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Aelyrian Chronicle: March 2011

March 2011, 3rd Edition
I'll be 100% honest with you: I have no idea what is going on within the game and its community at this time. I wish I did, it certainly would make a quick summary for this newsletter a lot easier to write, but I don't! So instead, I'll say the following: I had wondered what would happen if I ever had to leave for an extended period of time. Would my Worldforge grind to a halt? It's a huge testament to my team that things have continued to operate as they have. Sure, things slowed down. Sure, there's been delays. But my team kept on keeping on despite their own real life entanglements and kept things from falling apart. Thank you, team. You were wonderful.

To the rest of the community, I say: There are very few places better than this one when it comes to people gathering together to lend fellow members support. I had a really rough time of it at the start of the month (and things are a bit of an uphill battle here and there, but they're better) and it's always amazing when people throughout the game rally together to lend kind words and happy thoughts to those who need it most. There are few online communities that keep me coming back. In fact, I think this is the only online community that has kept me coming back for 11 years. It's the people that really make a different in any community. You've all definitely made a difference.

So, in short: You're all awesome. And that's really all I have to say this month.

Happy reading!
Community Announcements
Pretend Its Like Chat: Chat was taken offline to reevaluate communication options for the website. Please feel free to use this thread as if it were chat in the meantime!

Be a Mod: Forums recruiting staff members
Be a GM: Interested in becoming a Game Master? Browse this list of cities for an available opening.
Creative Producers: One or two positions are available on the Creative Team
AGM for Vortex: AGM for last month's featured city
AGM for Trysvale: AGM for small port town in Carmelyn
AGM for Paxia: AGM for a trade city in Arium
AGM for Jaedaxia: AGM for a bustling and icy city in Carmelyn
Matchmaker: Characters and moderators have advertised specific (or not-so-specific) wants and needs throughout the game. Are you a match?
New Player Hunting Buddies: Alden is looking for some wilderness-based PCs to hang out with!
House Leonardes Looking for Members: Join a prominent human family!
Help de Noob! Zaira wants some moderation help for tai-chi
PC Master Mystic Looking for Students: Hsin is looking for some fresh blood
Ellie Snowborn - Human Girl Searching for Her Place: Ellie is looking for some PCs or moderators to help her find some guidance in the world
The Game

Image by Vaurien

Kesmek Squad One,
Mission One

Adventure in Arakmat

Once Upon a Time
Straylor's Archmage Quest

The Cether and the

Elf chicks totally dig dwarvish

Trying to Make Amends
A debt owed...?

Unsettled Accounts
A matter of banks & politics

O Brother, Where Art

A strange painter and his missing

The Vyssie & the Priest
Iori & Triel mix it up

Stain the Past, Forgo
the Present...

A disturbance in the graveyard

To Unbind the Bound
A lizard that walks in dreams

Slave to Darkness
Property of the Vysstichi

Cleanse a Village
What does it take to be
a champion?

The Hidden Round
Combat in the arena

Poking Around Under

The growth of a druid
Featured City
Paxia, Arium
Moderated by GM Steve
"As a new player, Paxia has been a great place to start out because it's a city that is in the process of rebuilding, which creates a lot of room for characters to get involved at whatever level they're led to. Also, Steve (GM) and Shalafi (AGM) have been great about starting up a few fun story lines and adventures for people to jump into, making the city a pretty active place at the moment. They are also quick to respond to posts, which is awesome for someone like myself who can't wait to see what happens next." -- Kailin Arabani
Mercantile center of the Arium Directorate, bustling with commerce and knowledge, organization and good will.

A brief Q&A with resident GM Steve:
How would you describe your city?
A growing seaport of 10,000 citizens, most of whom seek to enjoy the present brightening. Few are concerned with political or religous dictates.
What do you think makes your city so successful?
Paxia is a land of opportunity, if role played properly. Additionally, there is an outstanding AGM.
What do you find to be the most enjoyable aspect of your city?
Most enjoyable is when I get surprised by what a PC has accomplished.
So far, what are some of your all time favorite plots that you've moderated in Paxia?
Paxia Public Dunnies
The Dracon and the Young Dip
A Public...Humiliation? [Open - City Councillor Election Related]
[Erlau Estate] A gathering of good men (Steve)
Which NPC (alive or dead) have you enjoyed writing for the most? Provide links for evidence of the fun!
Fishetta Forelle, the town fish monger, has four children who are also fish mongers. She sometimes supplements her income at the rowdy waterfront establishments, after darkness sets. During the recent election she became a member of Town Council.

Serious Campaigning
A Public...Humiliation? [Open - City Councillor Election Related]
[Harbor District] The Limelight Tavern
Are there any hints you'd like to drop players about possible future plots?
The Paxian Navy will play a more active role in Paxia and out at sea. There are many opportunities for those interested in a naval career.
What locations do you think best personify your city?
Solace Island
[Government District] Employment Office
[Mercantile District] The Moonstar Market Bazaar
Featured Character
Malkaer Andares
The Governor of Lauryl Province

"Malkaer Andares, whom Alexis has secretly dubbed the Raven of Lauryl, is exactly that, content to hide in the shadows, seemingly oblivious to the world, but forever observant while regarding his prey as he bides his time circling overhead, always plotting and perfecting his schemes until the penultimate moment comes to strike. I am convinced that Malkaer is this generation's Tor Totalitat, a first-rate conniving mind, a generous friend (so long you serve his permanent interests), and a most fearsome and vindictive enemy. No one is certain as to what Malkaer is thinking and it is this unique unpredictability, combined with a skilled manipulator's use of power in all its nefarious forms, that is his greatest trait." -- Alexis Sapienta
What was the original concept for your character?
When I started this character I was an absolute Aelyria noob who did not know a thing about character concept or roleplay through writing in general. I first formulated something of a concept when Malkaer enlisted with the Phoenix Legion, the provincial militia of Centripax. Malkaer was a typical soldier: disciplined, stiff, lawful, and honourable.
How has your character changed from how you initially envisioned them?
After a short stint in the Legions Malkaer applied for and received a General’s rank in the Daltina Armed Forces, which along with other Enamorian militias laid siege to the evil fortress-city Malice. Malkaer even became the supreme leader of the entire force and that is when things started to go badly. Governor Elanara Al’lende was killed, the militiamen wanted to go home and Duncan Sythe (the filthy traitor) infiltrated the camp to spy for Malice. Malkaer was forced to negotiate an honourable retreat with the leaders of Malice and walked right into a trap. During the six months in the dungeons of Malice Malkaer became convinced that honour gets you nowhere, but that only power can keep you safe.

After he escaped Malkaer decided to go into politics, which is an obvious route to power. Through trial and error he has gradually turned into a calculating and devious politician. For some years Malkaer’s character concept is loosely based on a stereotyped version of historical political figures such as Machiavelli, Talleyrand and Richelieu.
What is your character's biggest motivating factor and why?
I mentioned gaining power is important for Malkaer to feel secure, but it is over-simplified to ascribe every action solely to that motivating factor. Malkaer’s political colleagues are overwhelmingly a bunch of goody two shoes so when he speaks with them he has to coat his plans with peace and people loving language. However, it is difficult to say one thing and do another and some of these noble ideals can be contagious.

So, is Malkaer becoming more ‘good’ or is he getting better at hiding his true nature? I’ll let everyone draw his own conclusions.
Do you have any major plans for your character? Or do you prefer to take things as they come?
Malkaer is currently applying for the position of Lord Chancellor in the Royal Government.

I am a planner. When my PC became Governor of Lauryl I wrote down three major goals that Malkaer wanted to accomplished. Each of the major goals, which were somewhat abstract, was split up in several objectives that could each be achieved in one or several threads. When you get down to actual roleplay events can dramatically alter the situation and you have to accept that only a minority of the plans actually come to fruition.

Nonetheless I recommend players to write down a plan, particularly those with political PC’s. If your character occupies a high office it is easy to become overwhelmed by rapidly recurring city/province/kingdom disasters and lose track of what your PC actually wanted to do in that position.
What are your favorite threads that you've been involved in?
I really enjoyed posting to this open thread moderated by GM Oracle:

Those Who Have Been Cast Down, Awake! (Adventure, Open)

For me the thread symbolizes Malkaer’s transition from an action/adventure type of character to a political PC, as it contains elements of both.

In this thread with Alexis Malkaer has evolved into the full-fledged politician that we all know today:

The Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl

There are a few other one on one political meetings with PC’s like Alexis, Milo and Roscarnis that are well worth reading if you are interested in the subject.
What NPC have you had the most fun interacting with? Why?
I have a feeling this NPC still has to come. Almost all of Malkaer’s major character developments have occurred in exchanges with PC’s, whereas NPC’s have played a secondary role.

Aria’te Yeranthas is a very good npc; she is one of the leading esh’lahier of Ethgan’tor. She was created by Aqua (if I am not mistaken) and further developed by Charybdis. Malkaer negotiated with Aria’te the treaty between Aelyria and Ethgan’tor. I enjoyed interacting with this NPC as the characters engaged in a highly competitive battle of wits.
What moderators or PCs do you think have had the biggest impact on your character's growth? Why?
As moderator of the siege of Malice GM Apophis obviously had a big impact on my character’s growth. Milo of course played a significant role due to the political appointments. Threads with Alexis were crucial for fine-tuning Malkaer’s political senses.

In fleshing out ideas behind my character conversations over chat or msn with Eyvind and Archalen were important.
What keeps your interest going in your character?
Mostly the battles of wits with other characters. It helps in that regard that most PC’s have a fundamentally different ideology from Malkaer. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to carry out a realist agenda while the dominant discourse in Aelyrian politics is highly democratic and anti-political.

For those who did not know it, I am a history student with an interest in early modern European state building. I like role-playing politics in Aelyria as it is an interesting test-case to try out solutions that historic rulers have come up with to deal with problems that are inherent to a pre-modern society (like limited communications and transport possibilities and the lack of professionalism of state officials). I also enjoy to look at what other PC’s do and compare that with historic examples.
If you would like to suggest an individual for "Featured Character" or threads for "Featured Threads", please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.
The Worldforge

Blood Shamanism
Blood witchcraft

Revising Arcana
Potential changes to the system

Messenger Birds
Getting the word out

Keepers of the King's

An Order of the Church of Faith

Wands & Staves
Any changes to these?

Golem Crafting
A rewrite of an ancient trade


The Vysstichi city in northern

A fae hamlet in the realm of
Approved Articles
The following articles have been approved by the Creative Team to be placed in the Lore and/or Wiki sections of our site. Past approvals may be located in previous editions of the Worldforge Newsletter.

Tattooing (Rewrite)
The art of inking skin
By Nimh with credit to Carly Jr'ana
Section: Trades

Church of Faith
The largest religious faction in the game
By Trinity
Section: Factions

Circlet of Arcana (Rite Additions)
Dual spellcasting for hedgemages
By Xeres Lyonythas, additions by Kaar
Section: Arcana
Featured Write-Ups
These articles were chosen for one or more reasons, ranging from the interest garnered by the community as a whole to the flavor that the article may bring to the game world. Whatever the reason, they are highly recommended articles for your reading (and commenting) pleasure.

The Arakmatan Patriarchy
An order of the Church of Faith
By Godah & Darkmavrck

Geology of Aelyria
Stones and minerals throughout Aelyria
By Orbril

The Secret Inquisition
An underground successor to the Holy Inquisition
By Malkaer Andares

Healing Rewrite
Mending the body
By Triel Xythan'tor
If you would like to suggest Worldforge articles (threads located either in the main Worldforge, Guides or Realmcrafting), please Private Message Nimh or post your suggestion in the Help Desk.
Past Issues
Here are links to all back issues of the Worldforge Newsletter and the current Aelyrian Chronicle community newsletter.

Aelyrian Chronicle: February 2011, 2nd Edition
Aelyrian Chronicle: January 2011, 1st Edition
Worldforge Newsletters: August - November of 2010, with a list of past approvals dating from August 2009 to April 2010.

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Well, I hope you're still on Aelyria in say 5 years...maybe then I'll be featured or so
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You don't have to be here many long years to be featured! Right now I'm working off of recommendations for you, the players! So, as a reminder people, if you want to see a Q&A from a specific person, don't hesitate to throw their name at me! I want to feature a variety of different types of people with varying interests and times that they've been on Aelyria! Just PM me a name and I'll add it to my list (that I pick through at random).
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Wow. So mod. Much nice.
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A nice one as usual!

The featured staff is missing however but... meh!

*gives a pat to the back for the effort*
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I'm not the one who put together the feature staff and as it wasn't provided to me, I haven't the time or energy to spare doing it myself!
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