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Assassination in the City of Peace

TS 25th Brightening of the Month of Junctior, Era XVII, PF

This just in from the Herald's Special Arium Correspondent Retalw Rehtar who was on the scene.

During a special session of the Paxian City Council, Heinrich Guotman, Marshal of House Erlau, who served as Paxia Wachtmeister (Chief Constable) was assassinated by a Guard. During the assault, the murderer was slain by another Guard. The killing occurred while the Wachtmeister was proceeding to the podium when called on to testify.

Compounding the impact of this assassination is the fact that the Wachmeister's half sister Margarete Wieses von Erlau, sister of Burggraf (Thane) Conrad Dietrich von Erlau was sitting nearby and witnessed the slaying.

An investigation is pending. City officials were not available for comment.
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Conrad Dietrich is an upstanding Citizen

It was sad that one of the first few copies of the Herald to arrive in Aslangrad would be destroyed in the manner this one was. The hands of Lord Erlau lost no time in shredding the piece of paper to bits before throwing the remnants into the flames of the fireplace nearby.

He sat in a throne like chair in the chambers the Archprelate of the Church of Aslan had arranged for him in the Holy Palace of the Divine, well within the Kremlin, and his cry could be heard in the corridors outside. Men-at-arms and other retainers approached him, but only one man dared talk. The old man had been standing behind his master's chair and had read the same the Kriskin nobleman had.

"This is the moment for you to let the blood of the unclean run. Strike the worshippers of Meephos now that they think themselves strong for only their hand could be behind this treachery." Spoke the growingly fanatical Karl Hebenstreit.

"Aargh..!" Growled Dietrich as he stood up. The sting of pain in his chest at the news of the loss of his half-brother making his eyes pulse red. "You think they're behind this?"

"Who else? Who else would profit with the death of the one man responsible for Paxia's continued civil peace and the one man who was replacing Percy, the incompetent responsible for the delay in investigating the case of the missing children? Or you think someone else kidnapped those lads?" The Bishop replied.

"I'll have their heads on top of pikes..." Said the nobleman as he approached a window to look outside.

"Yes, you will. And I am sure the aslangradi will be all too glad in assisting you in slaying the enemies of the Lion Prince."

"Of course they will."
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