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A letter to Andares

"Commander Andares," Nashkel began to write,

"The circumstances of this war have changed much. I find my self under house arrest, an order given by a Governor we have neither heard from, nor seen in weeks.

I broke this order only once, and it was because the Governor herself had been captured. To that end I found nothing, as no one has found anything about her tragic disappearance. In light of this, I ask that I may be given free rein again, the ability to go where I please. Please know that that is amoung my people, the Daltinans, and most importantly, now, With their soldiers who are fighting this war.

If you permit me my freedom, I will come, when and if a trial is held.

To more pressing news. It seems, from my visitors, that Morale is fairly high, considering the circumstances, save a few who desert us. I would like to inquire as to how that situation is handled. Also, in light of recent events, I should like to be in the know of our progress. You call me to be a hero on the battle field. Were I the Commander of these forces, It wouldn't change that for me. I am happy to serve in that reguard.

Diana be with us as we endanger our lives, for the sake of Enamoria. That is our goal. Somtimes our vision is short sighted, and narrow. We see only our men and our lives, where as we forget the countless women, children, and peaceful townsfolk we are protecting. Let that inspire you to hold fast to the cause. I know the weight such a responsibility holds. You are doing an excellent job, and dispite our personal disputes, I am very lucky to have hired you. You are a good Commander, dare I say future General.

Have strength in this tough, yet overcomeable period.

Defender of Daltina,

Nashkel Angor."
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Malkaer Andares is a glorious SuperheroMalkaer Andares is a glorious SuperheroMalkaer Andares is a glorious Superhero
With a frown of unexpectance Malkaer opened the letter written to him by his former boss. The esh'lahier quickly read the letter and quickly pinpointed the reason of Nashkel's letter. A slight smile crossed the Commander's lips, but he could not grant Nashkel's request that easily, no matter how much the giant caressed his ego. Slightly shaking his head the elf dipped his quill in the ink and wrote a formal reply.


Lord Angor,

With honour I recieve your compliments regarding my performance as Commander of the Daltina Armed Forces. It is ever a relief to know when one's work is appreciated. From my side, I would like to compliment your abilities as Defender of Daltina, which I have been honoured to witness personally.

Therefore, while I have an unquestioned faith in your word, Lord Angor, it is with regret that I cannot grant your request. In the case of your limited freedom, I am merely the jailor. You should turn your requests towards the warden. It is not in my power to make a decision contradicting the Governor. I would suggest writing the Justicar of Enamoria with your request, or to contact a lawyer to provide me with a legal base to justify your freedom.

I can imagine the course of events is a strain on your mind. To soothe your pain, I would like to inform you that when you are on trial I am willing to step up as a witness of your honourable intends and dedication to the Enamorian cause.


Commander Malkaer Andares
Folding up the letter, Malkaer called in a guard and ordered the human to bring the letter to Nashkel's tent. The elf had not lied in his letter; he truelly was impressed by Nashkel's combat skills and wished the best for him, but freeing the giant was a bit too risky for the esh'lahier. He could not afford to make any mistakes while Moranor had not yet consolidated his position, and the commander-politician was also very dependant on the mages from Arconis, Nashkel's fiercest political enemies.

Regent of Aelyria - Correspondence - CIR - SoF

“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.”
- H. Kissinger
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