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Council of Regents backs De Lylles reforms

2nd of Ulyris, Summer of Era XVIII, Aelyria Prime

In present brightenings, much is made of the distinctions between the nobility and the meritocracy. Which group is more capable to govern the Empire? Those who hail from ancient dynasties have a born gift for command. Those who rise through the ranks of the bureaucracy know the ins and outs of the administration.

The truth is that nobility and meritocracy are two sides of the same coin. A nobleman is created when a skilful courtier of proper manners impresses his sovereign and is awarded a noble title. If the courtier’s heirs impress his liege as well the title is made hereditary and a dynasty is born. A dynasty is thus always created out of merit.

Likewise, noble dynasties may be undone due to a lack of merit. If the grandsons of our nobleman are lazy and unwilling to serve their Realm, they lose favour with the sovereign, do not properly run their domains, and gradually become indebted or decadent. Slowly but surely, their born talent for leadership diminishes. The proper way for a nobleman to regain lost status is through service to the emperor. However, some desperate fools commit the fatal mistake of rising in rebellion against the Aelyrian State. This is an act against the Sacred Three, and results only in loss of land, title and life.

The nation of Aelyria requires an elite that possesses a mix of talent, experience and historic dynastic prowess. It should not be ruled by a nobility or a meritocracy; it needs to be ruled by the best, which is a combination of both elements: a true Aelyrian Aristocracy.

The Council of Regents therefore welcomes the nobility back to the central stage of politics. The elite of our Nation is whole again once more. For his incredible efforts to make this possible, the Council has decided to promote lord Roscarnis de Lylles to the newly created office of “Lord Advisor of the Realm”.

The Council is thus far pleased with the performance of the Consuls appointed by His Exalted Excellency. We intend to appoint a new Proconsul to guide the Consulate into the next phase of its development as envisioned by the Lord de Lylles. This step consists of elevating the Consuls above mundane administrative and daily political concerns. To this end the Council of Regents will take over the burden of appointing Governors and other Provincial staff in the Provinces, so that the Consuls can reclaim their historic roles as the loyal eyes and ears of the national government and the symbols of Aelyrian Imperial authority.

May the Sacred Three bless Aelyria.


The Council of Regents

Alexis Sapientia
Duncan Sythe
Malkaer Andares
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"service to the emperor? Aelyria Imperial authority?" Orbril the gnome could feel his nose twitching as he read those words. Since fleeing from Sherian War, the gnome of middle age had kept his head (and importantly his neck) out of politics and the affairs of the Kingdom, Prince and Triumvirate. But this statement was something of significance and surely those three powermongers in Prime, weren't using the Imperial references without some deliberate intention. Something was afoot, but did the little alchemist really want to find out what?
Pushing the herald aside, Orbril turned back to his morning coffee...
A Gnome of middle age... (CIR)

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Side note: I removed the QUOTE box around the article. Please remember to not use the QUOTE function in Herald articles, folks; it sometimes can do odd things for viewing on the site's front page feed which I then have to run around and smack with a large mallet.

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