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[Mod/Peer] Tie-In Thread to Make PC Current

Thread Type (Training/Adventure/Character Development): It was originally a character development style thread with Healing EXP begin accumulated.

Short description of your PC and their goals: The PC has their NPC mother to help flesh the story out. The thread stalls waiting for a reaction to what the PC had done so far. The goal of the thread in question was to help deliver a child in breach to a woman in a refugee camp during the Wave of Darkness. The child birth was a segue/tangent from the original goal which was to help my PC find her father who had gone missing inside of the camp. The idea was to get the healing EXP while also learning the whereabouts of the father with or without the NPC mother in tow.

How to Contact IC: None

How to Contact OOC: A PM or a VM would be sufficient

Link to Relevant CIR and SoF:

[Southern Camp] A Girl And Her Father (Open/Mod Plz!)

Terra-Marie Nightingale

*It is important to mention that the thread is old (and archived) and this request is an attempt from that old time to explain what happened to the PC for however many years. Given I didn't want to create a new PC, but not want to have to have my young teenage PC be a full grown adult out out of nowhere, I'd need a mod to help bring that into reality. Given this thread took place during the Miasma/Dark Wave/Xet Invasion, maybe some weird thing happened and she fell into some time warp and was never affected by the passage of time due to all the things happening what with the Aether gem fracturing and such. I have no idea!! Hopefully someone would be willing to take on the logistical, historical and rule interpreting nuances to make this work in one thread without too much headache.

Also I think someone would have to start the thread on my behalf. Again not sure. Thanks for looking!
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