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Meeting for all Barbarians and Thieves (private, by invite only...)

Meeting for all Barbarians and Thieves (private, by invite only)
Xanthias could be seen awaiting those who chose to join him on his quest. Xanthias could be seen wearing his common dress, casual pants and a casual long sleeve shirt with a thin cloth draped over his head to protect his eyes from the sunlight. It left just enough transparency for him to make out shapes in daylight which was enough for him. He also had a wooden spoon conceled where a weapon would be in the future. It worked for now and got him out of a predicament or two so far. He wanted the strongest people in the Empire and those looking for bloodshed. He had a plan and needed mercenaries to help him carry it out. He hated elves more than anything and needed to rid the land of them. He was by nature an elf himself, Vysstichi Moriquendi or dark elf to be exact. His race had left him a loner to walk the lands at night and to stay underground by day. He had excellent night vision and could use that to his advantage. He planned to kill elves in their sleap or bombard them with his group and slaughter them by the thousands. He would not rest until they are gone, for it was his way and his peoples way.
More will be disclosed in the future, once the meeting is underway he thought to himself. He waited for those who wished for bloodshed to show themselves and acompany him on his hunt...
usstan ssinssrigg dos, Sabriel...
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OOC okay, like I said, CONTACT ME with VARIOUS things.
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