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Moranor Andares is a benevolent AdventurerMoranor Andares is a benevolent Adventurer

A Letter for Magnus the Red

A letter arrived at the gates via an armed courier from Medonia, addressed to Magnus the Red himself.

The letter was written in a neat, flowing and slightly spidery script, with the distinctive backwards slope of a left-handed writer.


Unto Magnus the Red
Leader of the City of Malice


His Imperial Excellency Lord Moranor Andares
Governor Ad Interum of the Soveriegnty of Enamoria

Send Greetings and Salutations.

Following the ratification of the Governorship by Her Imperial Majesty, and seeking to re-unify the cities of Enamoria in their efforts to recover and rebuild, I am intending to visit each City and speak with their Lord Thane or Lord Protector.

I understand that Malice is recently founded City in our Province, much to the consternation of our already established cities, and the recent war. However, I make a point never to judge a book by it's cover, or a situation before I have all the facts. Given that I was in Prime as Legate at the time when the issue came to a violent impasse, I would be most interested in meeting you in person.

A flag of truce can be issued if you wish, though I understand that the recent war was never officially sanctioned, and was rather incited by the power hungry Nashkel Angor, who has been stripped of his Thaneship and is awaiting trial.

I am planning to visit the City of Malice in the Fifth Cycle of Optia, Summer of Era XI of the Darkening.

The demands of leadership are of course many and we are all busy people, but I would appreciate it if you could set aside a time or times during this visit when you would be available for a discussion. I believe that we have much to talk about, and that hopefully reason and cool logic can prevail where hotheads have so obviously done us only damage.

I trust you are in good health, and I look forward to our meeting.

Yours in Service

Lord Moranor Andares
The letter was written in the stiff, formal manner of old-court politics, but it was sealed with the ribbons and official seal of the Province, and given that the signiature matched the writing, was presumably written by Moranor's own hand.
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Magnus carefully read the letter and filed it amongst the other official communications he had received since the city had opened itself. That is to say, the letter sat there, alone, amongst a rather big shelf.

And unlike many others, he did not reveal his thoughts immediatly to any who might eavesdrop. No, Magnus merely made a note in his agenda of the arrival of Moranor Andares, governor of Enamoria. He then wrote a quick letter back :

To the Imperial Excellency Lord Moranor Andares
Governor Ad Interum of the Soveriegnty of Enamoria,

I, and with me the city of Malice, am most pleased to take notice of the arrival of yourself during the Fifth Cycle of Optia, Summer of Era XI of the Darkening. I will personally see to it, that appropriate quarters and security measures for your visit are arranged for.

I myself am looking forward to our conversation. I must regret to inform you that the meeting I held with your predecessor was regretably short and misinformed, only helping to increase the confusion caused by Nashkel Angor (who, I've heard, has passed away since). I do hope we do not have the same misunderstandings, but I do not hold you or any other responsable for the transgressions of one giant. We of Malice are a peaceful city, and only fight to defend ourselves.

I look forward to receiving you on the appropriate dates,

Magnus the Red,
Spokesman of the Triad of Rulers of the free city of Malice
After he had written the message, he concentrated for a bit, and teleported it to the office of Moranor Andares. Magnus believed in prompt communication if important matters were at hand.
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