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Dagger [Knights] Order of the Griffin



Since the ascension of Empress Rhysatra the First, several major Houses were granted writs of nobility by the new reigning sovereign. The Duchy of Kaldira recognized House Leonardes’ and therefore granted the Baron and Baroness of Trysvale the appropriate noble tithes of the region as well as the privileges and perquisites of Imperial recognition as nobility.

The Feudocratic Order' allows nobles to accept vassals, grant lands, lordships, and knighthoods to deserving parties. But the Order of the Griffin was born following the Xetan Wars after the Western Realms were nearly overrun by the invading insects. The destruction of Zinn’Sunn, Medonia, Silrosia, and numerous other major cities taught the surviving generals harsh lessons about the vulnerability of the Empire. Rebuilding took precedent and the influx of banditry and criminal activity throughout the provinces demanded greater security. While discussing matters with the new capital of the Trade Republic of Northumbria, the Baron emphasized a broader network of keeps to house garrisons and increase patrols along the northern roads.

Unwilling to thrust all the responsibility of protecting the North to bureaucrats and politicians, the Baron of Trysvale founded a fraternal order of knights with two of his most trusted lieutenants. The Order of the Griffin was designed in the style of ancient brotherhoods dedicated to serving the weak and protecting the oppressed. It emphasized merit over peerage, hard work over privilege. Sons of farmers without inheritances or lands were just as welcome as minor lords who never worked a day in their lives. Squires were sorted, pruned, and selected from cohorts of recruits every couple of cycles. Only the best of those squires were ever sponsored to earn their knighthood by successfully passing a series of trials.

Joining the Knighthood

There are no religious restrictions when joining the Order save for the obvious ban on any Aeternian gods or unsavory planetars to remain within the good graces of the Church. A man’s faith is not put into question when becoming a squire. It is their character that must be tested and constantly tempered. Pretenders and men with lukewarm morals are usually revealed by their peers and supervisors. Those who are dismissed from the Order are blacklisted and their names distributed to field offices for the local constabulary and provincial militia.

Mages of all spheres, except Necromancy, are welcome and some might say even favored. Spellbreakers are regularly recruited by the order as well, their skill and talents gaining prestige following the Baron’s well-known talent for the craft. Those who prove to be capable spellcasters are promoted quickly to lead their own companies and cohorts of gembloods. The rarity and popularity of mages among the knighthood occasionally create a bit of envy and rivalry between magi and their non-magical brothers.

Men and women of any race may join as recruits or trainees at the fourth of every month. Though the Order rarely see anyone except humans outside of the occasional dwarven or elven recruit. While Trysvale and the city formerly known as Diana has a storied history persecuting dracons, the Order welcomes anyone who is willing to do work necessary to rebuild and protect the North.

All recruits are provided armor, weapons, room, board, training, and a small stipendMaintenance wage for Sterling Tier. Those who quit or are removed from the regimen must surrender their gear back to the quartermaster. Recruits may also borrow horses, given that they learn how to properly care for their horse and ride on a saddle. About half of all recruits eventually become squires at the recommendation of the footmen who trained each cohort. Of these, only one in ten squires ever become a knight in their lifetime. Only the most talented and skilled squires are ever recommended to knighthood by their sponsors. Others eventually seek gainful employment elsewhere when they are discharged honorably.

Becoming a Knight

After some time in service to the Order, squires may be recommended by their sponsor or the knight they squired for. This is the most common path to knighthood wherein a small council of other knights discuss and plan a series of trials for the squire in question. The exact number of trials and tests depend largely on the sponsoring knight’s recommendations and the squire’s strengths and weaknesses. But the squire must successfully pass the Trials to be raised as a knight by the Baron of Trysvale.

Members of the Order enjoy a small tract of land for their serviceMaintenance wage for Steel Tier Wealth or Upgrade and a knighthood recognized by the Imperium. Men are styled ‘Sir’ or ‘Ser’ while women are called ‘Dame’ or in some cases ‘Lady’ in formal and informal settings. Knights and their families frequently work the lands they own or sometimes house tenants who do the labor and pay a tithe. Many members of the Order also design their own personal arms beside the golden griffins of House Leonardes. Unlike lordships and other writs of nobility, knighthoods are not inherited.


During the swearing-in of a knight, they must recite the following oath by heart:

"I will develop my life for the greater good;
I will place character above riches,
and concern for others above my own;
I will never boast, but live humbly instead;
I will speak the truth at all times, and forever keep my word;
I will defend the defenseless;
I will honor and respect women, guarding them always;
I will uphold law, justice, and honor;
I will be faithful in love and loyal in friendship;
I will abhor rumors and never partake in gossip;
I will be generous to the poor and to those who need help;
I will forgive when asked, that my own mistakes will be forgiven;
I will live my life with courtesy and honor from this brightening onward.”

Notable Members

Straylor Felix Leonard, the Baron of Trysvale
Julius Mercado Rizal, formerly of the Empress’ Own
Ferdinand Erlick Marcos, formerly of the Empress’ Own

Senior Knights:
Treyvor Jensen, Quartermaster
Thomas Deloeran, Stablemaster
Brianson Rehfields, Archivist & Historian


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