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[Location] Le Manoir de Aquinas

It was nestled somewhat on the outskirts of the city of Jaedaxia, within walking distance of the city centre, but far enough away that one might enjoy a quiet night. A small manor had been refitted to fit the needs of the reclusive Alchemist. The manor was surrounded by a small garden, long since lost to the winter of Jaedaxia. A solitary wrought-iron gate led into the frosted garden. There was another around the back as well, though that was intended for those who had carriages or carts with wares which needed to enter the manor.

The house itself seemed split in two, perhaps as a comment on the owner, though he had precious little to do with it. From the lower half, a tower rose, upon which a person might walk, and admire the stars at night, or the sky during the brightening. Gargoyles hung menacingly from the tower, staring out, their mouths funneling the water whenever it got hot enough for it to melt. Right now their mouths were forever opened in impotent screams, saliva in the form of ice positively dripping from them. Friezes, carefully carved into the dark grey stone wall, encircled the length of the tower.

As for the rest of the house, it stretched three stories above ground, with the first two having angular windows and the third being nestled more like an expansive attic. Here too friezes ran along the walls, just below the roof, and gargoyles and grotesques fought for space, writhing in frozen imitations of life. The brass roof was accented by wrought iron spikes which were there to make the roof seem taller than it truly is.

Not far from the front gate rested the front door. A large, oaken door, hidden beneath a jagged arch. A bronze knocker had been placed on the front door, with a dragon eating its own tail worked into the metal. Inside was a hallway, and a cloakroom where one might drop any coats or other things one would not bring into a home.

The wooden walls had been painted in colours of red and orange for the most part, the warm colours perhaps chosen as a contrast to the cold outside. From the hallway one could easily reach the living room and the kitchen and stairs led upstairs to the guest bedrooms.

A simple style dominated the living room, it was dominated by comfortable chairs and a fireplace which was usually roaring when the Alchemist received visitors, a small cabinet held refreshments, and glasses for those that required it, but otherwise the room was pretty bare and did not look as if it was used much. A sliding door led from this room into the dining room, which was in much the same style, but was dominated by a large ornately carved table made out of dark wood, around which chairs were placed, made in the same style as the table. There was also a small door which led from this room to the kitchen.

The kitchen was an assortment of pots and pans hanging from the ceiling with a large stove dominating the room, a small hatch led down into the pantry. Cutlery and dishes were placed in cabinets along the wall and a small table in the middle of the room served as a place to keep things. In here the walls were white, and it seemed an oddly cold place in comparison to the other rooms.

Upstairs there were two guest bedrooms, both had room enough for a couple, with a small sitting room attached where the guests could sit on their own, without disturbing the owner of the manor. These rooms were painted in a deep blue colour, and simple furniture was arranged, a small round table in the sitting room, with a pair of chairs. The bedrooms held a cabinet, a bed and a night-stand with a small oil lamp. Long curtains covered windows from which a person might see outside.

The other side of the manor was where the Alchemist, the reclusive de Aquinas lived. The cellar here was occupied by a large laboratory, implements of all kinds, shapes and forms were there, including four massive stoves and large amounts of laboratory equipment twisted into various shapes and forms. Barrels and bottles filled with various alchemical ingredients lined the walls.

Upstairs was a secondary lab, with a more simple fire pit, here there were windows which could be opened and the shelves were filled with books, which the Alchemist studied, some written by him, others written by an assortment of scholars throughout the Empire and beyond. An elaborate cupboard with glass windows held examples of the work of the Alchemist, with fine bottles marked with Elixir of Greater Healing, Universal Panacea, Lead Into Gold, Elixir of Improvement and a couple of others. A staircase led further upwards into the tower, and also to the bedroom of the Alchemist which was in the attic, just before one reached top of the small tower.
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