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Originally Posted by Crimson View Post
There are plenty of plots around. I'm going to guess that your city has plots that could use your PC's help. That's the theme of this Longest Winter. Let's focus on the In Character, not the OOC

There is ALOT of things still to do, I will admit that being an established character with alot of GFed things helps a little given I currently have a thread list of almost 40 threads. The bulk of which are from months, and a couple years ago. But in the last few months I have found when I look back to the beginning of even Feb/Mar where my thread list was almost 100 subbed threads to do and finish. The long winter is really an awesome way to catch up on old threads because there isn't a massive rush of new threads. (Cept for Milo...Alexis... Parreyon... Alicia... Straylor... and all those political crazy people! *pats and hugs them*) I am also enjoying the character development that the isolated winter is giving my own character... and OOCly the catch up is a god send.

To be honest, in my opinion the game would be in a REALLY confusing state with the amount of high-level and low-level plots that are GFed right now and are relatively speaking all getting wrapped up over the next few months. So when the snow melts everything should be streamlined and ready to go.
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Hmm... I don't know whats your interpretation of 'interruption' but I don't see any interruption here at all. PCs are scrambling around in threads still, posting in both freshly made and existing ones, creating new threads, finishing GFed threads, moderators are racking their brains to bring relevant plotlines to their cities, posts are done both fast and slow.... all the usual Aelyrian thang, extended winter or not.

And uh you do realize you're not paying for a 'playing experience' or some form of customer service. Aelyria is not pay to play. You pay for that cool Takeshi pic, and you still have it

And yes 1 month of RL for 4 months of FT plus whatever 'interruption' is to come, preposterous! Crazy hectic! But whatever, we are still posting aka playing, the only issue I see is we're going to get GFed in about 11 more days with most of our plots not yet coming to a conclusion. But that's nothing new to most of us eh?

I think if I wanted to bother with my all my threads for this PC (interestingly looking back, NONE of my adventure threads were ever completed lol), I would be GFed for 3 years >.<
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Annael, with the companionship you could of course get an additional character or two (or ten) and get involved with a couple more threads with multiple PCs in different cities. Then you could some what forget about self-mod and not bore yourself to death.

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