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[PC] Ancient Seeking Ancients

Let's go squash some mortal bugs. I have an idea where a group of Ancients could come together to go smack some Jorelite butt in the outskirts of Prime, at the Temple of Thorns.

Vysen is an Ancient who is obsessed with order and ultimately that obsession will consume him, i.e. the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

If you're a mortal-sympathizing Ancient, we'll likely clash and that won't be the purpose I'll looking for in this thread, just some good old Super Ancient Saiyan with Jorelites.

So if you're an Ancient with a darker persuasion and thinks that the end justify the means, post here to indicate your interest and I'll send you a PM!
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Adriel most definitely falls into the mortal-sympathizing category, and doesn't have much of a darker persuasion. The end of the Darkening, however, has put him in a rather... complicated mood. Might be interesting to explore this side to his temperament a bit, so I'm interested!
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I'm interested. I'll wait for your PM if you still want to do something, either way AA's together will be very fun.
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Added this to the Lists post, so maybe you'll get more people. If you make that thread open to other AAs, I can add your IC thread to the "open adventures" list.
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