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[PCs/Mod] New People and New Experiences

Hey there guys, so yeah...guess my ability to resist the siren song of Aelyria has failed once more and I have been lured back. It's been a while and I am still a little rusty so I am going to try and take it nice and slow and not jump into too many things to start. Want to find my footing.

Jade has gone through a few changes, one being that she now has a three year old little daughter tagging along with her. I have yet to come up with a real plan on where I want Jade to go, she still has Emrys and still flies, I mentioned her taking a 'job' in a thread with Kailin but haven't decided just what to do just yet. All in all, I am quite open as to the next chapter of Jade's tortured existence on Telath.

At the moment Jade's starting area is Port Alyxandrya but she is capable of traveling around a bit cause of Emrys. Hoping for Jade to have some interactions, possibly a bit of adventure here and there and basically see where things go.

I do have some interest in trying to get Jade back into politics though doing it properly this time around.

Jade is good for sparring as well, just know that she will leave plenty of bruises :P

For the mods, I imagine a lot of my threads from before are too far gone to attempt to finish? I know I had a L3 spellbreaking thread that was close to finishing or finished, I am not entirely sure there but if need be, I can let it drop. I believe I had a thread with Indefinite as well in regards to the god death thing but I honestly feel incredibly guilty for the amount of times he has picked it back up for me. As much as I would love to find out the secrets behind Jade's scared throat and what happened to her after the god thread, I can leave it if need be as well.
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Would love to thread with you. Vree's never seen a dragon before. Seems like it would be fun!

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rep is preferred
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Hey, you were around back when I was playing Ffesshssia'ad back in the day. I don't think our PCs ever crossed paths, though.

Anyway, Hoskuld's in PA at the moment as well. He's mainly good at being rude, so if you want training in Advanced Tactlessness, he's your man, er, dwarf. I'm a bit rusty, and still catching up with what all's changed though I recon I could probably peer-mod *something*.

Anyway, Serale! *chops off foot*
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Hi. Oliver is located in Port Alyxandrya (for the most part) and has amnesia. You mentioned spellbreaking. Oliver is an ikonomancer, but doesn't know anything about magic in general. If you're interested in exploring spellbreaking and ikos together, I think that would make for an interesting thread.
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I'm in Melonia most of the time. If you are interested in coming over to the salt city
Update: 15/5/18 - Posting whenever I can, shouldn't take too long.
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