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The Aelyrian Chronicle: August '11 Edition

August 2011, 8th Edition

Serale Aelyrians! It's that time again: Chronicle time. That time where I sit down to write out a little blurb about the newsletter and our community and sometimes manage to come up with something coherent and sometimes just wave my hand and go...oh, like they really care. But here's the thing: you do care. Maybe not so much about what I write up here or what I write anywhere else for that matter, but what is obvious to me (and shows that, yes, you do care), is how many "veterans" (or merely players who came before and returned now) have resurfaced over the last few months. That's the thing with Aelyria: you drift. It's the sort of game that you can readily, eagerly, involve yourself in for months, for years, churning out masterpieces (or not), getting to know fellow writers (or not), and simply letting your imagination fly (or not). And then you've had your fill, or real life becomes pressing and all-consuming and drags you away, leaving us with a void where a character once was and now is no longer. We feel it when people leave us, but we also feel it when they come back. That they come back says something, doesn't it? Oh, it's true that not everyone comes back. You lose people along the way sometimes, but that's fine. You get new blood and sometimes the new blood sticks around and sometimes it doesn't. But inevitably at least some of the new people stay and the cycle begins again, with people writing, making friends, expending creative energy to continue the story (stories).

So I'm going to reserve this blurb here for a hearty welcome back to the veterans who have made their way back to Aelyria...and a very warm welcome to the new players that have found their way to us. We hope you stay, all of you, and if you find, for some reason, that you have to go away for a little while...that's fine. We understand. Just make sure you come back sometime soon!

Happy reading!

This Month's Chronicle Contributors: Tercet, Inoke and Noe

[top]The Community

Game Master

Nexus Prime, Arium
Fortified capital city
holding sentinel over
the mountains.

Sample Locations

Mama JuJu's House
Adjurator services

Rainbow Towers
Arcane academy

The Tiger's Den
Local Tigers hangout

Mini Games
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AGM for Imperia: GM Ceridwen is looking for contributors for the shady western city!
Join the PT!: The Player Team is currently looking to add another member or two.
Be a Creative Producer for the Worldforge!: Have a talent for creativity and guidance? Help Nimh continue expanding the Aelyrian lore in the Worldforge!
Matchmaker Listings: Thread together with your favorite mods and fellow players by looking at the wanted lists in the matchmaker forum. Are you a match?
Mod for Mysticism Wanted: Parreyon needs help with a level 3 thread
Ancient Aelyrian for Hire: Want to make an Ancient do funny things?
See the World!: Join the Lively Jewel ship crew!
Jewelcrafting Mod Wanted: Help Leto with his level 3 jewelcrafting!
Want to be a Hippy?: Join Aydyn in tree-hugging!
Seeking Companion/Family: Zephy'ie would love some in character guidance
Selling Jaedaxian Realty: Buy some space off of Charlotte Lupin in Jaedaxia!

[top]The Game

Announcement of Abdication
[Spring, Era XVIII]
There's a new power in town

de Lylles Declines Position
[Summer, Era XVIII]
Roscarnis refuses Lord Adviser

Colonization of Solace Isle
[Summer, Era XVIII]
Plow some land on Solace

Hayan Champion emerges
in Hon'elgg

[Summer, Era XVIII]
A glimpse at depravity

Mystery Solved
[Summer, Era XVIII]
Enlightenment on women

Featured City
Diana, Carmelyn
Moderated by GD Trinity
"Diana is well known as the stronghold or 'headquarters' of the Church of Faith, stylized as having a theocratic bureaucracy which makes it pretty unique, being for years the only available city to have such a theme (that is until the recent opening of Aslangrad). What makes it even more interesting is its dual-sided nature. On one hand it is a quiet place with an aura of peaceful veneration, but beneath the facade it is mired in political and religious turmoil, intrigue and controversy. It is a great sandbox not only for goody religious-type PCs, but also for those who likes to cause a little mischief and mayhem!" -- Iori McKenzie
Diana, the City of Faith, is the capital city in Carmelyn Province and the seat of the Church of Faith (the major religion in the Aelyrian Realm). Until recently, the Church was kept out of Diana's political circles, but with the appointment of the Hierarch, Ovan Hastra, as the Consul of Carmelyn, Diana has combined politics and Faith once more to form a theocratic society under rule from the Basilica Ecclesiae.

A brief Q&A with resident GD Trinity:

Interview conducted by Tercet.
How would you describe your city?
Diana is the City of Faith! Nearly everything that happens inside it has a hint of religion in it somewhere if you know where to look for it. I'd say that currently, Diana is the over-zealous seat of Carmelyn's provincial government, hell-bent on returning to a theocracy. The entire city is essentially being led by the Hierarch, who, if you didn't know, is only 28 and has little to no political experience except that which has been thrust upon him.

Diana is also unique in that it is incredibly low on crime: the Church of Faith operates with the philosphy that a fed populace is a happy populace, and that crime is less likely to happen when everyone has something to eat, so even though they aren't written up right now, the CoF does host what amounts to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Many temples outside of Basilica Ecclesiae allow the poor to stay in their walls in exchange for menial labor, like sweeping the steps or something like that. There's also a few establishments around town that are ran by orders in the CoF which operate along the same frame of thought. And for any crime that actually does exist, Diana is host to the Vigils of Carmelyn, our provincial army... in addition to a substantial constabulary and the 800 collective members of the Church's armed forces (not counting any militant-inclined orders). I'd say its hard to cause a ruckus in Diana without someone of the authoritative-with-pokey-things type from showing up before too long.

And for a frame of reference for this large response: Diana, in my head, looks a lot like Tuscany... which I have carried over from the former moderator ideas of what to theme the city architecture like. I also draw from Rome.
Do you have a favorite NPC or group?
Oh yes. The Church of Faith! Is that too big? :P My favorite group of NPCs is probably the leaders of the Keepers of the Kings Way right now. Specifically, I'm fond of playing Barathus Gospar and Gerard Tremelai. The former is the head of the Keepers and the latter is one of the second in command guys which are called Brothers.

I'm also a huge fan-girl for Ovan Hastra. A lot of people give him flack, but Hastra has been oodles of fun to develop and play, and I think the reason everyone gives me crap about him is because they don't quite understand him. He's the head of the largest and most powerful faction in the entire Kingdom and is only a whopping 28 years old. He has zilch when it comes to experience in politics, much less managing something this size. He was formerly a simple priest in the Temple of Diana there in the city proper. Basically... He's trying to keep his head above water in certain tense situations (like his outburst at Alexis in the Intendancy announcement thread!)

I'll give you some OOC insight as to why Ovan was chosen for this role, though. Firstly, the Council of Prelates (now Princes) noticed that when Hastra prayed, gods (not just Diana) seemed to listen. That's a big bonus when you're looking for a candidate for leader of the Church. Second, which happened after he was elected, was the visit from Calesin... That sort of validated it to the other 99% of the Church that thought the Council had collectively lost their minds. Whether or not you believe him IC? Well, that's your own prerogative and part of the fun for me (and why I purposely never wrote up the exposition where it happened - but that doesn't mean it didn't happen!)

For random NPCs... I've also grown to like Tissy, an Archmystic trapped in the body of an 8 year old girl who seems to keep showing up to torment Duncan Sythe every time he goes to get re-promoted to Archmage. Agar, the Demon of Narim is another favorite of mine, and... this may be completely off the wall but, I really love playing Jalat.

Click here for the rest of Trinity's Q&A

Did You Know...?

...that Alyssa Chrysinaria, although never wed, had two children by her First Minister, Ieolus??

Featured Assistant Game Master

Image by Vaurien

Prime Has 99 Problems
But a Birch Ain't One

Don't squish my wheat..!

Hide Yo Wives, Hide Yo

Leonard playas

After the Storm
A return to the arena?

Peace in the Parkland
A talk, not a fight?!

Apocalypse Nigh
A saurid's archmagery

Desert Ghosts
Two kitties in a big sandbox

Down the Bunny Hole
Real life and Aelyria collide
Creative Producer

Interview by Noe.
Even though you’re relatively new to the Creative Producer position, you’ve been around as a player for some time. Tell us a little bit about your involvement with Aelyria!
I found Aelyria in 2000, and immediately wondered why I hadn't done anything like this before. My writing ability turned out to be sadly inferior to my ambition (still is, for that matter), but I nonetheless managed to stick with it for a few very enjoyable years. I remember wading through pages of OOC posts every day, and having multiple GMs in each city: Aelyria was a really busy place back then. Life, unfortunately, laid claim to my attentions, and I took a break from Aelyria until quite recently. Last year I felt the stirrings of creativity again, and decided that Aelyria was a most worthwhile thing to pursue. Aelyria has certainly changed over the years that I've been absent: there are no pages of OOC posts daily, and new PCs aren't quite arriving in the hordes they used to. But on the other hand, I'm constantly impressed by the quality of role-playing we see now. I got away with writing one-liners a decade ago, simply because so many other players did the same. But now, there's a great desire to really explore the world of Aelyria and the characters in it, and some amazing writing is produced as a result of that. Such an impressive community is definitely what keeps my interest growing.
Creative Producer is one of the newer volunteer positions in Aelyria. What does your job entail? What’s your favorite part of your job?
Developing our Lore is a great way for each player to become involved in the community, and, to some extent, help pick the directions they want Aelyria to expand in. I try to help people along as they participate in discussions and prepare articles for publishing. Sometimes this is as simple as checking grammar and spelling. I also try to ensure that these new articles fit within the canon of Lore that we've already established, and serve to enrich Aelyria as a whole. It's a wonderful position, and has really helped me stay on top of what's going on in the community. It helps me think outside of my own proverbial box, and I've grown to appreciate the creativity of our participating members. That, more than anything, is my favourite part of the position. If any are looking for a way to get involved, I highly recommend considering a Creative Producer position. Nor can I mention this position without praising Nimh: she is brilliant in her role as Creative Director, and I can't begin to express my respect and appreciation for her.

Click here for the rest of Inoke's Q&A

Featured Character

Shea Artrien
Swashbuckling Captain

"What can I say about Shea Artrien? He's handsome, funny, ambitious, and good with the ladies. What more is there to life, really? Shea has brought people together who would never normally have met. He broke all pretense when he made the crew of The Lively Jewel open to anyone and everyone; veteran or newbie. It just goes to show what a great heart the guy has... along with infinite patience." -- Rosie Kyrillos

Interview by Noe.
What was the original concept for your character?
Shea was intended to be a character whose sole purpose was to live the swashbuckler lifestyle. Whether as a sailor, a "musketeer-type", a pirate, or what role he fell into, the point was that he was a somewhat humorous, seat of his pants character who lived for adventure, romance, and the pursuit of fun.
How has your character changed from how you initially envisioned them?
Well, for the most part, he's the same guy he's always been, except that now he's also taken on the responsible role of Captain of The Lively Jewel, a cargo ship for an independent shipping company. He's now the "man" in charge, and no matter how badly he might want to play everything by ear, he now has to follow the rules. Granted, he's still just as likely to bend a few of 'em, but he has to recognize that they're there now.
What is your character's biggest motivating factor and why?
Shea loves the freedom that being a sailor affords him. He's achieved one lifelong dream with his commission to Captain...but that wasn't the end of the quest, but rather, the beginning.

Click here for the rest of Shea Artrien's Q&A

From the Bestiary: Capriccio Fish

Colorful fae fish that produce a beautiful flute-like noise from the wind whistling over its indented scales when it glides above the water.

Image by Tercet

If you would like to suggest an individual for "Featured Character" or threads for "Featured Threads", please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.

[top]The Worldforge

Rewrite Wanted: Grafting

Help Grafting out by removing mandatory support skills and automatically granted skills! The skill levels could use some adjustments, too.

Falconry Rewrite
By Aglet

Keeper's of the King's


Zinn'ka: Laeon
by Sheng Kaldres

Weapon Treatise:

by Iori McKenzie
Approved Articles
The following articles have been approved by the Creative Team to be placed in the Lore and/or Wiki sections of our site. Past approvals may be located in previous editions of the Worldforge Newsletter.

Air'riela Dancing
Storytelling Through Movement
By Hay'aan Benedict
Section: Trades

Maj, Arch Archon
Keeper of the Exercitum
By Tonguez
Section: Religion
Featured Write-Up
A Guard's Guide to Torture
By Kalashnikov
What was your inspiration for this write-up?
What inspired me to do the write up was actually a game that I had been playing at the time. The game is called Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and there was actually a section within the game where your character would have to go through torture chambers. With each specific room, there were different torture devices and explanations regarding the devices, how they were used, and how the victims suffered. I then began to think about the various torture instruments used, and how they coincided with the setting of Aelyria. I found it odd that there was no actual write up about torture specifically when I was looking through the forum considering its setting. After much research, I began the write up with the intent of portraying the use of torture and grounding it within the history of Aelyria. I felt that it would have been out of place if torture would not have been included in the lore as its own article. Looking at actual human history and the rich and detailed depictions of torture throughout our own history, it would have made sense to include the article in the lore of Aelyria, adding a deeper sense of realism to the game.
What interests you most about the write-up?
What interested me the most about the article was actually how well developed it had become and how vastly different the second draft frayed away from the initial first draft, incorporating many more aspects of Aelyrian lore into the article. Though it still needs improvement, the idea of the article completely morphed away from its original concept of simply displaying torture from a law enforcement point of view. It was thanks to the dedication and suggestions of the moderation team and the players that helped refine and shape the article to what it is now and what it will become in the future. What interested me about the topic of the write up specifically however was the insight into the use of torture. With so many torture devices and methods in existence, it is amazing how cruel the mind actually is and how inventive our imaginations can become.
How do you envision it being used in game?
I think the write up would be used within the game by both players and moderators to help create interesting scenarios and situations for characters. Of course, I will never be able to predict how my write up will be used, or if it is even used at all, all of that is up to the players and moderation team here. I do hope however, that it can serve at least some purpose in the game. If it inspires just one person, than it has already served its purpose and was worth the time and effort.
What was the trickiest part about this write-up for you?
The trickiest part of the write up for me was figuring out where to start exactly. Trying to tackle everything at once was quite overwhelming. There is just so many aspects of torture that can be addressed that it was difficult to know where to start. Getting started was by far the hardest part of it all. Researching and interpreting Aelyrian lore however was no walk in the park either. I admit that I am no expert in Aelyria, I've been around here for a little under three years and still have not explored every nook and cranny that Aelyria has to offer. I didn't want to get anything wrong when it came to tying down the write up with the canon and lore of the game. Reading, rereading, and understanding through pages of existing articles, write ups, pages of searches, and existing canon was quite a task, yet it was interesting to explore.
On the flip side, what was the easiest thing about putting this write-up together?
What was perhaps the easiest part of the write up for me was actually writing it up. I love to write, which is partly why I joined this game. I think that it allows me to express not only myself, but also improve my grammar and writing skills. Writing is an art form in itself. Writing the article was a breeze, all of my ideas and research seemed to come together and fit by themselves whilst I was writing. Sure, there were a few snags here and there and a bit of writer's block now and then, but once the writing actually got started, it was hard to stop. The best way to overcome writer's block is to write.
In the Wiki: Trelore

The Realm of Trelore is a loose confederation of three elven states: the Kingdom of Quel'anthas, the Union of Sylvynar, and the Juive'len Conclave. The Realm of Trelore came into being in order to defeat the Kingdom of K' Terak, an island-nation of xenophobic and hostile Dark Elves bent upon obliterating followers of the Goddess Carmelya, and consequently, the Quel'anthasan Elves, Sylvyn Elves, and Juive'len Elves.

If you would like to suggest Worldforge articles (threads located either in the main Worldforge, Guides or Realmcrafting), please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.

[top]Past Issues

Here are links to all back issues of the Worldforge Newsletter and the current Aelyrian Chronicle community newsletter.

Aelyrian Chronicle: July 2011, 7th Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: June 2011, 6th Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: May 2011, 5th Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: April 2011, 4th Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: March 2011, 3rd Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: February 2011, 2nd Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: January 2011, 1st Edition
Worldforge Newsletters: The last WF newsletter issue August - November 2010, with a list of past approvals dating from August 2009 to April 2010.
Want to be a Chronicle contributor?

Just contact Nimh!
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A new Chronicle for one and all to read!
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Love it, the Chronicle is looking way more awesome month by month and looking really professional while not making the mistake of tl;dr.

Kudos to Nimh and the Chronicle Contributor team
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I agree with Ros, very awesome! Keep it up ^^

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I love you and your efforts Nimh. These are always such a pleasure to read.

Posting Status: Full speed ahead!

The child wielded her stick much like she believed a swordsman would have. Slowly creeping from her was the battered serpentine body of a green snake. Suddenly the girl remembered something her mother had told her, 'They're just as scared of you, as you are of them.' She never wished she could take back something so much in her life.
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As always an excellent read. Gives a real taste of the game world we play in.

Well done one and all.
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Wow, this is awesome! I'm loving this newsletter. It's like a concentrated dosage of site-wide epicness. o.o

As for returning veterans and all of that, let me just say that I'm so glad Michelle convinced me to come back. It's crazy how exciting the game can still be even after several years of absence!
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The Chronicle just keeps getting better and better. Seriously, its like a snapshot of an alternate world, rather than just a roleplaying setting. Well done again. Well done.

~ Captain Shea Artrien ~
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I'm a fan of this.

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