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Magnus and Brachus proceeded down the steps again into the dank cellar that was Dr. Fabius's laboratory. The wicked professor had once again finished an experiment and had decided to show it to his 'friends'. Both of the robed men, one in red and the other in black, stepped down slowly towards the cavern.

After the descend, unbeknownst to any other in Malice save Arachnis, they were welcomed by a hunchback of a man who standed little over the height of a small child. His head however was rather large for his stooped size. The rags the creature wore were enough to cover him luckely, for the horrors that would lurk below would better stay covered. He showed them through the safe path to the workbench and showing area that Fabius had specially prepared for this event.

In the circle stood a rather large man, who half decomposed however. The zombie was created from the corpse of a giant, but his eyes and teeth were taken away, or at least, his eyelids and lips were sowed together. Two large buckets however, suggested the removal of these things as they were both completely full of them.

"welcome gentlemen." Fabius anounced to the two other magi, who each greeted the white coated man with a nod.

"This here is an Ignus, as you all know." He introduced the zombie with a satisfying grin on his face. If his face could be called a face.

Both of the men nodded. They knew all about Project Ignus and it's succesfullness during the various tests. They had gone into production, and already three hundred of the ghastly abominations had been created. Surely Malice was now truly powerfull.

He showed another zombie, an saurid corpse this time. It had a strange thing portruding from it's mouth, like a metal disc. "We installed a Respiratulas on a zombie merely for show, obviously." The wizards both nodded again. They had already heard this all.

"I think we are ready to put plan Aspect of Malice into motion." Magnus replied after an short silent peroid.

Both of the others nodded silently.

"And all of us know the target."

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