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Scroll [Mod] Housing work followed up by selling

Thread Type: Housework, Supply Gathering, Selling of House.
Description: My PC is dracon hiding out in elven form trying to fix up his house in Aelyria Prime followed up by selling it to NPC or PC.
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In real terms you don’t need to do this. In game mode you could take it as read that you can sell your living space to the ‘aedile’ and then look to purchase another living space of similar quality in another city/ location.

If I’m wrong the Game mods will correct here but I think it’s something that is that simple. So assuming that’s the case you can just start up in the new location.

Wait for GM approval here first just in case, and if you still want to do the thread let me know.
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Yep. Unless you're specifically looking to buy something fancy or there's some kind of weird curse or something that keeps you from selling the place, it's fiiiiine. We don't need to know every little detail your character gets up to, these kinds of things fall under that category. If you really, really want to no one's stopping you, but there's really no need.
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I'm specifically looking to give this house a makeover and sell for a lot more than what its worth in the current state. My character is going to start adventuring but needs funds to prepare.
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