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OOC thread-discussion section

Hey. I have a suggestion.

I was considering how Crimson uses his personal office while hosting those large adventures - i.e. providing some out-of-character information for the status of the thread, like posting times or possible delays - and I thought what if there was a section for that, specifically for RP threads?

I'm basically imagining somewhere to optionally start a thread to chat about what's happening in the associated RP thread, give a heads-up about your posting status/delays ahead of time, share ideas for the thread or whatnot. You can sort of do that in the thread with an OOC note or via PMs, I guess, the latter seems to happen less commonly. Maybe with a setting to make the OOC thread only visible to all of the RP thread's participants?

The more I think about this the worse of an idea it seems, but there it is.

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Player Chatter, Announcements and FYIs

You mean kind of like that thread?
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