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Sarah Vermillion January 3, 2018 10:39 AM

Mercuria! [PC's & Mod]
Hey there potential adventurer

Did you want to come search for a lost city filled with gold and precious gems that totally isn't guarded by monsters and so far deep into the earth that it might not even exist at all?

Do you get your jollies by watching crazy poor people with poorly constructed signs shout things at people passing by?

Perhaps you enjoy taking pity on the poor, homeless and penniless?

If any of the three above describe you, then you might want to take a look at the following thread:

(Please note that if an expedition begins, that it is not funded nor supported by any major group or organization. Any supplies, equipment or beasts of burden must be supplied be any individuals desiring such things. Sarah Vermillion is also not responsible for your health and safety, nor the act of actually locating said location as she honestly has no idea where it may even really be or how to get there.)

Calanon January 3, 2018 10:47 AM

Is Are there Unicorns? If so, I’m in.
And maybe without Unicorns too

Sarah Vermillion January 3, 2018 10:48 AM

Perhaps underground unicorns? Who knows!

Diamea January 3, 2018 01:30 PM

Moles with a unicorn horn? Curious to see them.
I'm in.

Barthelme January 3, 2018 02:57 PM

Color me interested, too.

Still missing your name IC, Diamea?

Diamea January 4, 2018 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by Barthelme (Post 1917708)
Color me interested, too.

Still missing your name IC, Diamea?

Who's name?! :P

Yes, I still haven't started the journey to get it back, I'm still going by the name "Miss Azure".

Moss Oktra'rek January 4, 2018 06:29 PM

I'll join. A whole bunch of people Moss has interacted with in the past. I'm assuming "early winter" means "mid winter", given the thread was started post chronosynch?

Sarah Vermillion January 4, 2018 09:23 PM

It is rather confusing that winter is split in twain like it is. For clarity sake, I count early winter based on the era listed rather than the connected months. So early winter era xxv is around Ponutis and Melora, somewhere between the two of them.

Kailin Alyxanda January 5, 2018 12:48 AM

How dumb am I?
Iím considering taking this on as a mod, you bunch of reprobates.

That being said... Iím going to need to know what you all want out of such a foolish quest. Unicorns? Psha! Not if Kailin isnít around to get one, thatís all Iím saying. :(

So, knowing what you now know, those of you who still want to continue (and assuming that youíre actually alright with me modding), please send me a PM of what it is your hearts most desire out of this, so that I can plan how best to give you the exact opposite!

Yours truly,



Sarah Vermillion January 5, 2018 01:39 AM

I'm personally fine with you modding us Kailin :3

In which case I'm closing this to new/additional players. The final list seems to be:


That is, unless Kailin decides otherwise >.> <.<

Kailin Alyxanda January 5, 2018 02:27 AM

Sounds good to me! \o/

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