", please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.

[top]The Worldforge

Write-Up Wanted: Acrobatics

Like the idea of acrobatics used in combat? Or just the fun of performing as an acrobatics? Give writing up a skill tree for Acrobatics a try!

Treatise on Ikos
by Carly Jr'ana

Sakir Shamanism
by Irmaon Volateria

Circlet of Arcana Tweaks
by Triel Xythan'tor

by Embel Almstad
Approved Articles
The following articles have been approved by the Creative Team to be placed in the Lore and/or Wiki sections of our site. Past approvals may be located in previous editions of the Worldforge Newsletter.

Scythe and Chain Fighting
By Kaar
Section: Combat

Masters of the Sky
By Nimh
Section: Non-Player Races
Featured Write-Up
Udran'Beydir Rewrite
By Gir
What was your inspiration for this write-up?
I've wanted to revamp the original Udran'Beydir writeup for several years, and with the changes being made to arcana and skill writeups in general it seemed like as good a time as any.
What about it interests you the most?
I like seeing writeups that help draw a characters story closer to the Aelyrian pantheon. Gods are meant to play a huge role in the way people behave in the world, and like a few other deity based factions the Udran'Beydir are designed to do just that.
How do you envision it being used in game?
Previous players that have utilized the original Udran'Beydir writeup seem to think that the faction is all about being able to kill. In actuality they are meant to be messengers and prophets of Jorel, the ability to kill simply a bonus, and I'd like to think that some of the changes I've made will emphasize that a bit more than in the past.
What was the trickiest part about this write-up for you?
Updating the writeup's more outdated guidelines without destroying the feel of it. A lot of thought was put into the original, so I didn't want to completely alienate any past history regarding the Udran'Beydir.
On the flip side, what was the easiest thing about putting this write-up together?
I would have to say the easiest part of this writeup was breaking it down into tiers so that it was no longer a skill as opposed to a faction. With the preexisting faction writeups and the new branding system involving the gods and planetars, the Udran'Beydir writeup has come together quite nicely thus far.
In the Wiki:
Vaettir of Vers

A secretive ruling mage council in the city of Vers.

If you would like to suggest Worldforge articles (threads located either in the main Worldforge, Guides or Realmcrafting), please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.

[top]Past Issues

Here are links to all back issues of the Worldforge Newsletter and the current Aelyrian Chronicle community newsletter.

Aelyrian Chronicle: September 2011, 9th Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: August 2011, 8th Edition
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Aelyrian Chronicle: February 2011, 2nd Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: January 2011, 1st Edition
Worldforge Newsletters: The last WF newsletter issue August - November 2010, with a list of past approvals dating from August 2009 to April 2010.
Want to be a Chronicle contributor?

Just contact Nimh!
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New chronicle for the month!
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