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How difficult would it be to put in a tag that works in every other way like the [OOC] tag, except that the color matches the default text color? It could be called [HINT] or something. Or, failing that, could the underline color of the [OOC] tag change with the text when you use the COLOR attribute?

I've been seeing the [OOC] tag used more often for translations of dialog, which is brilliant by the way. And it's starting to see an uptake of use in the worldforge to define terms in the writeups, which I also think is a great way to use it. I might be the only one, but I think it would be super awesome if the [OOC] text could blend in when it's used like that. Setting the color attribute does help, but the dashed line doesn't change color. Also, probably more importantly, the text then doesn't match if someone is using a different theme and could conceivably become unreadable in some cases.

I know that this isn't really a big deal, but hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to implement. I, for one, would get a lot of enjoyment out of using it.
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Hi there,

I'm going to get a little hypertechnical here, but this is as much for my reference in looking back on this later as it is in trying to explain the situation.

Matching the color is something that would require a great deal more synchronization in customization than the current generic green does, as our forum engine's foundations were built before StyleVars-type variables were devised for creating homogenous styles with minimal changes in CSS between templates (i.e. there's no way the coding understands "make it the same color as the rest of the text"; we'd have to tell it that color on a per-template basis, and if we told it nothing it'd default the the very not-lovely default blue for hyperlinks). We'd have to basically fork the custom CSS for every template to have a color match occur, which means every time we do a subsequent update in styling for any of our special BBcodes, we'd need to go through every style and plug in the new values/edit the content instead of just letting the templates all inherit the settings from the "master".

Under our current technical capability I am going to say we aren't going to implement this as proposed right now; creating more things to be tracked every time we want to make alterations to the site is just going to create entirely too much pain for us, unfortunately, and we're already dealing with some fairly un-agile coding here (I'm still coming to grips with how best to handle differentiation of the navbars in the various new "navbar" styles currently in alpha, for example; currently I just have it all there hanging out in the HTML and that's not an elegant solution in the slightest and it requires I edit every template individually every time I want to change an item on the navigation menus in those cases, as an example of the kinds of problems we run into). Every time I have to make another post to track a "to-do" procedure for updating something (because you should never design to the assumption that you'll be the one always maintaining it yourself), it means we're doing it less efficiently than we could be. =)
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