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Medonia Strikes! (Open, attack on Malice)

Optia the 2nd, Era X Post Fractum
Early Morning

Yhone Sulik awoke from a nightmare, the same nightmare he experienced again and again before each battle. Every time, when he woke up, he could barely remember the details of his dream, but he knew it was always the same. So far, this had brought him good luck he had got out of many critical situations with his life. This assault on Malice, however, was born under bad omens, and Yhone found himself questioning more than once his reasons for following Nashkel, a man to whom he bore very thin feelings, and only marginally more respect.

Yhone's own regiment consisted of a lowly 900 men, occupying the inner portion of the Medonian camp. Yhone's favoritism towards his own men over the larger Daltinan forces under his control showed even in small details such as this. By keeping his men in the middle of the camp, they would have more time to get ready if the enemy attempted a desperate assault outside the walls of Malice. The Medonians were "his" boys. There had been too much death running rampant in Medonia, and Sulik would do whatever in his power to save as many Medonian lives as possible, even if this meant that soldiers from Daltina would have to pay the toll for this.

Yes, the Daltinans were B-rank commodities to Yhone. The past events, the tragedies, had turned the proud provincial commander into a parody of himself, merely striving to guard his own yard at the expenses of basically anyone else. The Daltinans, deep within, knew that. While the 2000 soldiers from Daltina had been instructed to build up trenches and defenses to protect the camp, the Medonian swordsmen merely carried out patrols in areas that were almost guaranteed to be enemy-free. The Medonian archers were just instructed to train while the Daltinan regiments went through heavy labor schedules, working overtime to complete a series of trenches and fences. The Daltinan attendant, one Major Wargrag Tiquan, obeyed Yhone's harsh orders without a blink, but his men had a hard time doing the same. The Medonian soldiers themselves felt ashamed for this kind of 'overprotection', and just hoped this would be over soon.

Only 29 hours earlier, the New Coldmoonian forces had begun their bombardment. Yhone had chosen not to have his archers fire from the beginning, since there was very little they could do as long as the fortifications stood to defend the city. Yhone disguised his fear of losing the Medonian regiment as the wisdom of patience. "Let's see how it turns out this afternoon." was his usual line, with 'afternoon' being interchangeable with 'evening', 'night' and 'morning'. From one of the two watchtowers built to the sides of the only entrance to the camp, Yhone gazed upon the walls of Malice. The Medonian Archers were lined up before the sharp, pointy fence guarding the safety of the encampment, arrows ready to fly.

"They have plenty of arrows, sir" commented Major Tiquan in a rare attempt at humor, standing on Yhone's right side "We may as well use some before the war is over".

Yhone weighed the pro's and con's, and finally raised a hand to give the signal. A sergeant who had been looking up at him, waiting for the sign, screamed something, and 300 arrows hissed in unison. Yhone's experience in siegecraft was poor, hence his being reluctant to take action too soon. He didn't expect much from this salvo of arrows, but at least it would prove to both sides that the Medonian forces existed and were trying to help.
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