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Cities Currently in Search of a Game Master

Updated 1.6.2012

Prime Province
Abestat - Thriving historical center of seaside trade and commerce.
Candaceburg - Agricultural center of the realm.
Carmelyn Province
Arkdun - A thriving city on the Port Libertas bay.
Arium Province
Nexus Prime - Fortified capital city holding sentinel over the mountains.
Lauryl Province
Zinn'Sunn - Known as “The City of Music” and birthplace of Song and Zinn’ka, this exotic fortified city is infused with rich tradition and ancient wisdom.
Centripax Province
Riparia - Bustling city of trade and commerce attracting merchants from afar.
Zerdargia - A Dwarven trading city nestled in the midland forests.
Sherian Province
Sherian Province is currently closed for Game Master application.
Enamoria Province
New Coldmoon - 'Diana' (Sacrum) of the South, Coldmoon is founded upon the ruins of the Elven Prince, Moonstone ap'Silrosian's, capital.
Arakmat Province
Arakmat City - Metropolitan capital of the Sultanate, the "Pearl of the Desert" is a center for art, religion and trade.
Eunesia Province
Arios - A small, quiet town surrounded by a vast enchanted forest.
Ieffreon - The City of White is a glorious island-city of learning and culture.
The borderlands are currently filled.

Interested in one of these cities, or in developing a new locale in Aelyria not listed here? Simply post your responses to the Game Master Application to a new ticket thread in the Help Desk and the Management Team will review your application, usually providing a decision within 3-7 days of your posting.

This listing is updated periodically; for a more accurate on-the-fly listing of cities open for applications to moderate, check out the listing of Cities Open for Moderator Application found in our wiki!

For more information on moderation in general, please feel free to check out the Moderation Manual.
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