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Alexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious SuperheroAlexis Sapientia is a glorious Superhero

Ring Troubling thoughts.

The oath was observed, and the whispers in his ear acknowledged with a similar nod of thanks, and it was once more silent in this anteroom. For a moment there Alexis seemed chagrined at his impassioned outburst and was about to apologize, but not here, and not yet. Those who exercised Imperium must be deemed infallible, even when they were wrong, and in politics, everything was perception.

There would be a time and place for that, soon enough.

"Next. With your assent, the personal offices of Regents Duncan Sythe and Malkaer Andares are to be sealed, and their papers transmitted to the Proconsulate for action or safekeeping with the Office of Imperial Letters."

Alexis paused. "We'll need to appoint permanent replacements to their positions as Minister of Justice and Imperial Chancellor soon enough, but that can wait until the morrow."

Now to more important matters.

"This...this whole business of their disappearance vexes me. With your approval, I'm detailing Knights of the Order of the Black Rose to have a care for the members of the Council of Regents and their respective families, effective immediately. They've had enough time watching the Palace."

That certainly made sense.

"Also, with your approval, another task for the Proconsulate. Investigate what happened to Duncan Sythe and Malkaer Andares. I'll assign some personnel from the 26th Imperial Shields to help with the work, take your pick of the litter. One of the senior brethren of the Rosemen will help as well."

For a moment there, Alexis felt a sudden anxiety.

"I don't know if this is a deliberate act by enemies of Aelyria to interfere with our government, but all this isn't just coincidence." Sapientia shook his head in disgust. If this was a pattern, it was a most frightening one.

"With your permission, I'm sure we both have much to do. Might we reconvene for more Council business at rosyun on the morrow? In the meantime, might I offer you my carriage? I think I'll conduct tobright's business from home."

If there was any objection from Sir Alistair Templeton, this was not immediately evident. Much of what Sapientia said was true, but the deeper truth was that this Regent had a sudden need to see to the safety of his own children.

Palacrisis' earlier comment about Alexis needing to find his wife had certainly hit home.
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"So few have ever accepted the leadership of this land, and survived it." ~ Governor Elanara Al'lende
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Palacrisis D Jones is a famous HeroPalacrisis D Jones is a famous Hero

And so the business of government moves on as one player falls others take their places and the round of governance continues.

He simply nodded his assent as orders to seal the offices and direct personal papers to the consulate were given equally he nodded through the question of the ministers.
The idea of the Black Rose guarding him and his own, was not protested it would have to be endured as Milo had, had to put up with their version of close order body guarding. His own consulate guardians would be put out but the Knights of the Order of the Black Rose were the real deal not pretty boy parade soldiers in fancy uniforms.

“Very well the knights go with the position let it be so.” he acquiesced and then continued “very well the consulate will attempt to find Duncan and Malkear or at least provide a report on the circumstances of their disappearance. We can hardly let the matter rest without some form of official enquiry that can rest in the tranquil obscurity of the Imperial Archives.We shall get that moving quickly.
He did a second glance at Alexis A pattern of losses of high ranking members of government ….A plot?….By the heavens of Aetheria …It’s a terrible thought and I thought I was paranoid about Aelyria! No, I hope there are more mundane reasons for their vanishing acts …oh by the gods I hope so.
He nodded at the offer of a lift , normally he would have walked but threats real or perceived by the imagination caused him to accept a lift back to the consulate and his solitary apartments. The two regents brothers in their loneliness.

As they got into the coach he invited Alexis to rosyun at the consulate, one set of official offices were much the same as another but he did have a fine chef and at least they would eat well what ever the subject of their early meeting conversation.

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