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Ogrim VS Arkahn Th'Alashar -spiked pit

The fourth day of the Month of Junctior in the Season of Summer, of Era II of the Celestine Mandate (Current Pattern) Era XI Post Fractum in the Age of the Darkening.

The third fight of the tournament was to be held in an exciting location. This, at least, was the opinion of the crowd. It was a deep pit, about twenty feet deep, build with cyclopean blocks. This however, was absolutely not exciting. The sheer amount of spikes that portruded from the top rim, as well as the four copper pillars that the pit wall was supported by, were. Hard, elven or dwarven steel -honestly, who cared in such a situation?- ten inch long, one inch thick, sharp gleaming spikes portruded from the copper casings. The warriors were lowered into the pit by small wooden platforms which were supported by thick hemp ropes.

The two warriors were deployed on opposite sides of the thirty foot pit. Thirty foot was a mandatory amount of space for most of the round arena's in Malice. It was plenty of room to manouvre in for the gladiators, and it gave plenty of room for a large crowd to gather and bet on the spectacle below them. Also, it was a completely arbitrary amount of space, which the architect had thought was a good solid amount.

The sorceror Magnus was here again to announce the start of the tournament. He held a special interest in each of the fights, and made sure to attend them. When both warriors had stepped off their personal elevators, and the devices had been retracted, he stood up from his chair to call to the contestants.

"May the most worthy warrior win." Magnus said.

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Arkahn's heart raced. He was a commander, he had been in war, but every battle still made his heart pump as much as it had done in the first fight he had ever been in. However, there was a slight difference. Hist first fight had been clouded by pure adrenaline in which he hadn't been able to keep his head clear and acted on pure instinct. That much had passed. The adrenaline now surged through his body as a familiar friend, without taking control of his muscles and mental capabilities. For a few moments it had been a reassuring feeling. A feeling which quickly vanished as he saw the arena he was fighting in.

Spikes. Bloody nasty looking spikes. And a lot of them too. Slowly he stepped onto the platform which was supported by ropes, looking down slightly. His opponent wouldn't see his concerns. He had learned enough about combat to know that showing weakness was in fact a weakness. The Tigron wore nothing more but a pair of loose, stained trousers, hanging loosely around his legs and covering his feet almost entirely. Other than that he wore nothing, showing his scar stricken chest and arms. A large gash had been struck over his chest, his left forearm showed burnmarks and right shoulder held something very peculiar. A mark of Cryos. His one eye looked calmly at the crowd surrounding the pit as he felt the platform lowering. The cheering pounded his ears, of which one hung in tatters, the other pierced with several metallic studs. He had chosen not to wear his eyepatch once more, leaving the large gap which once held his eye exposed to the public.

Slowly he looked up, taking in the Orc who was lowered at the other side. He was slightly taller and roughly the same body type as the Tigron, probably a bit heavier too, but one never knew. Speed and agility weren't measurable now, but that would come soon. The Tigron stepped off of his elevator, listening to the creaking sounds it made as it was hoisted up again. Only one man would leave this pit concious, that was for sure. The Tigron's head turned to look at Magnus announcing the fight while he shook his muscles loose. Not too fancy or showy, just a preperation for the fight. As soon as the command was given, Arkahn moved.

He was determined to take the initiative, using a move he had used in a sparring match with the Cryos warriors. Quickly he paced towards Ogrim, not in a run, but keeping a firm check on this stance, his left leg forward, his feet firmly on the ground as he quickly shuffled towards the Orc. Both of his hands were raised in defense at shoulderheight, a position from which he could block attacks to his chest and face easily, while attacks to his legs could be warded off with his own legs. The move was simple, but maybe the Orc would fall for it. As soon as the Tigron was in range he stepped in with his left leg, throwing a straight punch towards the Orc's face. It was a ploy, as the step with his left leg also gave him the momentum needed to perform a lowkick with his right leg, aiming for a spot right above the Orc's knee with his right shin. The fight was on.
Thanks to GD Pim for being so damn cool.

Steve Lionheart: I realise, Ark, that your fascination of injuring people extends to all subjects in life

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Arkahn Th'Alashar wins by default, proceeds to fight Johny K
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